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"A country in which elected officials are held up is a country where delinquency has reached a serious level"


FIGAROVOX / TRIBUNE - LREM MP Coralie Dubost and her companion were attacked Tuesday in the street by several individuals. If the various facts are always tragedies, Pierre-Marie Sève believes that they are perhaps even more worrying when they affect representatives of ...

Pierre-Marie Sève is General Delegate of

the Institute for Justice

(IPJ), an association working for the reform of criminal justice in France.

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During the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, Coralie Dubost, LREM deputy for Hérault, and her companion came out of a cafe in the chic 7th arrondissement of Paris.

At this moment, four criminals emerge.

They violently strike her companion, throw the deputy to the ground, and in two three movements, the four criminals seize a handbag and a Rolex watch.

Result: 15,000 € of loot and thieves evaporated in nature.

Last Friday,


revealed that Jean-Marc Germain, former PS deputy and husband of Anne Hidalgo, had been the victim of a theft in the middle of Paris while he was returning home ...

The 10-day assault on two politicians says a lot about the security state of our country.

Pierre-Marie Sève

There are few social phenomena more difficult to measure than the evolution of crime.

There are indeed very few reliable statistics on the level of delinquency in a country: violence takes many different forms that are difficult to disentangle, the criminal categories are different from one country to another, and many consequences of delinquency are impossible to measure.

This is precisely why, in this matter, the various facts and feelings are often more revealing than one thinks.

They do not deserve, in any case, to be swept aside with the back of the hand as the Keeper of the Seals had done when he had mentioned the fantasy of the "feeling of insecurity".

In this case, the attack in 10 days of two policies says a lot about the security state of our country.

A country in which elected officials are held up regularly is a country where delinquency has reached serious levels, and very difficult to live with on a daily basis for ordinary French people.

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The aggression experienced by Coralie Dubost and her companion is deplorable, especially since it was particularly violent and it affected a parliamentarian, representative of the nation. But many are asking the following question: is the policy led by the majority of Coralie Dubost or Jean-Marc Germain (one is a member of the current majority, the other was a member of the previous majority) responsible for this? who happened to them? In other words, do the politicians have to live the insecurity in their flesh so that they really act against it?

A poll for the JDD in April 2021 estimated that the fight against insecurity will be "important in their vote" for 86% of French people.

A few days before, another poll for CNews revealed that 73% of French people believe that delinquency has increased in recent months.

These polls are nothing new because insecurity has been a major subject in opinion polls since at least the 1990s. However, the shock treatment against delinquency, so demanded by the French and only able to do ebbing delinquency, never took place.

It is a real shock treatment against delinquency that must take place for France to become a peaceful country again.

Pierre-Marie Sève

The current government, like the previous ones, has not to its credit, any serious action against delinquency. Dupond-Moretti's bill "For confidence in the judicial institution" does not allow any progress in favor of judicial firmness (in several respects, it even worsens it), the written instructions to the prosecution always go towards more. laxity, the prison construction program stagnated during the first 4 years of Emmanuel Macron's five-year term and no real measure on criminal migration policy was put in place.

Because it is a real shock treatment against delinquency that must take place so that France becomes again a peaceful country as it was until the 1960s and as are its Swiss, Italian or Portuguese neighbors to quote these three random country.

This penal revolution will have to follow two axes.

It is first of all a strong, firm and dissuasive justice that France needs.

Contrary to what the politicians in power for 30 years have maintained, there is no major obstacle to French justice being respected again.

With prison capacities at the height of its delinquency, France could then go back on the various lax laws voted for 30 years and very little time would be enough to restore the image of Justice and restore its authority.

Second axis of penal revolution: we need a real “penal migration policy”.

The over-representation of immigrants and foreigners in police stations, courts and prisons can no longer be ignored.

Foreigners are over-represented in all criminal categories, a quarter of prisoners are foreigners, not counting dual nationals and an even greater proportion of French people with an immigrant background.

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It is obvious: if immigration to France were properly managed, delinquency would drop drastically, to the benefit of the French and law-abiding immigrants. The automatic expulsion of foreign delinquents, the refusal of a residence permit to any foreigner with a criminal record are all pragmatic measures that exist in other countries and that must be put in place in France.

When he spoke of the fantasy of the feeling of insecurity, the Keeper of the Seals disrespected all victims of assault, rape, theft.

News items are always tragedies, and they are perhaps even more disturbing when they affect representatives of the people.

Now that even a deputy has experienced insecurity, I hope that she will do everything in her power in Parliament to restore the security of all French people.

The politicians are elected to cook for the whole of France, it is good that from time to time, they know that their dish is too salty.

Source: lefigaro

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