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Pension: This is how much you have to earn to make ends meet in old age


The calculation of the pension is a mystery to many. But with a simple formula you can use the hourly wage to calculate how much money you will receive later.

The calculation of the pension is a mystery to many.

But with a simple formula you can use the hourly wage to calculate how much money you will receive later.

Munich - a lot of work for little pension?

That can happen, because the later pension depends mainly on the development of the salary.

So if you want to know how much money you can expect in old age, you can find out for yourself using the pension formula.

According to the German Pension Insurance (DRV), 41,541 euros are currently the average annual salary.

The so-called pension points are measured on the basis of this average.

So if you earn exactly 41,541 euros a year, you will receive 1.0 pension points at the end of this year.

Pension: how to calculate how much money you will receive in old age

But how much do you have to earn with a weekly working time of 37.7 hours to get an annual gross salary of 41,541 euros and thus 1.0 pension points? This value can change again and again. However, it is currently 34.19 euros in the old federal states and 33.23 euros in the new federal states.

An example: Anyone who has earned exactly the corresponding average salary for one pension point for 45 years in West Germany, i.e. currently 41,541 euros, will end up with exactly 45 pension points.

According to the pension formula, this means 45 times the current 34.19 euros and thus results in a monthly pension of 1538.55 euros per month.

In the final calculation, surcharges and deductions (access factor) as well as the pension type factor - usually the reaching of the retirement limit - would have to be taken into account.

In our example we assume that there are neither surcharges nor deductions and that the type of pension is old-age pension.

Pension formula for the old-age pension according to information from the German Pension Insurance:

Earning points x access factor x current pension value x pension type factor =

monthly pension amount

By calculating the annual salary, the calculation can also be broken down to the hourly wage.

has calculated how much an employee has to earn per hour in order to be above the average, i.e. 1538.55 euros per month.

This amount is also known as the basic pension.

This is based on the 37.7 hour week.

Hourly wage in euros in 2021

Monthly pension in euros for one year of work

Monthly pension in euros after 45 years


































Old-age pension: this is how much it takes to survive

Pension expert Johannes Steffen told

that an hourly wage of 16.27 euros is currently necessary in order to later make ends meet as a single pensioner without support.

From 21.19 euros you would receive the basic pension of 1538.55 euros.

A hairdresser in Munich with a collective wage of 12.08 euros would only have a monthly pension of over 870 euros and would therefore have to rely on help from the state.

There could also be a shortage of bakers and confectioners.

The current collective wage for trained specialists with at least two years of professional experience is 15.22 euros in Bavaria.

After 45 years of work, that would result in a monthly pension of a good 1105 euros.

Pension entitlements have a limit

On the other hand, those who earn more in the course of their working life can also count on a higher pension.

However, there is also a limit.

This is 85,200 euros per year in the west and 80,400 euros in the east.

This means that even top earners can never receive more than 2.05 pension points in the west and 1.94 pension points in the east per year.

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