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"In Paris and Lyon, environmentalists are ransacking our metropolises"


FIGAROVOX / TRIBUNE - The number of pupils in primary schools has fallen again this year in Paris, testifying to a loss of enthusiasm for urban life. Nelly Garnier and Pierre Olivier blame the mayors of large cities, followers of an ecology wary of science and rationality.

Nelly Garnier is LR advisor for Paris, regional advisor for Ile-de-France and special delegate for the Smart Region.

Pierre Oliver is LR mayor of the 2nd arrondissement of Lyon and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regional councilor.

The numbers have fallen. At the start of the 2021 school year, Parisian schools had 6,000 fewer students. On average, the city of Paris has lost 2,500 schoolchildren per year for ten years. In one year, the flight of families has accelerated in unprecedented proportions. Urban life is experienced as increasingly hard and stressful.

During the last municipal elections, some of the inhabitants of large French metropolises believed that they would gain in quality of life by voting for an environmental left.

For them, the return to reality was violent because, in fact, these municipal executives are working to make our cities a little more uninhabitable every day.

For a year and a half, in addition to the provocative declarations of the new elected mayor, the Lyonnais have seen a proliferation of brutal decisions to close lanes to traffic, with the result not of more peaceful streets but a capital of the Gauls which rises to fourth place among the most congested cities in France.

It is a thought of deconstructing and canceling everything that has made our history, our culture, our civilization.

Nelly Garnier and Pierre Olivier

Faced with the environmental emergency, the French expect a civilization project that is more respectful of nature, of man, and more generally of life as a whole.

However, in the reality of these municipal managements, they discover that the policies implemented are an enterprise of generalized destruction.

It is not insignificant that the term that spontaneously arose in the face of the action of the majority of Anne Hidalgo is the term of rampage. It refers us to the sack of Rome of 410, when the Barbarians looted, destroyed and burned down the highest place of ancient civilization, Eternal Rome. Among our 21st century barbarians there is a desire to bring everything down, to break everything, by professing that it is the only solution to the climate emergency. It is a thought of deconstructing and canceling everything that has made our history, our culture, our civilization.

In Lyon, children should no longer play football in the courtyard or be enthusiastic about passing the Tour de France.

In Poitiers, we want to prevent them from dreaming in front of the technical prowess that is the take-off of a plane.

In Bordeaux, Christmas trees are the target.

In Paris as in Lyon, the city councilors methodically tackle an urban aesthetic bequeathed by centuries of history with yellow studs and wooden pallets.

In a way, Sandrine Rousseau was only the uninhibited version of this ideology that is imposed on us on a daily basis in our large cities.

And, in a chilling way, it shows what its generalization could give to the whole country.

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These false ecologists spread a thought of the rejection of any culture, taken in the sense of civilizational production. It is a thought that is based on the rejection of science, technological progress and rationality. Moreover, they never judge their actions by the results obtained in terms of greenhouse gas reduction or resource consumption. They are never based on any quantified balance sheet, even though the progress made in data collection now allows us to assess in detail the energy savings achieved.

These apostles of a technophobic ecologism are content to assent.

Their ecology is professed.

And they are bent on destroying our metropolises, because, for them, the city is in essence a product of human civilization, and therefore an enemy of nature.

Therefore, we understand that they are not alarmed to see families flee our city centers, schools empty, and businesses close.

They are happy to see our cities die, because, deep down, they do not like the city.

The ecology that we use is not that which thinks nature against man, but that which thinks them together, in the interlacing ends that bind them to each other.

Nelly Garnier and Pierre Olivier

The essential ecology, that which will allow us to bequeath a habitable planet to our children, is an ecology of faith in life, of faith in reason, of faith in human intelligence.

It is an optimistic ecology, one that brings solutions.

However, we have solutions and we are deploying them in our regions, for example by investing massively in public transport, by developing charging stations for electric vehicles, by investing in hydrogen or by supporting the conversion of farmers. towards organic or sustainable agriculture.

The ecology that we use is not that which thinks nature against man, but that which thinks them together, in the interlacing ends that bind them to one another.

At a time when our children are overwhelmed by a new feeling, which has taken the name of eco-anxiety, we strive to defend an eco-optimism, realistic on the ecological conversion to be made, but which offers a horizon to our lives whether rural or urban.

Source: lefigaro

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