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We tested the new Nintendo Switch OLED, is it worth the upgrade?


We had the new Nintendo Switch OLED in our hands and played 'Metroid Dread' and more. Is it necessary to buy the new console?

At first glance, the Nintendo Switch OLED looks like a nice upgrade that gives Nintendo's popular console a bigger, bolder screen.

But now that I've got my hands on one, I'm taking every opportunity I can to play on it and I'm not sure I want to go back to my regular Switch.

The Nintendo Switch OLED combines a gorgeous 7-inch portable display with some clever design changes that make the console more comfortable and versatile.

But is it worth the upgrade if you already have a Switch or Switch Lite?

This is what I think after spending many, many hours playing games on new Nintendo hardware.

Buy the Nintendo Switch OLED

It is difficult to get the new Nintendo console because they sell out quickly, but you can find it on Amazon at these links:

MX $ 9,999 with the possibility of paying up to 12 months without interest or 

USD $ 653.

The who, what and how

Who's it for:

 The Nintendo Switch OLED is the ideal model to win over first-time Switch buyers or anyone willing to upgrade the console for a bigger, more colorful screen.

What you need to know:

As the name suggests, this console features an immersive 7-inch OLED screen that makes games look much more vibrant when played in handheld mode.

You'll also get improved stand and a sleeker-looking stand with a built-in Ethernet port for more robust online gaming.

How it compares:

The Switch OLED has the biggest and best screen in the Switch line, with a 7-inch OLED screen that beats the 6.2-inch Nintendo Switch and 5.5-inch Switch Lite, both of which have displays Less bright LCD.

It also has twice the internal storage as the other consoles, but has the same processor and screen resolution as previous models, which means you won't see games perform better or look sharper on a TV in the OLED version.

If you can live without OLED and want to buy something cheaper and portable, the Nintendo Switch Lite is still a great buy (

MX $ 4,950 and

USD $ 199)

OLED screen makes a big difference

The new screen of the Nintendo Switch OLED is a pretty good update compared to the original model, and not only because the colors are more beautiful.

The new system increases the screen size from 6.2 inches to 7 inches while keeping the dimensions of the console roughly the same, resulting in a screen that is richer and more immersive.

But let's talk about OLED first.

This is display technology that is designed to deliver bolder colors, stronger brightness, and sharper contrast than what you'll get from a standard LCD screen.

And similar to what we've experienced on some of our favorite televisions and laptops.

From the moment I turned on the OLED Switch and placed it next to my regular Switch, I immediately noticed a huge difference.

Even the home screen looks better on Nintendo's new console, with a deeper shade of gray in the background, bigger, bolder text, and a more vibrant row of game icons.

The OLED Switch made almost every game I started look better than usual, but there were a few standouts.

When I was running and shooting in Metroid Dread, I noticed some especially rich reds and blues on Samus's costume, and I stopped to check out the game's colorful sci-fi backgrounds on more than one occasion.

But no game showcased the prowess of the OLED Switch quite like Tetris Effect Connected, a trippy version of the classic puzzle game that constantly throws you new surprising visual themes.

The game's colorfully animated puzzle blocks contrasted beautifully with its deep black backgrounds on the new Switch's screen, adding a level of eye-catching immersion that made this already impressive title hard to take your eyes off.

It's not just the addition of OLED that makes the new Switch's display so large - the larger 7-inch canvas is just as significant.

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Once I got back to my original Switch after spending a lot of time with the OLED, the old screen looked small and a bit dull in comparison.

The OLED model won't make your games look significantly sharper or more detailed, it has the same 720p screen resolution as the Switch and Switch Lite, but its larger screen size and superb color quality make it very hard to go back

A refined design with some useful features

The Nintendo Switch OLED is simply a fancier and slightly more versatile piece of hardware. The power and volume buttons are wider and more distinct from each other, and the fan vents at the top are thinner and less distracting. The entire tablet portion of the console has a matte finish, which feels more pleasant to grip and is much less prone to fingerprint smudges.

The original Switch has a flimsy one-inch-wide stand that's prone to popping out and doesn't do a great job of supporting the console in tabletop mode, so Nintendo replaced it with a new adjustable stand that spans the entire back of the switch. the console. In addition to feeling much sturdier and less prone to wobbling than the previous stand, this new version also allows you to prop the Switch at multiple angles.

The new console also features what Nintendo calls "enhanced audio," but while everything from the sounds of shooting aliens in 'Metroid Dread' to the pulsing beats of 'Tetris Effect' sounded very good, I can't say I noticed an increase. significant in volume or audio quality compared to my old Switch. It is still better to pair your own Bluetooth headphones to get the best possible sound.

The OLED Switch increases the internal system storage from 32GB to 64GB, giving you double the free space for game downloads and screenshots.

It's a welcome update, but I still found myself filling up the console after downloading eight or more titles, and I would still recommend that any Switch owner buy at least a 128GB microSD card for their system.

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Lastly, I'd be remiss not to mention the gorgeous new white Joy-Cons my review unit got into.

They are functionally the same as previous Joy-Con (and unfortunately not sold separately for current Switch owners), but they pair nicely with the bezel-less display and refined design to make the OLED Switch feel less like a manual and more like a modern piece of technology.

A mostly upgraded dock to the same old specs

The Nintendo Switch OLED also comes with changes to the base, which you will use to charge the system and play it on your television. It won't make your games look or perform better than previous versions, but it's sleeker than before, has some useful updates, and looks especially impressive in white, although it does have a few drawbacks.

The new dock now has a built-in Ethernet port, allowing you to enjoy a wired internet connection for faster downloads and more robust online gaming without the need for an adapter. It's a useful addition, and one that I appreciate as someone who plays a lot of competitive games online, but replaces the extra USB port found on the classic Switch dock.

This may not be a big deal for most gamers, but people who use a lot of third-party accessories (like controllers and headphones) should keep in mind that the new dock has only two USB ports instead of three.

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The base is also more spacious, perhaps too spacious.

While the extra breathing room seems like it might prevent the screen from getting scratched, it also makes the Switch wobble a bit when docked, so I'm concerned about its long-term durability. It's worth noting that while the OLED Switch base was refined a bit, the experience of playing games on your television is exactly the same as the old system.

The system runs on the same processor as before, and there are no major performance upgrades here - your games will still run at 1080p on a TV, and you won't see any improvements on things like textures and load times.

In conclusion

The Nintendo Switch OLED is the best version of Nintendo's current console yet, with a beautiful, large screen for playing games in handheld mode, a large stand for tabletop gaming, and a sleek dock for connecting to your TV.

If you don't have a Nintendo Switch yet, this is the one to buy.

As for everything else?

If you already have the standard Switch and mainly play games on your TV, the OLED Switch won't do anything new for you.

It also has the same core performance as previous consoles, so don't expect better graphics or load times.

For those who use laptop or tabletop mode a decent amount, you get a much better screen, a practical stand.

It's also worth mentioning that the Nintendo Switch OLED is pretty hard to find right now.

But if this will be your first Switch or you're willing to upgrade, it's worth taking the time to hunt down one.

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