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Ms. Antje brings coke from Holland


The Netherlands made the mafia big with its naive drug policy. The SPD, Greens and FDP celebrate the result of their explorations and want to forge a traffic light coalition by Christmas. And Adele is back. That is the situation on Friday evening.


At the end of the probing path

For days they probed and held tight, now the SPD, Greens and FDP want to negotiate a traffic light coalition: Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz appeared in front of the cameras in the early afternoon together with the party leaders of the three parties and announced that he wanted to form a government by Christmas : Now is "tackled what is necessary for Germany".

Scholz, Baerbock, Lindner, Habeck, Esken and Walter-Borjans spoke of new beginnings and renewal, but also of unreasonable demands, of giving and taking. One even from the "embers of social modernization" (you can guess who is three times). The explorers wrote down what they were planning to do on twelve pages. A choice: introduce a minimum wage of 12 euros, get out of coal faster (2030 if possible), bring Germany onto the 1.5-degree path, initiate an immediate climate protection program, if possible no longer allow cars with fossil combustion engines before 2035, Hartz IV replace it with a »citizen's money«. Sounds like a lot of red-green at first. The FDP can also be pleased: there should be no “new taxes on substance”, other taxes should not be increased, a speed limit on the autobahn should not come.(More details can be found here.)

The coalition agreements of the more recent past had promising titles such as "New beginnings and renewal - Germany's way into the 21st century" (red-green 1998), "Together for Germany.

With courage and humanity «(black-red 2005),» Growth.


Cohesion. ”(Black and yellow, 2009) and“ Shaping Germany's future ”(black and red 2013).

I asked my colleagues in the SPIEGEL capital city office what a traffic light contract could be called and promised them to present the most appropriate / entertaining / outrageous suggestions here.

Said and done:

  • “Departure.


    Respect. «(Martin Knobbe)

  • "With respect and reform: progress for Germany" (Marc Röhlig)

  • "(K) A left slide for Germany" (Okan Bellikli)

  • "Everything for everybody!

    Challenge the future together. «(Anna Clauß)

  • "Progress without speed limit" with soundtrack (David Böcking)

  • "The traffic light: Investing in Germany (... but please don't ask us anything about tax and financial policy)" (Leon Holly)

  • “Progress in the Ember Core.

    A breakthrough for Germany. «(Sebastian Fischer)

  • "Germany is now completely good - for a departure for a new departure" (Wolf Wiedmann-Schmidt)

  • "The main thing is that the Union is not there." (Markus Feldenkirchen)

Do you also have an idea?

Write to me at

You can read a detailed analysis here: The first traffic light miracle

And here is more about what the abolition of Hartz IV is all about.


Cheese, Coke and Killer

Legalize cannabis or not? And if so, how? Before Germany decides, it is worth taking a look at the neighboring country: "The soft drug policy of the Dutch has promoted the rise of criminal gangs," says my colleague Jürgen Dahlkamp. "Because what goes over the counter in small quantities in the front of the coffee shops without the police interested, has to come in in large quantities at the back." Such quantities are also illegal in the Netherlands, and that is why the business is with the coffee shops have been a gateway for criminal networks. "At some point they expanded their business to include hard drugs, especially cocaine, because that brings in a lot more," says Jürgen. "But more money also leads to more violence, that is an old investigative wisdom,and now the war between the gangs and with the state is being shot out in the open. "

The new SPIEGEL, the complete issue can be found here and on the kiosk from Saturday

Together with my colleague Roman Lehberger, Jürgen researched the current SPIEGEL cover story.

As reporters, both are used to not only making friends with their stories.

But they have never needed 24 hour personal protection - in contrast to some colleagues in the Netherlands who report on the brutal drug mafia in their home country.

Lawyers and witnesses must also fear for their lives.

The climate of fear that Jürgen and Roman experienced during their research has led journalists to think carefully about what to report about gangs in the Netherlands, and not just since the murder of crime reporter Peter R. de Vries in July.

"That doesn't fit the glorified image that many Germans have of the Netherlands: cosmopolitan, modern, relaxed," says Roman.

“The state looked the other way for decades.

Now it's hard to fight the gangs. "

  • Read the full story here: How the Netherlands made the Mafia big with naive drug policies


No One Like You

"Have forbearance with me," sings, no, implores Adele in her new song "Easy On Me," her first single in six years, released today.

The video for the piano ballad has received more than 15 million views since midnight on YouTube alone - can any classic pop star currently do that?

Even in the days before the song was released, the media, including us at SPIEGEL, were excited about every detail of Adele's imminent return.

(It is said that there have already been editorial parties at which, late at night, colleagues embraced "Someone like you".)

