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Julia (8) released from the hospital - the police comment on their injuries


After the missing Julia was found, the relief in the Cham district is "limitless". Now the girl has left the clinic in good health.

After the missing Julia was found, the relief in the Cham district is "limitless".

Now the girl has left the clinic in good health.

  • The BRK Cham speaks of the largest cross-border search operation in the region. 

    (see first report)

  • The missing eight-year-old Julia from Berlin was found by a forester in the Czech Republic on Tuesday afternoon.

    (see update, 6.40 a.m.)

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Update from October 14th:

Julia told the police about her odyssey in the forest.

Her family also spoke out for the first time.

Update from October 13th, 4.40 p.m.:

Julia from Berlin, who was missing for two days in the Bohemian Forest and was finally rescued, was released from the hospital after one day.

"Except for a slight scratch on the leg, the child was uninjured," said police spokesman Florian Beck.

The hypothermic girl was slowly warmed up again.

On Wednesday at noon, Julia was able to leave the hospital in good health, accompanied by family members.

Update from October 13, 12:17 p.m.:

According to the Upper Palatinate police, the eight-year-old girl is still in the hospital.

"She is actually doing relatively well," said the spokesman for the Upper Palatinate Police Headquarters, Josef Weindl, on Wednesday of the dpa.

The police do not disclose details of where Julia is being cared for.

The eight-year-old was in a so-called warming bed overnight because she was hypothermic after the two cold nights in the forest.

"It shows no external injuries," explained Weindl.

"She speaks and is so far inconspicuous."

Förster saves eight-year-olds from the Czech forest: "She must have been very skillful"

Update from October 13, 11:57 a.m.:

In an interview with various media, forester Martin Semecký describes how he fared when they found the little girl. The rescuer believes that the eight-year-old spent the nights on a hunting high seat. “It was dry and very clean.” Compared to the German press agency, he praised the girl's stamina in nature: “To do that, she must have been very skilled,” says Semecký.

Update from October 13th, 10:49 am:

According to District Administrator Löffler, the search was also an "enormous logistical


" that the aid organizations had to deal with.

BRK President Theo Zellner therefore thanked all helpers and emergency services “from the bottom of my heart”.

"The cooperation was excellent - also and especially with the Czech Republic".

Julia finally found a forester in Ceska Kubice, Czech Republic.

A crucial clue in the search was probably given by dogs that had already smelled a trail on Monday.

Förster discovers the eight-year-old in the forest: "It's a miracle that she survived"

Update from October 13th, 6.40 a.m.:

After the successful search for eight-year-old Julia in the border area between Germany and the Czech Republic, there is great relief.

The girl had stayed in the huge forest area for two nights in cold temperatures before it was discovered by a forester in Czech territory early on Tuesday afternoon

(see first report)


The forester Martin Semecky described

how he found Julia

in the Czech newspaper



In consultation with the operations management team, he and four colleagues combed part of the forest that had not yet been searched.

“When we saw them, we couldn't believe our own eyes,” said Semecky.

"It's a miracle she survived."

When the forester discovered the child, it was completely exhausted in a bush and did not attract attention, the police said.

"According to initial assumptions, it is assumed that the eight-year-old was constantly on the move and covered several kilometers on foot in the forest."

“Miracle”: Czech forester finds Julia in a bush

Update from October 12th, 8:56 pm:

There are now new details about the "miracle" in the Bavarian and Bohemian Forest: According to information from the German press agency, the missing Julia was found on Tuesday (October 12th) at 1:35 pm in an impassable forest found in a bush by a Czech forester who was involved in the search. The girl did not draw attention to herself, but was approachable and outwardly unharmed - but completely exhausted and severely hypothermic. Where Julia is now medically cared for, the authorities did not want to say with reference to privacy. According to the


, the parents are on their way to see their daughter.

Police spokesman Florian Beck was extremely relieved after Julia's discovery.

"One or two tears flowed there," he told Bayerischer Rundfunk.


picture he

said: “I think you could definitely call it a miracle and I can't remember anything comparable in my police career that was so nerve-wracking and ended up with such a positive result.

So I'm just incredibly relieved myself. "

Missing Julia found in a huge search operation after two icy nights in the forest

First report from October 12th:

Waldmünchen / Cerchov - When it seemed almost too late, the redeeming news came: Julia was found! On Sunday (October 10th) the eight-year-old girl from Berlin disappeared without a trace while hiking with her family in the Bavarian-Czech border region *. Since then, German and Czech police officers have combed the impassable forest area around the Cerchov (Schwarzkopf) mountain, about two kilometers behind the border - for a long time without success. The search came to a happy end early on Tuesday afternoon, also because more and more volunteers were taking part in the largest cross-border search in the region.

On Tuesday morning, police spokesman Josef Weindl told the

Passauer Neue Presse

on Tuesday

: "The girl's chances are falling by the hour." The words "great news" begin: "The little girl has been tracked down, she will now be handed over to the paramedics."

Missing Julia found after "many hours of worry" in the Czech Republic

Chams District Administrator Franz Löffler thanked the numerous emergency services on the German and Czech side for their tireless efforts: “Many hours of anxiety and uncertainty are now over and thank God the search has ended positively.

The police and all the aid organizations involved carried out an absolutely professional search, also in cooperation with the Czech authorities.

Weather and terrain presented them all with great challenges. "


Around 1,400 helpers, some of them voluntary, spent days looking for the missing Julia.

The weather made the search more difficult.

© NEWS5 / Bauernfeind

On the German side, the Bavarian Police, the Federal Police, various fire departments, the DLRG, THW, Johanniter, Maltese and numerous dog handlers from all over Bavaria were in action.

The Cham district association of the Bavarian Red Cross (BRK) was also on duty for one and a half days with strong forces in the Furth im Wald area to take part in the 1,400-strong search for the eight-year-old girl from Berlin.

The team consisted largely of volunteers.

“It is a miracle that we managed to find the child,” said civil protection and operations manager Tobias Muhr.

Missing Julia found after almost three days in the Czech forest near Ceska Kubice

According to Czech media reports, the eight-year-old girl was found near the town of Ceska Kubice by a ranger who knew the area. About four kilometers from the place where she was lost, he found her in the grass in the middle of the forest. Julia is probably uninjured, but severely hypothermic and is now being treated medically, explains Florian Beck, spokesman for the Upper Palatinate police headquarters *. When she was found, she was approachable.

BRK President Theo Zellner thanked all the other helpers after the search for missing persons for their self-sacrificing commitment - “regardless of which organization they belong to!” The cooperation would have worked extremely well, also and especially with the Czech Republic, he explained.

The whole region feared with the girl's family.

The joy that the child had been found could hardly be put into words.

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