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Terror with a bow and arrow in Norway: the police almost had it - the perpetrator escaped and the killing began


After a bow and arrow attack, the police announce new details. Five people were killed and two others injured in the attack in Kongsberg. The news ticker.

After a bow and arrow attack, the police reveal new details.

Five people were killed and two others injured in the attack in Kongsberg.

The news ticker.

  • Five people were killed in an attack in Kongsberg, Norway.

  • The alleged perpetrator was arrested shortly afterwards.

  • Now there are new details about the course of events

    (see update from October 15, 1:50 p.m.).

  • This news ticker is continuously updated.

Update from October 15, 1:50 p.m.:

The man who is said to have killed five people in Kongsberg, Norway, has to be in custody for four weeks. That was decided by the court in Buskerud on Friday. He has to spend the first two weeks in isolation. In addition, the court imposed a ban on visits, the media and letters. It cannot be assumed that the 37-year-old will spend his pre-trial detention in prison. The prosecutor told the Norwegian newspaper

Verdens Gang

on Friday that the man was now being looked after by doctors.

The 37-year-old Dane has admitted that he attacked several people with bows and arrows and other weapons in Kongsberg on Wednesday evening.

The security service of the Norwegian police initially classified the act as a terrorist act, but later weakened the suspicion.

After the interrogations with the police, doubts arose as to his sanity.

People close to the man told the Norwegian broadcaster NRK that the Dane had been suffering from mental health problems for a long time and had been an outsider even as a teenager.

The man's lawyer said that his client should be examined by forensic psychiatrists.

Attack with a bow and arrow in Norway: More details from the police about the course of events

The police have since announced further details about the course of events. Accordingly, two officers met the perpetrator for the first time in a supermarket. They were fired at with arrows and were unable to shoot at him, a police spokesman said. While the officers were getting protective clothing, the perpetrator managed to escape. After that, the perpetrator continued to walk through the city center and also entered apartments, where he killed people. Police suspect that all five victims were killed after the man first met with police.

Prosecutor Ann Irén Svane Mathiassen told TV2 that there was no evidence that the man planned the act.

"There is also nothing to indicate that there was a situation in the store that triggered this." Further interrogations are not planned for the time being.

Attack with a bow and arrow in Norway was probably an "act of terrorism" - the police had been in contact with the perpetrators for a long time

Update from October 14th, 1.40 p.m.:

According to preliminary findings of the investigators, the attack carried out by an archer on Wednesday evening in Norway is presumably an "act of terrorism".

This is reported by the AFP news agency.

The attack in Kongsberg had at this stage of the investigation "the appearance of an act of terrorism," said the Norwegian secret service PST on Thursday.

The arrested perpetrator, a 37-year-old Dane, killed five people and injured two others with a bow and arrow.


The investigators assume that the bloody act in Norway was an "act of terrorism".

© Håkon Mosvold Larsen / dpa

Bow and arrow attack in Norway: details known

Update from October 14th, 12.30 p.m.:

About half an hour after the first emergency call was received by the police, emergency services were able to arrest the alleged perpetrator. But before that, the 37-year-old allegedly killed five people with fatal shots. As




citing the Norwegian newspaper


, the perpetrator is said to have initially shot at an office building. Employees who were still in the building are said to have heard the bang of the arrow.

After that, the 37-year-old is said to have stormed a supermarket and fired arrows at customers.

As the Norwegian newspaper continues to report, at least one customer is said to have been hit by an arrow.

According to the police, the attacks occurred in several locations in the city.

The exact motive for the act is still unknown.

Bow and arrow attack in Norway: First details about victims known

Update from October 14, 11 a.m.:

Five people were killed in the attack in Kongsberg, Norway. Further details about the victims are now known. As investigators announced at a press conference in the morning, four women and one man are among the fatalities, they are all between the ages of 50 and 70 years. Two other people were injured in the attack, including an off-duty police officer. He was shopping in a supermarket.

The 37-year-old alleged perpetrator attacked his victims with a bow and arrow.

In Norway, these are not considered as weapons, but as sports equipment and can therefore be freely acquired by anyone.

The responsible public prosecutor had already announced in the morning that the alleged perpetrator had been in contact with the Norwegian health service on several occasions.

It was not clear from the statements whether the man was being treated for mental health problems.

The police received the first emergency calls around 6.13 p.m.

About five minutes later, the emergency services had sighted the perpetrator, but he had shot arrows at the officers.

As the police spokesman Ole Bredrup Sæverud explains, it can be assumed that the fatal shots were only fired at the victims after eye contact with the police.

Attack with a bow and arrow in Norway: the police had long known about radicalization - and were in contact with the perpetrators

Update from October 14, 10:25 a.m.:

The police were in contact with the man who killed five people with a bow and arrow in Norway on Wednesday because of alleged tendencies towards radicalization.

The Norwegian authorities had contacted the 37-year-old Dane last year about suspected radicalization, as the investigators announced on Thursday at a press conference in Oslo.

Accordingly, the man had previously converted to Islam.

"There have been fears of radicalization before," said Norwegian police officer Ole Bredrup Saeverud.

These fears were followed up in 2020 and before.

Update from October 14, 8:45 a.m.:

After the fatal attack in the Norwegian city of Kongsberg, the alleged perpetrator is apparently ready to talk to the police.

His defense attorney confirmed to media representatives that he had already given information about the crime during an interrogation that night.

As reported by local media, the public prosecutor is said to have even confirmed to the Norwegian broadcaster TV2 that the 37-year-old has now confessed to the crime.

Accordingly, he was already known to the police.

She confirmed that he had been in contact with the Norwegian health service on several occasions.

Investigators have scheduled a press conference for 10 a.m.

Attack with a bow and arrow: Norwegian police investigate terrorist motive - numerous false reports denied

Original report from October 14, 2021:

Kongsberg - Armed with a bow and arrow, he marched through the Norwegian town of Kongsberg in the evening, shortly afterwards the attacker was arrested by the police.

It is now clear: five people were killed in the attack near Oslo, and two other people were injured in the bloody act.

The police give the first details about the perpetrator, numerous false information had previously made the rounds.

Attack with a bow and arrow: Norwegian police confirm arrest - numerous false reports denied

On Thursday night, the police published the first details about the alleged perpetrator.

According to previous knowledge, the 37-year-old Dane acted as a lone perpetrator.

There is currently no search for further suspects.

At the moment, investigators cannot rule out a terrorist background.

The authorities had decided to publish the first information about the suspect in order to counter rumors in online networks, the police said in a statement.

Several people who had nothing to do with the crime had already been affected by the misinformation that was spread.

TV2 had previously reported that the suspect had converted to Islam and had a medical history.

The authorities did not confirm these reports.

Kongsberg / Norway: Suspect not yet interviewed - did he have other weapons with him?

"Given the course of events, it is only natural to check whether it is a terrorist attack," said police spokesman Öyvind Aas at a press conference that evening.

However, the suspect has not yet been questioned.

"It is too early to comment on his motives." The investigators kept "all options open".

According to a TV2 report, the man also had a knife and other weapons with him.

An eyewitness to the attack told the broadcaster that she heard noise and then saw a woman take cover. A man was standing on the corner with a bow in hand and a quiver of arrows. "Then I saw people running for their lives," she added. Districts were cordoned off, and a large number of armed security guards and ambulances could be seen on television. A helicopter and a bomb disposal team were also dispatched to the crime scene. "We are shocked by these events," said Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

The top leadership of the Norwegian police force ordered that weapons be given to all officers across the country.

The majority of the Norwegian police officers are usually not armed.

According to a spokesman for the authority, the domestic intelligence service was also alerted.

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