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Experts: "The fourth wave is declining, but it is very likely that it will not be the last" Israel today


The Delta variant is under control, but it causes peace among health experts • Prof. Ronit Calderon-Margalit: "If humanity prepares itself well and prepares, then there are chances of better dealing with viruses that will break out in the future" • Prof. Zvika Granot: "According to the data, Gal The current illness is over "

The State of Israel is in decline with the coronation's fourth wave of morbidity, the Delta variant wave, and now experts agree that proper preparation is needed for the fifth wave of morbidity - and perhaps even more so. "Indeed, it seems that we are in the decline of this strain and the fourth wave is collapsing into itself," says Prof. Ronit Calderon-Margalit of the Hebrew University School of Public Health. "Because it depends on whether more strains of Corona will develop that the vaccine does not work against,"

she said. "We are seeing the passage of more and more pathogens from animals to humans, and in this respect there is almost no doubt that we will see more outbreaks of epidemics in the future."

She adds that "here too humanity has a lot to do and this includes setting up research institutes and prediction centers of epidemics, also need to better organize its information and transparency between countries in the world and make general preparations, including drawing conclusions from the corona virus and beyond fighting global warming. "If humanity prepares itself well and prepares itself, then there are chances of better dealing with viruses that will break out in the future and we will not reach extreme scenarios of severe closures and restrictions on movement."

Prof. Calderon-Margalit notes that "since 2007 the World Health Organization has predicted an outbreak of an epidemic in the world and warned about it and despite this the countries were perceived as unprepared in the context of the corona virus and I hope one of the lessons will be better prepared." Like bird flu or swine flu will become one that spreads from person to person quickly and thus a worldwide pandemic will be created.In the end it was actually the corona virus.Our luck with the virus was that they very quickly sequenced its genetic sequence which focused the study on quick search for vaccines and drugs. Of the corona just a few weeks after its outbreak his genetic sequence was in the hands of the researchers and this was a major aid in the fight against it. "

At the same time, Prof. Zvika Granot from the Faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University believes that there is a chance of another wave of corona and that the delta wave has faded by itself and not necessarily because of Israel's actions on the subject.

"First, it can be estimated from data from around the world that the corona delta wave has ended," he says.

"We are seeing a decrease in patients and infections all over the world, in countries with vaccines, in countries without vaccines and in open or closed countries.

Corona Department at Ziv Hospital in Safed, Photo: Eyal Margolin / Ginny

He said, "This is not to say that corona is a disease that has ended because another variant of it could easily form from South America, Africa or even the Middle East. Also, the winter when people close windows and are in closed rooms can also cause another wave of the virus. "It has not disappeared as other diseases still exist in the world, but in a quiet state. However, it is difficult to estimate how many more corona waves there will be and how the disease will proceed beyond the wave phenomenon."

Regarding the conclusions, he concludes that "The State of Israel has written an entire book that dealt with dealing with an epidemic, written as early as 2007. This is a very good book written by the best experts of the Ministry of Health. One by one from the corona because for example here they thought that once there is a vaccine it will eradicate the disease as the polio vaccine did for the disease but in the case of the corona people still got sick with the vaccine and it also turned out not to be long lasting. "There is often a difference between writing calmly in the office of instructions and what happens in the field when the virus is raging."

Source: israelhayom

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