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"The National League is attractive and interesting and has tremendous potential" Israel today


Ron Vrotitsky (53), acting chairman of the National League Administration in a one-on-one conversation with Yaakov Meir • New section

Ron Vrotitsky, 53, is married and a father of three and lives in Moshav Sitria in the Shefela area.

Has worked for the IEC for 29 years and is currently a project manager at the company.

From 2012 to 2019 he served as chairman of Maccabi Rehovot and from 2014 a member of the board of the Basketball Association. He also serves a second term on the board of the Maccabi Center. Without pay.

  • Why did you take the job?

    What made you decide you want to run the National League?

"I am very interested in this position and after Angen Yochananov resigned, I was approached by officials in the union and I decided to take it upon myself. I was in this league as chairman and I think it is an attractive and interesting league and has tremendous potential.

Anchor and the team that is here with Sagi Ohayon and Niv Shmuli have done a good job in the last two years and promoted the league and I think it can be taken a step further.

It's a challenge, and I love challenges. "

  • What is the role of the National League?

"A home for young Israeli actors, a place that gives them a stage and the opportunity to break through."

  • What are the urgent things you want to take care of?

"My two most important tasks are: 1. Despite what happened with Netanya last summer, operate in all channels that will be two immigrants. 2. Bring money to the league, because beyond the internal budget the teams do not receive money from outside. We work to bring money through two channels: private money "Of sponsors as well as budgets from the Ministry of Sports and other government agencies. The National League is the home of Israeli basketball and thanks to it there are many young players who are flourishing and the factors need to take care of promoting and giving them a stage."

  • There has been a good league in recent years with dramas, promotion struggles and young players flourishing.

    But it still does not fully contribute from a marketing and economic point of view.

"It's processes and something that will take time. For the past year all the games have been broadcast on the union's website and this year there will also be two TV broadcasts each week. We are working to increase exposure and it will eventually bring money to the league. To NIS 1,500,000, yM) from next season to the next three seasons, and I believe that once budgets and exposure go up it will bring the league to another place.

Serious work is being done and I hope we will see the results. "

  • In the end a large part is a matter of facilities.

    How do they improve their quality?

"Most of the facilities in the league are in good condition. We have quite a few halls that are also suitable for the Premier League, such as Nahariya, Haifa, Ashkelon and more. There are rules that we will enforce so that the halls are more pleasant and inviting to the audience, children and families."

Yogev Ohayon in Nahariya uniform, Photo: Limor Malinoff, National League Administration

  • The union is now working on the outline and structure of the league.

    For you, what should the league look like - number of teams, number of games, number of foreigners, etc.?

"In my opinion, the number of foreigners should not change because they add attractiveness to the league. The number of teams in the league is less important, more significant is that the teams will perform better and that the envelope for the players will be more professional."

  • Do you really think the league can provide two teams that can go up?

    In terms of budget, hall, etc.

"The story of Netanya is unusual. On the one hand it is the beauty of sports that a team that did not plan to rise suddenly rises. I have been in the league for almost a decade and this is the first case. There are 5-6 clubs in the league today that can set a budget for the Premier League. Two newcomers. Think that a team that is relegated from the Premier League usually has an advantage in terms of money and organization and once there are two newcomers then in total there is an option for one more team to be promoted, and the National League can certainly provide that every season. Increasing the budget and other things, the groups will be more prepared for an increase. "  

"I know the agreement with the Premier League administration which states that after what happened this year there will be only one immigrant and not ignore it, but I am sure we must return to two immigrants. I believe in dialogue and want to sit with whoever needs it to happen. I am not a man of wars and I hope "And I believe we will reach agreements. But I represent the interests of the league and our teams, and if there are no agreements we will have to consider what to do."

  • How do you intend to prevent the recurrence of a case like the one that happened with Netanya this year?

"It is true that it did not add respect to us, we do not ignore the facts. It is difficult for me to see a similar case in the coming years. The agreement worked well last season with the rise of Bnei Herzliya and Hapoel Haifa and also this season with the Upper Galilee."

  • You're been in basketball for almost a decade.

    How is the National League different today than in the past?

"The league is constantly advancing. The quality of foreigners is rising and in most cases the foreigners are better, there is a balance between young and old, and veteran players who come to the league raise the level of attractiveness. I believe that more money that comes in from outside and the return of the two immigrants will jump the league a few more steps forward. "

Netanya is celebrating immigration.

Exceptional case, Photo: Liron Moldovan

  • What in your opinion would be considered a success in the job?

"Returning two immigrants. It fell to me and I have to take care of it. And of course put money in the groups."

How did your relationship with basketball even begin?

"My son started playing basketball in the youth department of Maccabi Rehovot, and from the stands I went down to the floor."

  • Is there another sport you like besides basketball?

"Tennis. I can sit and watch for hours."

  • What is it that makes you most excited about life?

"My children".

  • When was the last time you cried?

"Three weeks ago. My daughter contracted corona on a trip to Panama and got it hard. She was hospitalized at a local hospital and we drove there. When we managed to free her from a hospital I cried."

  • What's the scariest moment you've ever had in your life?

"I'm not a big coward. There's nothing special I remember."

Source: israelhayom

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