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Dramatic search for Julia (8) ended - the police provide the first details about the girl's find and condition


Eight-year-old Julia disappeared on Sunday at the Bavarian-Czech border. Hundreds of people looked for the child day and night. Now she has been found. The news ticker.

Eight-year-old Julia disappeared on Sunday at the Bavarian-Czech border.

Hundreds of people looked for the child day and night.

Now she has been found.

The news ticker.

  • Eight-year-old Julia has been missing in a forest on the Bavarian-Czech border since Sunday.

    She disappeared without a trace on a hike with her family.

  • Day and night, the emergency services are looking for the missing girl - on Tuesday afternoon the news of success: Julia was found.

  • The police had also issued an official wanted information.

    (see first report)

Update from October 12th, 5:03 pm:

The relief about finding the eight-year-old in the Cham district is "limitless" *.

District Administrator Franz Löffler thanked the numerous emergency services on the German and Czech side for their tireless efforts: "Many hours of anxiety and uncertainty are now over and thank God the search has ended positively."

The Bavarian Red Cross in Cham * even spoke on Facebook of the largest cross-border search campaign that has ever taken place in the region.

"That we managed to find the child is like a miracle," said civil protection and operations manager Tobias Muhr on Tuesday afternoon.

Eight-year-old found in the middle of the grass - Herrmann speaks of "a little bit of luck"

Update from October 12, 4:29 p.m.:

Bavaria's Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann has


on the finding of eight-year-old Julia, according to dpa.

“In the end, it was a bit of luck that a Czech forester involved in the search found the girl,” said Herrmann.

“We all shared the excitement.

Now I hope that Julia recovers quickly from the exertions of the last few days. "

According to Czech media reports, Julia was found around four kilometers from the place where she was lost - by a local gamekeeper, in the middle of the forest in the grass.

How it got there was initially unclear.

Update from October 12, 3:10 p.m.:

According to


information on site, the girl was found at Ceska Kubice's.

"Relief" prevails among the emergency services on site, according to Sarah Behams.

When the good news came, the rescuers were in each other's arms, there was cheering and clapping, says the



Police spokesman Florian Beck admits that he has never seen anything like it.

Some of them also had tears.

Julia was probably found by foresters or forest workers, according to Beck.

He could not give more details yet.

She is probably uninjured, but severely hypothermic, explains Beck.

“She is being treated medically.” When she was found, she was responsive.

Missing Julia (8) was found alive and taken to hospital

Update from October 12th, 2:33 pm:

"She is alive, she is hypothermic and has been taken to the hospital," a spokesman for the Upper Palatinate police confirmed to the


The parents are on their way to see their daughter in the clinic.

The police did not initially provide any further details.

Update from October 12, 2:08 p.m.:

According to the Czech police, the missing Julia could be found alive.

"Great news - the little girl has been tracked down, she will now be handed over to the paramedics," said a tweet from the police.

According to initial information, it was found near Ceska Kubice.

The German authorities have not yet commented on this.

Výborná zpráva-holčička je vypátrána, nyní bude předána do péče zdravotníků. # Policieplk

- Policie ČR (@PolicieCZ) October 12, 2021

Update from October 12, 12:53 p.m.:

A police spokesman explains that the search will continue in the next few days.

He also goes back to the appeal not to look for the missing person himself.

Anyone who can give information about the disappearance should definitely contact the officials.

Weather makes it difficult to find the missing person: helicopters cannot fly

Update from October 12, 12.48 p.m.:

The search is still in

full swing

, as


reporter Sarah Beham announced live on site. “The weather makes the search difficult.” The rescue helicopter cannot fly either. "In the area where the search is being carried out, it is even more difficult, even colder," said Beham. There are ledges from which you can fall. Nevertheless, the rescue workers do not give up the search. “A disaster for the parents,” said a local resident. The participation on site is great.

