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The "King of Canned Food" in the New Economy! The goal is to "save 100 million cans"!


E-commerce platforms have sprung up under the epidemic, and 99mall, the latest e-commerce platform opened in the middle of the year, also focuses on grocery and supermarket food, but the founder, Mr. An, opposed the businessman’s goal of “making money” and hoped

Under the epidemic, e-commerce platforms have sprung up like mushrooms. The latest e-commerce platform 99mall opened in the middle of the year also focuses on grocery and supermarket food. However, the founder Mr. An opposed the businessmen’s goal of "making money" and hopes that everyone will cherish food and cherish food. Set up a "Food Wise Zone" on the platform to sell products that are close to the best expiry date at super discounts, so as to provide channels for different social enterprises and charities to purchase food in the "Food Wise Zone" at low prices and donate them to the grassroots and Those in need hope to "save 100 million cans" every year!

At the same time, policies such as zero listing fees and ultra-low commissions are used to encourage small merchants to give back to consumers at lower prices, and strive to achieve the best value in the city!

"Food Wise Spirit" helps grassroots 99mall become a bridge for charity

"I have always had a goal to open a Food Wise Canteen to help the grassroots. I have visited the manna restaurant in Kwun Tong several times as a reference. However, I understand that opening a restaurant without a team that I know would be quite difficult. It happened to me. I have also decided to open 99mall, an e-commerce platform, so I thought it would be better to combine the two to create a "Food Wise Zone"." Mr. An was a professional CPA before, mainly engaged in listing and mergers and acquisitions, and launched e-commerce in response to the online shopping boom during the epidemic. Business platform 99mall.

He has always wanted to help more grassroots citizens and at the same time promote the food wise spirit of caring for the earth.

"Knowing that many people are accustomed to choosing foods and cans that have a longer expiration date, and products that are about to expire have a chance to really expire and be sent to the landfill. It is really a pity. And know Many organizations would like to buy food at a relatively affordable price for the grassroots, so I thought of using 99mall as a bridge to encourage merchants to sell food with a shorter expiry date at a low price in the "Food Wise Zone", so that more people will be affected. At the same time, reduce waste. The ultimate goal I hope to save 100 million cans every year!” In addition to groups that can buy

the products of the

"Food Wise Zone"

for good, the general public can also buy them at super discounts, and cultivate everyone to cherish food. Habit is also one of 99mall's philosophy.

99Mall held "Send You to Yuanzhou" on the Mid-Autumn Festival earlier. The company shared the "Food Wise Goods" of the merchants with the grassroots in Yuanzhou Village, Changsha Bay.

Zero shelf fee helps small merchants develop while giving back to consumers

99mall has been in business for half a year and has successfully recruited more than 100 merchants. In addition to the grocery store food, there are also many handicraft products. Mr. An pointed out: "99mall uses zero shelf fees as a solicitation, hoping to attract more merchants, and only charge " The 5% commission rate of "averaging the whole Hong Kong" is to help small merchants reduce operating costs, while reducing pricing, and returning the price difference to consumers, making the 99mall platform more active, bringing more business to small merchants, and creating a three-win situation. "

In order to lighten the road and reduce operating costs, 99mall does not provide a collection service for the time being, so that consumers can buy their favorite products at a lower price. In order to further reduce shipping costs, the platform has more than 700 self-pickup points covering the entire Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories. .

Indeed, on the 99mall platform, you can see that the prices of many products are more affordable than other platforms. You may wish to share with your friends and relatives this e-commerce platform that is quite attractive in terms of concepts and prices!

If you are interested in becoming a franchisee, please contact 99mall to learn more

Enquiries/Assistance: WhatsApp: 5169-4108 Email:

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A must-have for supper and camping!

The above information and photos are provided by the customer.

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