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Sha Banshan's Notes | The latest situation of the Special First Tournament Lin Chenhua half-covered? Li Denghua is waiting to bloom?


The polling day for the next chief executive election is March 27, 2022. In other words, there are about five months left before the election of the next chief executive. Announcement was born. day

The polling day for the next chief executive election is March 27, 2022. In other words, there are about five months left before the election of the next chief executive. Announcement was born.

A few days ago, the Registration and Electoral Office just submitted the "Practical Arrangements for the Chief Executive Election in 2022" to the Legislative Council. It disclosed that the nomination period for the Chief Executive election is set to be from February 15 to March 2 next year. The "Macau Model" means that only one person is successfully nominated for the election, so this time the special first choice may be unveiled as early as February next year.

The nomination period is from the fifteenth day of the Spring Festival to the end of the first month. Most of the political and business magnates are planning to organize spring teas, so friends talk about it. How dare you not try your best to inquire about the quotations of the first choice war in order to repay thousands of readers.

The chief executive election will be held on March 27 next year, but so far there has been little news about the candidate in Beijing.

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In recent days, Sha Banshan has communicated with well-informed people. They are all amazed. They all pointed out that there has been little news about Beijing so far. Some friends said that at present, Beijing only mentions the need to concentrate on the election of the Legislative Council in December, and never mentions the chief executive. election.

Sha Banshan's intuition is that Beijing's favorite candidate for the top chief executive may be a controversial figure, so he is adopting a strategy of "the later the exposure, the more advantageous."

Hong Kong experienced the great riots in 2019, which shook the motherland's great cause of reunifying Taiwan. Since then, Beijing has been extremely cautious, not only sending two former provincial party secretaries to preside over the overall situation of Hong Kong, but also secretly planning the national security law and improving the election system, and even the DQ district council. I also dealt with it early. In the end, even land and housing and other livelihood issues were frequently used. How about the next cabinet for governing Hong Kong? Wouldn’t it be carefully studied and selected early in the morning? Therefore, Sha Banshan dared to speculate that the decision may have been finalized at this time. , But it is strictly forbidden to disclose it, reflecting the certain controversy of the "True Son of Heaven".

A well-informed person analyzed to Sha Banshan that in the future, who will be the chief executive of the major decision, must not only look at the pool of water in Lei Yue Mun, Victoria Harbour, but must consider the problem from the overall situation of the country.

My friend continued that in the next five to ten years, once the Chinese Navy has a large number of warships (aircraft carriers, landing aircraft carriers, large destroyers) launched, they will be ready for service after the war.

The localization of basic chips has also come to maturity, which means that it will be able to withstand large cuts in supply.

The per capita income of the developed coastal provinces and cities is comparable to or even surpassing that of Taiwan. By then, the conditions for reunifying Taiwan will be completely mature, and the possible time point will be as fast as 2025, or as slow as around 2028.

This time is the period of the next chief executive. Just imagine how Beijing will think about the chief executive who guards the southern gate of our country. What qualities does it need to possess?

In the eyes of Beijing there are hypocrites, wavers and firmers

Looking back at the remarks of major Hong Kong officials and heavyweight establishment figures during the great riots in the second half of 2019, it is easy to find that it is by no means a small number of people who even avoided the big right and wrong. On the contrary, it was only after the central government launched a fierce attempt to quell the chaos. A large group of people who jumped out to shout for support are actually regarded as untrustworthy "hypocrites" in the eyes of Beijing.

As for the period of turmoil, morale was low for a while, emotional tears for a while, and it was unavoidable to be classified as a "shaker", and a chief executive whom Beijing desperately needs in the next five to ten years must encounter "Taishan collapse before the front." "Change, the elk thrives on the left without blinking." The sentimental "firm", just imagine the mob rioting the year before, and the politicians behaved like this. In the event of a military confrontation across the Taiwan Strait, who would dare to implement the instructions of the central government fearlessly for the sake of China Is it indispensable for the great national rejuvenation? I believe Beijing has already seen it at a glance.

In addition, since the riots, Sha Banshan has been in contact with well-informed people from the north, and they have often revealed that they despise Hong Kong civil servants. They only have a positive attitude towards the Hong Kong police (not at the beginning of the riot). In the past year, they have turned to publicly praise the Hong Kong police, so it is powerful. It is not surprising that people suggest that a group of high-level Hong Kong police should be promoted to become the core of the governance team.

