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Cargo station employees infected with the virus can take a shower in the locker room without wearing a mask for quarantine or "leakage"


A 48-year-old man working in an airport cargo terminal was diagnosed with a new coronavirus earlier, involving the L452R mutant virus strain. Another Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminal (Hactl) employee told "Hong Kong 01" that patients have an organic job

A 48-year-old man working in an airport cargo terminal was diagnosed with a new coronavirus earlier, involving the L452R mutant virus strain.

Another Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminal (Hactl) staff told "Hong Kong 01" that the patient's work has the opportunity to contact the crew of the cargo plane, and the crew returned with the plane on the same day, and there is no need to be tested in Hong Kong, which is worrying about a loophole in epidemic prevention.

The employees also pointed out that the locker room provided by the company for employees has sanitary facilities. Most Hactl employees use them. It is not limited to porters. It refers to a wide range of aspects. However, they have not heard of quarantine by employees of other departments and groups. The quarantine work may "leak". .

Respiratory specialist Liang Zichao pointed out that cargo aircraft crews should be tested before arriving in Hong Kong and hold a negative certificate. However, the short stay after arrival in Hong Kong makes it difficult to wait for the test results and it is difficult to keep samples in Hong Kong for testing.

▼Hactl employees initially diagnosed ▼

Mr. K, a Hactl porter, told "Hong Kong 01" that after the cargo plane arrives in Hong Kong, the pilot will go to the airport to be tested for viruses, and the random crew members of the cargo plane will not enter the country and "follow the plane and follow the plane", so there is no need to accept it. Virus detection, but the crew will still contact them and have the opportunity to talk, such as inquiring when the tanker will arrive, etc. Sometimes the mask may not be worn properly, worrying that it will constitute a loophole in epidemic prevention.

He believes that even if the crew members leave before the results are available, if the results are positive, the Department of Health can immediately request the isolation of contacts in Hong Kong.

When the patient was diagnosed at the time, there was news that the confirmed airport cargo terminal workers had a higher chance of being infected by the crew members who returned on the same day. Because the crew members of the cargo plane had to deliver to different countries, some people would return on the same day without entering Hong Kong, and neither He was tested, so he has not been diagnosed.

Liang Zichao: It is necessary to restrict the scope of crew activities in Hong Kong to reduce contact with local personnel

Respiratory specialist Liang Zichao pointed out that due to the short stay in Hong Kong for the crew members who turned back on the same day, it is difficult to wait for the test results in Hong Kong. In addition, even if the diagnosis is confirmed, the patients have already left Hong Kong. The practice may also reduce the operation of the cargo terminal. slow.

He believes that the most important thing to do is to test the crew before departure, limit the range of activities after arriving in Hong Kong, reduce contact with local personnel, or consider using a rapid antigen test.

The entire row of lockers used by patients in the company's locker room is now enclosed.

(Provided by interviewee)

Mr. K also pointed out that there are locker rooms in the company and shower facilities are provided for employees to use.

He said that from 7 am to 8 am every day, the changing rooms are quite "market." In addition to patients and their porter colleagues, there are also warehouse workers who will take a shower at the same time. "95% (employees) will take showers and work. It's so dirty, but the apron is so dusty." Usually, airport security, civilian staff, etc. use the locker room.

He said that some people in the locker room walked around without wearing a mask, and they would not wear a mask when taking a bath, thinking that there is a risk of transmission.

Mr. K also said that the patient's work has the opportunity to come into contact with another company's personnel, but he has not heard of the quarantine of other company's employees.

The Department of Health replied that some personnel had been sent to take environmental samples in the locker rooms, toilets and rest rooms of the cargo terminal, and the microwave oven handle had tested positive earlier.

According to the department, the tracking work is still in progress.

Hactl replied, stating that the company has 6 employee locker rooms with shower facilities, which are only used by frontline wheelers and colleagues, and they must have an employee card (access card) to enter. The door cards of the six locker rooms cannot be shared.

Hactl pointed out that front-line colleagues will be assigned to different locker rooms. Since receiving a report from an employee, the shower facility was closed on Thursday, October 7, and the locker room was subsequently fully disinfected.

The cargo station also instructed the contractor to increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting the changing rooms.

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