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Dream Solution: What do your sexual dreams imply to you? - Walla! Breeze


Your sexual dreams not only hint at your passions in the bedroom but also at your self-confidence, talents and hidden desires. Here are some of the most common dreams

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Dream Solution: What do your sexual dreams imply to you?

Your sexual dreams not only hint at your passions in the bedroom but also at your self-confidence, talents and hidden desires.

Here is what your intimate dream is trying to signal to you


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Thursday, 14 October 2021, 00:21

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Five facts about dreams ("Do not miss" system)

Have you ever dreamed of a mysterious lover?

Back to ex?

Participation in an orgy?

While each of these dreams may indicate your latent sexual desires, they may also indicate non-sex-related areas, such as self-confidence, talents, and aspirations.

In psychologist Ian Wallace's new book, "Deciphering Your Dreams," the psychologist talks about the meaning of those intimate dreams and how they may help the dreamer recognize them and improve their lives through them.

Here are some of the dreams he has in his book:

Sex in unconventional places

In dreams places represent certain situations in life.

A dream about sex in an unconventional place indicates an unusual situation you have encountered in your life.

This new situation provides you with a unique opportunity to use your talent in a new and refreshing way and open doors for yourself.

Activate Thought: How do you use your creativity to get the most out of the new situation?

While some of you may feel uncomfortable at first, know that this is exactly the time to let your talent shine.

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To the full article

What do your sexual dreams indicate about you?

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Enthusiastic kiss

In dreams the mouth symbolizes the degree of your confidence to express an honest opinion.

It is true that the person you are kissing in a dream may have some symbolic meaning, but such a dream places more emphasis on your connection to yourself and the understanding that you are capable and even need to clearly express what you want.


The ability to declare your commitments and commit to them will often attract the support you may lack from the environment.

Forbidden meetings

If you are dreaming of a forbidden encounter with someone, the meaning of the dream is that you are prevented from developing a certain creative talent.

Mostly these are people who are jealous of your growth skills and enjoy slowing down your progress.

On the other hand, it may be you who are limiting your ambitions.

dont be afraid.

You should take the opportunity to explore some of the less routine areas in your sea of ​​talent.

A forbidden meeting indicates people who prevent you from developing your talent (Photo: ShutterStock)

Mysterious lover

Does a seemingly mysterious and perfect lover appear in your dreams over and over again but disappear as soon as you start to feel close to him?

The implication is clear: you see in your creative abilities talents that come and go, instead of something that can be summoned as soon as you need it.

That means you need constant inspiration to act.

The mysterious lover in dreams indicates your desire to discover how to deal with your talent.

You need to take a more structured and consistent approach in the way you transcend your talents so that you can apply them just when you need them, instead of waiting for the inspiration to come.

A lover who does not suit you

If you dream that you are with someone you know deep down is not for you, you are probably using your creativity and passion to reach achievements that your heart is not really interested in.

You usually use your energy to please another person.

You need to channel your talent towards something you really want for yourself.

Although it is good sometimes to be useful, try to maintain a positive and healthy balance in the way you direct your energy.

Participation in an orgy

Active participation in an orgy in a dream indicates an opportunity in life where you can share your talents with a wider range of people and somehow avoid it.

Even if you do not think you can come up with new ideas with them, such a meeting will expand your understanding of the variety of creative processes used by others.

You need to be more open to the ideas of others and draw inspiration from them, even if it is outside your comfort zone.

Participating in an orgy in a dream indicates a new opportunity in life that should be given a chance (Photo: ShutterStock)

New poses in sex

Dreaming of intimacy with your partner in a different way than usual?

The dream indicates a fairly regular approach that you take when using your talent.

You get stuck on a particular problem-solving method that narrows down your creative options.

You need to be open to different ways of thinking.

Even if you are confident that you have the best way to solve a particular problem, there may be other ways that are equally effective and may lead to more creative choices.

Back to Ex

Ex-dreams indicate that you are aware of an exciting opportunity in your life to reconnect with an interest or occupation that you were previously very enthusiastic about.

The time is now.

The challenge is to decide whether you are going for it or not?

Always weigh the consequences well.

Making this decision will help you understand what is really meaningful and exciting for you right now.

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