Update from October 12, 12.19 p.m.:

The parents of the missing Julia are currently being looked after by psychologists, as a police spokesman for the dpa said.

"They are doing according to the circumstances." Julia's brother and also her cousin were found by rescue workers after the children had disappeared - but the eight-year-old remained missing.

What the two children said about the incident, the spokesman did not want to say "for tactical reasons".

The police still assume a missing person.

Missing case at the Bavarian border: "Chances of the girl are decreasing"

Update October 12, 11:14 am:

"The girl's chances are falling by the hour," police spokesman Josef Weindl told the

Passauer Neue Presse

on Tuesday

. According to the police, the search in the Bohemian Forest will be a race against time. "A child can do it for two days without eating or drinking," he said. The cold is the big problem. In the past few nights, the temperatures have moved around freezing point. The child may have found some protection in a cave. “Every hour is important,” Weindl told the newspaper.

Update October 12, 10:49 a.m.:

The Czech police are supporting the German officials in their search for the missing girl.

On Tuesday, the authorities called on all citizens who had been on the Cerchov mountain and its surroundings between 3 and 7 p.m. on Sunday to report immediately to the police emergency number.

Police after missing person case with roll call: No private search for Julia

The police strongly advise against searching “on your own”.

"We ask you not to dare to climb the mountain, but to stay down here on the streets and in the surrounding communities to keep your eyes open, simply so as not to put yourself in danger," said a spokesman for the police headquarters Upper Palatinate of the dpa.

"Not that we then possibly have to rescue other people from the mountain or even have to look for them."

On the Czech side, too, the police advised volunteers not to take part in the search.

Should that change, they will get in touch.

"Thank you for not being indifferent," wrote a spokesman on Twitter.

Update October 12th, 9:10 am:

In today's search for the missing eight-year-old, an Alpine special group is to help in addition to the task forces.

The police, who are specially trained for operations in the mountains, come from southern Upper Bavaria to the Upper Palatinate, said a police spokesman on Tuesday.

As the


reports, it is a group of height rescuers from Rosenheim.

The search for the missing eight-year-old continues: the police have suspicions

Update from October 12, 6:20 a.m.:

An eight-year-old girl has already disappeared for two nights in the border area between Bavaria and the Czech Republic. Police, fire brigade and helpers from other organizations want to look again at great expense on Tuesday.

Even darkness and cold couldn't stop the helpers looking for the girl. Despite adverse circumstances, the emergency services continued to scout the mountainous and wooded area on Tuesday night, said a police spokesman. According to him, the search will continue throughout the day.

The child has disappeared since late Sunday afternoon.

A family from the greater Berlin area hiked on the Czech mountain Cerchov (Schwarzkopf) at the weekend, the area is about two kilometers from the Bavarian border town of Waldmünchen.

In addition to their two children, the parents also had a nephew with them.

According to previous information, the adults lost sight of the three children who were playing in the forest.

The couple's six-year-old son and nine-year-old nephew were finally found, the eight-year-old daughter was missing (see first report).

Girl misses: “It is difficult terrain, there is deep forest all around

The police assume no crime and suspect that the eight-year-old got lost.

"It is difficult terrain, there is deep forest all around," said Czech police spokeswoman Dana Ladmanova.

The girl's family is looked after by psychologists.

Foresters and employees of the Bohemian Forest National Park (Sumava), who are familiar with the impassable and sometimes rocky terrain, also help in the search.

The Sumava National Park borders the oldest German National Park in the Bavarian Forest.

According to current information, a total of around 800 emergency services on the Czech and German sides were involved in the search between Sunday afternoon and Monday evening.

Eight-year-old missing at the German-Czech border: search is ongoing

Update from October 11th, 8:48 p.m.:

As the Upper Palatinate police announced in a message, more than 40 search dogs were in action on Monday to look for the missing girl.

"Furthermore, the police deployed several deployment hundred units of the Bavarian riot police, police helicopters, multicopters (drones) and patrols," said the police.

