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Engineers become ``drainage solvers'' to promote local anti-epidemic information to benefit grassroots subdivision households


Speaking of engineers, most people think of building houses and buildings, even building bridges and tunnels and other infrastructure projects, but it turns out that engineers can also be closely related to everyone's lives, even "clothing, food, housing, and transportation solvers."

Speaking of engineers, most people think of building houses and buildings, even building bridges and tunnels and other infrastructure projects, but it turns out that engineers can also be closely related to everyone's lives, even "clothing, food, housing, and transportation solvers."

Under the new crown pneumonia epidemic, engineers are also indispensable in the prevention of the epidemic. To improve the ventilation system to reduce the chance of virus transmission, and even prevent the virus from spreading through the sewer pipes of buildings, it is also necessary for engineers to become "drainage solvers" to solve problems for the public.

Written by: Yuan Bailiang, a senior engineer and the former president of the Institution of Engineers

I remember attending a high school student sharing event one year and talking to the students about the profession of an engineer. My classmates asked: "What exactly does an engineer do?" I did test the author at that time, because the answer is hard to say. If you want to describe it more specifically, he It can be a "solver" to solve various problems in daily life, such as clothing, food, housing, and transportation. For example, in clothing and other daily needs, the automated production of machinery and factories in the textile industry and other manufacturing industries requires the assistance of engineers; in terms of "food" Many engineers also participated in the use of kitchen utensils, cooking equipment, fuel gas and electric heating.

Engineers participate in solving problems in clothing, food, housing and transportation

As for "housing" and "traveling," not to mention, everything from where the citizens live and work in buildings and constructions, to airplanes, vehicles, ships, and overpasses, roads and railways, infrastructure, moving mountains and reclaiming the sea, are all related to engineers; There are also engineers in the world of computer digital, artificial intelligence and robotics, so this profession can be regarded as hidden in all walks of life, not easy to detect but in fact ubiquitous.

If you think about the attributes of the five elements "gold, wood, water, fire, and earth" that the Chinese talk about, they are indeed included in the work of engineers.

Incarnate as a ``drainage solver'' to prevent the spread of the new crown virus

The pneumonia epidemic raged around the world last year. Seeing that there are divergent opinions about the spread of the virus, and even the use of the bathroom at home has caused panic, but many people have little knowledge of the problem of drainage management, the author convened a number of engineering industry-related societies and groups to unite and hold a press conference to promote Use professional knowledge to help the public understand the spread of the virus. Incarnate as a "drainage solver" to provide tips for everyone to protect themselves and their family members. The main purpose is to prevent leakage from the inside and prevent leakage from the outside. It is recommended and reminded the public to pay special attention to timing Fill the toilet pipe trap with water or install a drain cover. If the bathroom has been modified, you should pay attention to whether there is any risk, how to keep the indoor kitchen and toilet air circulation, etc., hoping to use the most "close to the ground" method at low cost Let the public and the grassroots grasp the anti-epidemic information that is easy to protect themselves, and it has also been made into a simple and easy-to-read poster to promote it to the public from all walks of life, and work together to fight the epidemic.

Create simple and easy-to-understand posters to promote the "landing" approach so that the public and the grassroots can grasp the anti-epidemic information that is easy to protect themselves.

(Provided by Yuanboliang)

Speaking of the problem of pipes, the most serious problem is that there are many sub-houses, or the "Three No Buildings" without corporations, resident organizations and management companies. It was "messed up". If there were pipes suddenly volleyed from the outer wall to an underground location, it was unexpected that after the SARS epidemic, there were still many old building owners and residents who left the pipes in chaos and chaos.

The author recalled that since the government had subsidized the Sanwu Building to improve the lift safety system, why the same plan could not be used for the maintenance of external wall pipes?

Improper connection or maintenance of pipes in buildings may spread the virus.

(Information Picture/Photo by Lu Yiming)

Advocate the government to subsidize Sanwu Building for drainage maintenance or upgrading works

In response to this, the author made suggestions in different media interviews, and shared with the industry to express suggestions to the government. In addition, there was also support from people in the industry. I am glad to see that the government allocated 1 billion yuan to subsidize more than 3,000 buildings for drainage maintenance or upgrading works. Urgent and focused on the priority to deal with the maintenance of the pipes and pipes of the three non-building buildings.

I remember that because of this epidemic, some people once said that the professional engineers responsible for wind, fire, water, electricity and other building services are like "feng shui masters", because the ventilation, water, electricity, water supply and drainage pipe systems in the building services engineering are all professional. He also said with a smile that "Feng Shui masters are always ready for ten or eight years," but the author thinks that our "feng shui master" does not need to wait ten or eight years for the proposal.

"01 Medical Clinic" cooperates with senior engineer Yuan Bailiang, and launches a column "Yuan Tu You" every Monday to share the big and small things of engineering and medical treatment.

Yuanboliang has always been committed to promoting the professional development of the engineering industry, and has just stepped down as the president of the Institute of Engineers.

Decades of professional journeys are truly worth recalling, and I am convinced that latecomers may be able to understand the key points of the engineering profession.

We have you in Yuantu, let everyone experience it together.

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