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Siu Sai Wan Village Double Corpse Case Unit Enclosed for Two Months Residents Suspected of Residents Suspicious


The homicide case of two corpses was exposed in Ruiming Building of Xiaoxiwan Village in early August. The unit involved was enclosed and investigated for nearly two months. During this period, residents of the same floor complained and screamed because not only the body odor of the unit was not removed.

The homicide case of two corpses was exposed in Ruiming Building of Xiaoxiwan Village in early August.

The unit involved was enclosed and investigated for nearly two months. During this period, residents of the same strata complained and complained that not only the body odor was not removed, but residents complained that the body water was flowing out continuously, but the department only responded with the powder disinfectant "stinky powder". "The powder is constantly being sprayed and the body water is constantly flowing out. Is the hygiene condition acceptable?" However, the Housing Department denied that the body water was discharged from the unit, thinking that it was the traces of stinky powder that caused the residents to misunderstand.

The police finally completed their investigation today (11th) and returned the unit. The Housing Department said it would thoroughly clean and disinfect the unit.


The scene was a unit on the 36th floor of Ruiming Building, Xiaoxiwan Village. In early August, a stinking corpse was reported, revealing that male and female residents had fallen dead inside the house.

The body was taken away by the workers that night, but some residents said that during the past two months when the unit was enclosed by the police for investigation, the body odor had not been removed, and the body water continued to flow out from the unit to behind the stairs.

A reporter from "Hong Kong 01" went to the floor involved to find out. The resident on the same floor, Mr. Chen, told reporters: "The dead water flows out tightly and reaches the stairs. (Housing Department) is spraying (disinfecting) powder every day. Every day, it flows out, do you see the water in the beach?" The reporter did not smell the stench at the scene, but there were indeed liquids that the residents suspected to be corpse water, which was constantly flowing out of the unit, which was very frightening.

Mr. Chan said that in the past few days, he had been dealing with the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department, the Housing Department and the police, but the Housing Department was unable to clear the house due to the enclosure of the unit.

According to what he saw, the staff of the Housing Department only used "stinky powder" to deal with it.

He criticized: "Continuously sprinkling powder, the corpse water keeps flowing out. Is the sanitation acceptable?" He also emphasized that sanitation is the basic demand, and believes that the department should step up washing and cleaning.

Residents worries about walking around in the corpse water

He was even more worried about the inconvenience of the elderly, who could not avoid the corpse water and walked around in the corpse water, which would bring health problems to the community.

Mr. Chen stated that he had also inquired with the police in the past and received a reply stating that the Coroner's Court had not determined the cause of death of the two deceased and the investigation of the case had not been completed.

The reporter later inquired with the Housing Department and the police. The Housing Department replied that during the enclosure and investigation of the unit, no foul smell or corpse water was found to flow out. However, he understood the concerns of nearby residents. In addition to daily cleaning, the property service office also It is believed that the cleaning and disinfection of corridors and public areas outside the encrypted units will leave traces due to the disinfection of odorous powder, which will cause misunderstanding by nearby residents.

According to the Housing Department, the police notified the Department this afternoon (October 11) that the unit can be unsealed and returned. The Property Services Office has also immediately arranged for a thorough cleaning and disinfection of the unit.

The police said that they had taken immediate action to cooperate with the arrangements of the relevant departments after receiving notification from the relevant departments of the odor.

The police have now completed the preliminary investigation and returned the relevant units to the relevant departments for processing.

The body was taken away by the worker that night, but the odor has not been removed. Residents complained that the body water kept flowing out of the unit to the back of the stairs.

(Profile picture/Photo by Chen Haoran)

Double corpse case in Xiaoxiwan Village | Unit police officer who died of cohabiting men and women: no apparent injuries are estimated to have died in 3 to 7 days


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