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The madness of the Munich rental market - experts describe the hot spots


Numerous exhibitors, thousands of visitors: the next big Munich trade fair has started with Expo Real. Expensive, expensive, most expensive: how is the Munich rental market doing?

Numerous exhibitors, thousands of visitors: the next big Munich trade fair has started with Expo Real.

Expensive, expensive, most expensive: how is the Munich rental market doing?


Stephan Kippes, spokesman for the Real Estate Association Region South (IVD)

, says: The rental price situation remains tense.

"We had hoped that Corona would lead to a relief effect." That was not the case.

In the future there could be consequences from the home office trend: Munich residents are moving to the surrounding area because commuting is no longer terrifying.

“So far, not much has happened in this direction.” Home office could also worsen the rental situation: Because more Munich residents are looking for larger apartments.

What helps?

"Construction work is certainly not enough," says Kippes.

For example, there would have to be sociological models of how to get away from the one-person households that predominate in Munich *.

Munich remains a hot spot

Lawyer Rudolf Stürzer, Chairman of Haus + Grund Munich

The situation has basically been the same for decades, says

Rudolf Stürzer from Haus und Grund Munich

: "The demand for apartments far exceeds the supply." Munich residents are rising to more and more living space. That had increased with Corona. "And this trend will continue after Corona." In the next five years there will be 50,000 to 100,000 more new citizens. Build 50,000 new apartments in the city? “We'll never do that.” Stürzer estimates that rental prices will continue to rise by two to three percent each year. "Munich remains a hot spot."


Thomas Aigner, Managing Director at Aigner Immobilien

, the problem of missing apartments cannot be solved in the city.

“We have to go to the outskirts and the surrounding area.” However, since this means follow-up costs for the municipalities (for example for infrastructure, road construction, day-care center, school buildings, etc.) and the citizens of the surrounding municipalities do not want this at all, nothing will change.

A reform of the communal planning law would be needed, which would also apply beyond the periphery of a commune.

“That is a political problem.” In five years, rents in Munich * will rise by ten percent for new rentals, estimates Aigner.

Munich: The situation for tenants is extremely difficult

We also spoke to Beatrix Zurek, Chairwoman of the DMB Tenant Association, Munich:

How (bad) is the current situation for tenants in Munich from the point of view of the tenants' association?

Beatrix Zurek:

The situation for tenants in Munich is extremely difficult and tense. Many people fear that they will soon no longer be able to afford their home. Retirees and single parents in particular are facing extreme difficulties with the ever-increasing rents. Often the rent eats up almost the entire pension. But a fulfilled life also includes meeting friends, going to the swimming bar or watching a nice film in the cinema. But these people no longer have any money for all of this. Nothing is left for life. Anyone who has to leave their apartment, for example because the landlord has to terminate their own needs, will no longer find anything affordable. Many families with children live in far too small spaces.Four-room apartments with around 100 square meters often cost around 2000 euros cold rent - plus the ancillary costs. Who should still be able to afford that? Even double earners reach their limits. Young people, on the other hand, are often unable to move out of home and start a self-determined life due to the high prices. These are worrying developments for a society.

How is the development to be assessed in the foreseeable future?

Beatrix Zurek:

So far, unfortunately, there is no improvement in sight on the rental market. Efforts by the city of Munich to better protect tenants are often thwarted by the courts. A change in the legal situation at the federal level is urgently needed. An immediate, nationwide rent freeze for six years would be extremely important. This to protect tenants from further rent increases. The rents in Munich are at a level from which landlords can make ends meet. There are also exceptions to the rental stop concept for landlords who charge particularly little rent ( You are allowed to increase the rent to a certain extent. The rent freeze should of course not be a panacea. But the preludefor further measures - such as land law reform and the construction of affordable rental apartments and social housing.

If we don't all act together now, the problems will become much more extreme in the foreseeable future.

Large parts of the Munich population are already threatened with displacement.

And the situation is also getting worse in the surrounding area.

Housing is a human right.

Each and every one of us has to live and has to be able to do so.

We have to become aware of this again.

If you want to get a maximum return, you should go public with your money and have lost nothing when it comes to living.

Munich housing market: Expert denounces high land prices

How do we manage to get to a "normal" level at some point?

What has to change?

Beatrix Zurek:

We need a change in awareness. Housing is a fundamental right. We all need a safe roof over our heads to feel safe. It cannot be that people are constantly feared about losing their home. Housing as the right of every human being has to get back into the minds of society. What has to change: We need a new land law in order to tackle the problem at the root. Because soil is like water or air: it cannot be increased. And so it cannot be treated like any other good. Land prices have exploded over the decades. In Munich, they now account for the largest part of the costs for new construction projects. But if the floor is extremely expensive, affordable housing cannot be created. Here the state has to intervene with a land law reform.Even if there are many people who do not want that, because they earn a lot of money from the development of land prices. In addition, the state must become aware of its role as a provider of affordable, public housing. It takes a real effort to build affordable rental and social housing. And non-profit housing needs to be reintroduced. The common good must be at the center of housing construction.The common good must be at the center of housing construction.The common good must be at the center of housing construction.

How do you see the situation in five years?        

Beatrix Zurek:

Of the three parties that will probably form the new federal government, the SPD and the Greens clearly spoke out in favor of more protection for tenants * in the election campaign.

For example, there is a kind of rent freeze in both election programs, which differs in details.

We appeal to the parties to implement these measures now.

In addition to a rent freeze, increased construction of rental apartments and land law reform would be very important for tenants.

These measures are important so that social peace in our country is not endangered.

Under no circumstances should society be further divided.

Looking for an apartment in Munich is exhausting.

It takes a lot of time and, above all, a lot of nerves.

This is how you look for a suitable apartment in Munich.

* is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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