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Fall Colors: The Surprising Items Every House Must Have in the Fall | Israel today


From designer blankets that can already be thrown on the living room couch to leafy saucers that star in Michelin-starred restaurants around the globe - all the ways to bring autumn into the spaces of the home

If the seasons could be likened to a fashion boutique, autumn would have received the sloppy, nonchalant hanger in a discarded tone.

The one that offers items with fringes, loose stitching, a used look, colors of earth tones, olive and gray, but all with lots of style.

In exactly the same way, autumn entered the spaces of the house.

We know the spectacular shades of the projection more than visits overseas, but even if we do not experience the projection here in the Mediterranean weather, the inspirations are enough to embrace the palette of shades.

Autumn presents a colorful rainbow that characterizes the tree leaves: from intense green to lighter olive shade, to light reds, crimson, hamra brown and dark brown.

The autumn colors are warm, but not too warm, but one that combines a degree of lightness and invites family fun in a comforting living space.

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Personal collection

Pillows and curtains are quick-change generators, and can be a kind of right-wing marker that heralds the season.

The most fun tip to adopt is to choose pillows in different sizes, and in each season change their expectations.

You can buy ready-made expectations and you can take a tour of markets such as Nahalat Binyamin or places with a collection of fabric stores, and create your own personal collection.

When it comes to fall, all shades of aggravation, olive (from the dark tone to its oily border) and crimson will come into play.

You should choose fabrics with a pleasant texture such as linen, coarse woven fabrics and even those that produce a furry feeling but from non-woolen materials - such as cotton.

If you have also chosen to combine curtains, you can choose ones that will fit the pillow collection you have built.

The tip that will make the look precise is to combine two different shades of curtain, one light and the other dark and dominant.

When one is inflated to the side it forms a color stripe on the sides and the other becomes the central curtain, and upside down.

Linen pillowcase with a nonchalant look, ZARA HOME, Photo: Overseas PR

Linen curtain in varying shades, ZARA HOME, Photo: PR abroad

Decorative pillows, castro home, Photo: Udi Dagan

Fingerprint in space

Beyond the fact that there are collections that express seating systems in autumn colors, it is important to take into account that there is no need to replace the entire living room every time.

Inserting individual items into the existing living room will give color points and a renewed look.

The similar ones currently occupy a significant volume in the furniture collections, and there are the similar ones that are designed and manufactured in advance as comfortable seats.

It is possible to combine two new similar ones in the living room and they will already bounce it to other places.

Next to them, you can choose an individual armchair that will be a kind of comfort armchair, which is fun to relax in with a cup of tea and snacks.

The idea of ​​combining individual items is economical, but also allows not to erase the past, but to add to it.

This way the space gets your personal fingerprint.

Red hamra double sofa, Netozi Italy, Photo: Netozi Studio

Similar, mats and decorative mobiles in soft fall shades, Floralis, Photo: Floralis Studio

Fallen armchair designed by Philip Stark, Habitat, Photo: Alberto Strada

Armchair and pedestal in olive color, Elita Living, Photo: PR

paint stains

The autumnal look is nonchalant, careless and unofficial, which creates a feeling of a home that is always fun to be in, and here the blankets, which warm and allow us a fun curl, enter the picture.

Autumn does not like order - a bit like the fall leaves that fly and land in a spectacular clutter of colors to the ground.

Do not fold the blankets.

Always throw them away - on the couch, footstool or armchair.

In this way you will emphasize the autumnal frequency and make the space even more homely and inviting.

When it comes to bedding, you are welcome to store the white summer set, and choose one in warm shades instead.

The bed is the heart of the sleeping space, and the choice of bedding is very important.

This is the largest and most significant color stain in this space, so it is enough to renew in a bedding set to wash the entire sleeping space in the autumn wind.

Deep hamra bedding set, one hundred percent cotton, CASTRO HOME, Photo: Udi Dagan

Round straw basket with a reddish-brown quilt, FOX HOME, Photo: Ronen Mangan

Knitted TV blanket, CASTRO HOME, Photo: Udi Dagan

I dare one section

You can choose a certain section in the entrance hall, living room or kitchen, and cover it with a different shade, special wallpaper or tiles with interesting colors and shapes.

It's not necessarily about autumn, and it's something that can express your desires and loves without throwing everything away and buying again.

Autumn is a perfect excuse to choose tiles in shades of rust, earth and metal - the shades that correspond with the seasonal palette.

If you expand the contexts a bit, you can maintain the seasonal connection in a more minor way, by combining colors in more measured points or choosing special wallpapers that are a kind of artistic touch, when they use warm colors.

Kitchen wall covered with tiles with color dots inspired by casting.

Aloni, Photo: Assaf Levy

Artistic wallpaper collection, photo: RENBY

Rust-colored tiles, oak, Photo: Assaf Levy

Autumnal hospitality

When it comes to hospitality, the autumnal touches can combine color, shape or both together.

The leaf motif is one that connects to the botanical trend, and it also communicates the shedding season.

The retail chains offer many alternatives to leaf shaped tools.

If you are looking for a slightly more special touch, it is worth paying attention to local creators and designers who also make use of these motifs.

In the case of a product designer, this is in particular a personal touch, created by hand, so beyond the seasonal adjustment these are other important values ​​like support for the local economy.

Bowls of discarded leaves by designer Noam Rosenberg, for example, have already settled in a number of Michelin restaurants overseas.

Bowls of fallen leaves - embossing of mulberry tree leaves on black clay.

So for each of its unique pattern saucer.

Design: Noam Rosenberg, Photography: NoRo Ceramics Studio

Rugs as harbingers of autumn

Although today you can find rugs that are also suitable for the summer season, there is nothing like using a rug to herald the temperature gauge that is starting to drop.

If in summer we adopt the light, light rugs, then autumn emphasizes warmer colors.

You can choose a solid look that combines a background in one shade with a combination of pattern that deepens the interest, and you can choose rugs that combine several shades together and thus hint at the rich color palette of fallen leaves.

And not just in the living room: it is possible to incorporate a narrower rug in the foyer, one that gives a spot of present color, in the family space, or as a dividing element between the living room space and the kitchen.

Carpet designed by Nani Markina, Photo: Tollman's Dot

Source: israelhayom

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