However, the search has so far been unsuccessful.

All possible search measures will also be continued at night.

The emergency services are on the move with all-terrain vehicles.

The result will be reported tomorrow morning.


Rescue workers continue to search for the missing person during the night.

© NEWS5 / Bauernfeind

Update from October 11, 6:36 p.m.:

The search for the missing eight-year-old from Berlin keeps the police in Bavaria in suspense.

On Sunday, the girl disappeared without a trace while hiking with her family.

Bavaria's Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) assured the family that the search would continue until the child was found.

"We are doing everything we can to find the eight-year-old as quickly as possible, day and night," he said to the



Eight-year-old from Berlin still missing: Helicopter supports search measures

Update from October 11, 2:15 p.m.:

The search for the missing girl Julia is still going on.

The eight-year-old from Berlin disappeared without a trace during a hike with her family on the Czech mountain Cerchov (Schwarzkopf) on Sunday.

The police have since combed the impassable forest area about two kilometers behind the Bavarian-Czech border - so far without success.

At the moment there are around 30 search dogs and over 100 officers from the Bavarian police in action, as a press spokesman for the Upper Palatinate police headquarters announced.

A helicopter also supports the search for the missing person from the air.

The spokesman could not say how many Czech police forces were involved in the search on Monday afternoon.  

The Czech police wrote on their official Twitter account on Monday at noon: “Despite the best efforts of all those involved in the search, we have not yet been able to find the girl.

We are of course continuing the search with maximum commitment today - with the help of the fire brigade, our German colleagues and other emergency services. "

Girl from Berlin disappeared at the Bavarian-Czech border: police are wanted

Update, 1:05 p.m.:

In the case of an eight-year-old girl from Berlin missing, the police have now issued an official manhunt including photos.

The child is called Julia Sleegers and is described by the Upper Palatinate Police Headquarters as follows:

  • She is 1.40 meters tall and has a slim figure.

  • She wears her blonde hair shoulder length.

  • When she disappeared, she wore a blue jacket, dark trousers, red shoes and a pink scarf.

The police are now asking for information from the population about the girl's disappearance.

You can be notified to the officers on the emergency number 110.

Missing case on the Bavarian-Czech border: girl from Berlin disappeared

First report from October 11, 11:33 a.m .:

Waldmünchen / Cerchov - In the Bavarian-Czech border area on Sunday (October 10) an eight-year-old girl disappeared without a trace while hiking with her family.

She has been missing since then.

Since then, intensive search measures have been running around the Czech mountain Cerchov (Schwarzkopf), about two kilometers behind the border, said a spokesman for the Upper Palatinate police headquarters * on Monday morning.

So far, several people search dogs from the Bavarian police, two Bavarian police helicopters and several patrols have been on site to look for the girl.


Many emergency services are on site at the Bavarian-Czech border to look for a missing girl.

© Pieknik / News5

Eight-year-old girl missing on the Bavarian-Czech border: she was traveling with her family

According to the investigators' findings so far, the parents from the greater Berlin area were hiking on Sunday with their two children and a nephew on the Cerchov near the Bavarian border town of Waldmünchen (district of Cham *).

The police also said that the children went away from their parents to play.

However, the two did not find the three children a little later, which is why they called the rescue workers.

The son and nephew were finally found again, but the eight-year-old girl had disappeared in the late afternoon.

Girl disappears on the Bavarian-Czech border: around 200 emergency services on site

According to information from the Czech news agency CTK, around 200 police officers and firefighters are taking part in the search in the vicinity of Cerchov, the highest point in the Upper Palatinate Forest.

Sniffer dogs and a helicopter with a thermal imaging camera are also in use.

"We followed the route on which the family should have moved with the girl, but without success," said the agency's police spokeswoman.

In the meantime, the search area has been expanded.

The area where the child disappeared is wooded and in the morning the temperatures were around freezing point.

(ly / dpa)

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