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Opinion | Bar's Challenges: Terrorism and Crime in the Arab Sector Israel today


The relationship between Bar and Bennett is critical to the organization's functioning: the prime minister is the GSS commander, but the GSS chief must express his opinion even if he pays a price for it

Ten meters, perhaps less, separates the office of the deputy head of the Shin Bet from the office of the head of the Shin Bet.

Ronen Bar has done this way hundreds, and maybe thousands of times, in the last two and a half years.

When he steps on it tomorrow it will be completely different.

It's not just the exposure, after years of service in the shadows, but mostly the warranty.

From the moment the job is handed over to him tomorrow at a ceremony at the Prime Minister's Office, all the weight will be placed on his shoulders.

For better or worse, from now on it is him, and only he.

Behind him will be thousands of GSS workers - a tremendous human, operational, intelligence and technological machine - but everyone's eyes will be on him.

Bar (or Berezovsky as he is called by everyone, as his original last name before you moved a few years ago), possesses all the skills to meet this task.

He knows the GSS well, and is deeply familiar with his work and goals. His acquaintance with the entire security system is also deep and intimate: he has been loaned twice to the Mossad and worked closely with the organization in his various operational positions, as well as with the IDF.

The Shin Bet's challenges under Bar's command are well known. Their main, as always, counterterrorism on its various derivatives, in the various arenas. An important and dual role in it: in the preparations for the next campaign, and also in a possible settlement with Hamas.

His position will also be critical if he is required to reach a decision on a possible prisoner exchange deal.

The prime minister will find it difficult to go public against the position of the GSS chief who will warn of the potential price of releasing murderers; Yuval Diskin - who opposed the Shalit deal - made it easier for Ehud Olmert to refuse the price, while Yoram Cohen - who supported the deal

During Bar-Bar's time, Abu Mazen is also expected to vacate his seat in the PA leadership.

The GSS will play a key role in identifying the processes and marking potential successors, and especially in preventing extremism and escalation, and halting Hamas' expected attempts to take advantage of the changes to take over the West Bank as well.

Bar will also be required to play a more central role in the fight against crime in the Arab sector.

Nadav Argaman, his predecessor, opposed this, but Bar holds a more active and expansive approach.

Its implementation will depend on government decisions and complex legal approvals, but it is likely that the northern part of the GSS - which is also responsible for dealing with most of the Arab sector - will now receive a significant upgrade in resources, technology and manpower.

And there are other processes Fracture intends to lead, some structural and some personal.

The first of which he did already yesterday, when he decided on the appointment of a so-called M. - to his deputy.

M. now serves as the head of the Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria region in the organization, and is considered an excellent agent operator. In his appointment, he achieved a double profit: A professional who will strengthen him at his weak points.

Following this, he will soon be required to appoint a new head of the headquarters division (No. 3 in the GSS), as well as a new head of the Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria region.

He will also have to determine as soon as possible what public profile the organization will hold, and himself;

If the GSS will be "protective and will not be seen", as its official slogan, or if in the current era it and its head will be seen and heard more.

But his main test will not be there, but in the courage he will show in the closed rooms, and especially in front of the prime minister.

The relationship between the two is critical to the organization's functioning, but also critical to democracy: the prime minister is the GSS commander, but the GSS chief must know how to be independent and speak his mind honestly, professionally and fearlessly, even if he may pay a price for it.

Bar will be required to shape his DNA, and remember that at the end of the day he works for the public and not for the government. If he does (and there is no reason not to), he has every reason in the world to succeed in his job.

Source: israelhayom

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