In fact, the great chaos in Hong Kong is beginning to calm down, and the opposition and dissatisfaction are only temporarily buried underground. It will take at least three to five years of effective governance before the situation can undergo a fundamental change. Therefore, the future may continue to be "resolute." It is also logical to send" candidates to govern.

Chief Secretary for Administration Li Jiachao.

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Another well-informed person told Sha Banshan that the market for Li Jiachao as Chief Secretary for Administration is indeed bullish and the future is extremely bright.

Sha Banshan thought to himself, Ah John certainly has his own merits, he can be said to be capable of literary and military skills. He partnered with security director Deng Bingqiang. This pair of "Li Deng" is a "firm" who is "stronger than Shijian". From the beginning, it is inevitable that it looks a bit like a "Samurai Shogunate."

In the last decision on who is the chief executive, it is obvious that Beijing is also trying to find the greatest common divisor of the "centre", that is, Liang Zhenying and Lam Zheng are both accepted by Beijing, but Hong Kong people are less accepting of Liang Zhenying, and at the same time, people are more accepting of Zeng Junhua. However, Beijing could not fully accept Zeng Junhua, so it chose Lin Zheng.

However, in the eyes of Beijing today, who is the acceptable candidate for the yellow silk industry and the American, British, and Western worlds? Since concessions are not feasible, "naturally it is possible to pick one, and I will use it best, count!"

Many Chief Secretary for Administration have been promoted to chief executive or have planned to succeed

Moreover, in the 25 years since the reunification, the Chief Secretary for Administration has taken over the chief treasure, almost normal. The Chief Secretary for Administration, Tsang Yinquan, succeeded Tung Chee-hwa. It was originally planned that the Chief Secretary for Administration, Tang Yingnian, would succeed Donald Tsang. Unexpectedly, an illegal establishment of the Tang Palace would be revealed! The dark horse ran out.

Until the last Chief Secretary for Administration Carrie Lam succeeded Leung Chun-ying, all the Chief Secretary for Administration would take over or plan to take over.

▼A number of chief executives or candidates for successor have served as Chief Secretary for Administration▼

Moreover, the replacement of Zhang Jianzong in July was neither another chief executive’s "potential stock" financial lord Chen Maobo to replace him, nor was it to give Lam Chengai another chance to general Nie Dequan, but to promote Li Jiachao, the unpopular director who has been ignored. It is for the layoff of mediocrity, and the sponsor of Li Jiachao is only to assist the future "true man". Is Beijing really going to make such a turning point? Is it so emotional?

What’s even more strange is that the chairman of the qualification review committee is also Li Jiachao. This position is "a stone burst". The chief executive is called to do it. Yu Li is also called to do it. The attorney of justice is also able to do it. The reason is also reasonable. Zeng Guowei, and Xu Yingwei are all newly promoted key officials, and it seems that these types of personnel are accustomed to being controlled by Li Jiachao.

Lam Cheng and Chen Maobo continue to show ambition

However, just as the market for Li and Deng’s distribution was heating up, the latest discovery by an established fierce man Xiang Sha Banshan was quite different. He believed that the current chief executive potential stocks still include Lin Zheng, Chen Maobo and the convener of the guild, Chen Zhisi.

The fierce people believe that the blog written by the treasurer every week reveals full ambition to strive for the upper reaches. For example, Lam Cheng’s "policy address" earlier talked about the development of the northern New Territories metropolitan area to solve the housing problem in Hong Kong. The general comment is that the direction is right. But it cannot make citizens feel the benefits in the short term!

As a result, Uncle Bo immediately wrote in his blog, "The SAR government must go all out and do it at full speed, and strive to gradually see results in three to five years, so that the public can see changes and feel improved, thereby building confidence."

As for Chief Executive Carrie Lam before he accidentally injured his right hand, he attended various occasions non-stop, coupled with the last "policy address" of his term, he boldly made moves and fully demonstrated his re-election ambitions, which has never been extinguished. Therefore, the "Flower of Li and Deng" may wait for the opportunity to bloom. However, the "Flower of Lin Chen" by Carrie Lam has never withered. It is just that everyone's viewing angle has changed, and it appears half-hidden.

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