Enlarge image

Pop singer Adele


Simon Emmett;

Columbia Records / dpa

As usual with Adele, “Easy On Me” cannot be sung by everyone. My colleague Andreas Borcholte tried it in the shower this morning and failed miserably, he says. Adele not only makes it clear with the song that she is "still the valid singing dominatrix of our time," writes Andreas, but she also asks her ex-husband and her young son for forgiveness and forbearance for the suffering caused during the separation. And she also sensitively opens the doors for all of us to the time after the corona lockdown. "In general, the whole song, its message and the signs it sets are probably what Jens Spahn once meant when he said in spring 2020 that we would probably have to forgive each other a lot in a few months," says Andreas. There aren't any like them.

  • Read more here: OMG, she's leaving the house!

What else is important today

  • British Tory MP dies after knife attack:

    British MP David Amess is dead. According to media reports, he was stabbed to death during a public consultation.

  • RKI reports sometimes very high incidences in children and adolescents:

    In some districts, according to the Robert Koch Institute, the seven-day incidence in young people is over 500. Overall, however, the number of infections is stagnating.

    11,518 new infections are currently reported.

  • Police bring dozens of residents out of the »Köpi« car camp:

    21 people were arrested when a car camp in Berlin was evacuated.

    There are still a number of people in the "Köpi" area - they are holed up in trees, according to the police.

My favorite interview today: The Asterix translator about his work

Enlarge image


Cyril Zannettacci / Agence VU / DER SPIEGEL

I have never read Asterix in the original and thought nothing further.

But now I'm reading the interview that my colleague Arno Frank had with Klaus Jöken, the man who has been translating all the adventures of the Gauls into German for 17 years.

And Jöken says: “Wherever possible, the gag of course stays with the original by the author Jean-Yves Ferri.

In 80 percent of the cases that doesn't work, then I have to find a solution myself.

That's why most of the jokes are mine - but in the style of Ferri, of 'Asterix', of course. ”With the Teutates, maybe it would have been worth paying more attention to French lessons.

On the other hand: the gags in German aren't bad either.

  • Read the whole interview here: A conversation about gags, computers and secrets

What we recommend today at SPIEGEL +

  • The rise of the bag bearer:

    A high-

    ranking tax

    officer with a penchant for Gossier language and sloppiness is considered a key figure in the Vienna state affair.

    Who is the man who is jointly responsible for the success and fall of Sebastian Kurz?

  • Where the USA and China directly collide:

    Chinese fighter jets over the Strait of Taiwan, nuclear submarines for Australia, hypersonic missiles for Kim Jong Un: If a third world war breaks out, it should begin in the Far East.

  • Germany day of reckoning?

    Armin Laschet meets his possible successor - only Markus Söder prefers to stay away.

    The JU Germany Day is the first major union meeting after the election debacle.

    Is it going to be a big bang?

  • You have to be a man!

    Too much work, too little time for the children: What is normal for fathers, causes a chronically guilty conscience for mothers.

    Why is this model still the measure of all things?

Which is less important today

Counter talk:

007 actor

Daniel Craig

, 53, announced in a podcast that he likes to go to gay


because the potential for violence is lower there.

So he wanted to avoid getting involved in a fight.

In his opinion, this happens "quite often" in bars with mostly heterosexual guests.

Typo of the day

, now corrected: “What does that mean?

More staff units, taks forces, fewer ministries? "

Cartoon of the day:

Good opportunity

And tonight?

Could you watch the action classic "Armageddon" from 1998 again, in which Bruce Willis as Harry S. Stamper saves humanity from annihilation by using the shuttles "Freedom" and "Independence" and his crew of crazy oil workers «To land on an approaching asteroid, a» global killer «, drill a hole there and blow it up with atomic bombs so that the parts miss the earth, musically accompanied by Aerosmith.

Enlarge image

Willis in "Armageddon": Wants to prevent an impact on Earth, but hits Ben Affleck

Photo: ddp images

Spurned by one or two cineastes, the blockbuster is now proving to be scientifically visionary: At NASA, they simulated a nuclear last-minute strike, but only on the computer, as my colleague Felix Wadewitz reports. The scientists published the “encouraging” results in a specialist journal: Such a maneuver could actually protect the earth from an asteroid impact. "The Center for Near Earth Object Studies calculates such scenarios on a regular basis," reports Felix. "In the current case, the researchers assumed that the fictitious asteroid› 2021 PDC ‹would only be discovered six months before it would hit Earth." (Read more here.)

In say goodbye on vacation.

In the coming week you will read here from my colleague Anna Clauss.

Have a nice day, Sincerely

yours, Oliver Trenkamp

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