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Freising's forwarders with their backs to the wall: the diesel turbo price is becoming a danger


The fuel price annoys drivers. But what if you have to fill up 40,000 liters a week like a company in the district? This is where the diesel turbo price becomes a real problem.

The fuel price annoys drivers.

But what if you have to fill up 40,000 liters a week like a company in the district?

This is where the diesel turbo price becomes a real problem.


- "First Corona - and now that!" Robert Kollmannsberger, head of one of the largest haulage companies in the district, sums up what is currently causing the entire industry sleepless nights: the rising diesel prices.

“That is a real problem,” says Kollmannsberger, “and it is noticeably worsening”.

What annoys motorists grows into a serious threat for companies like Kollmannsberger. The 50 trucks and 15 construction machines consume 40,000 liters of diesel per week. Robert Kollmannsberger cannot absorb or transfer the additional costs. The contracts with companies for which the company based in Geierlambach drives are usually concluded one year in advance. For example, the hourly rates for a truck are agreed there. That means: “Actually we drive far too cheap at the moment,” says the company owner, who can neither get out of contracts nor alienate long-term customers. He therefore hopes that the state will intervene quickly and counteract this, for example with a tax cut. "If nothing happens, the diesel will be even more expensive," fears the haulier,"And that would be fatal for everyone who moves on wheels."

Forecast: Everything will be much more expensive

This also includes Euroroute Logistik based in Kirchdorf. The fleet of owner Stephan Nierhaus - 43 40 tonne trucks - is on the road all over Europe with a focus on France. With the roughly 30 liters that a truck consumes per 100 kilometers, every cent that diesel costs more goes through here as well. “We have no choice but to pass the higher costs on to the customers,” says Nierhaus. "Whether online shop, store or supermarket - everything will get much more expensive," predicts the freight forwarder: "It will be intense. It will really pop ”. Unfortunately, it will mainly hit the low-wage earners, regrets Nierhaus. And how does it go on? Nierhaus currently sees "enormous unrest", everything is in motion. On the one hand, there are problems in the economy - keyword supply chains - that urgently need to be resolved.“The economy,” says the Kirchdorf entrepreneur, “will have to reposition itself completely.” On the other hand, political goals such as the climate change are lofty. Nierhaus therefore calls for clear political positions: "At the moment we are still hearing a lot of wishy-washy." In the long term, the market will - as always - regulate itself again.

At the front: The anger of consumers ends up at Mück

“You have to remain an optimist,” is the watchword for the Euroroute boss.

In the next few months, however, consumers would first have to swallow high prices - from energy to food.

"This winter," says Nierhaus, "we will probably have to dress really warmly."

(By the way: Everything from the region is now also available in our regular Freising newsletter.)

Manuel Mück already needs a thick skin: As the owner of the Esso petrol station in Allershausen, he is “at the front” as he says - and at the checkout he gets “the anger of the customers”.

At least one in two people would complain about the high fuel prices, says Mück - "although most of them now know that we have no control over them".

Mück: "We are more or less the sales representatives for the mineral oil company" - and they often change prices several times a day without being able to influence it.

"At the moment, the job at the cash register is really no longer fun," says Mück.

He observes that the tank is often no longer completely filled and that the prices of different petrol stations are compared even more precisely.

And finally it can happen that the EC card "tweaks"

And finally, Manuel Mück also notices that at the end of the month many a customer's EC card “tweaks”, as Mück puts it: Then the tide is ebb on the current account.

Then the diesel crisis really hit some people.

Source: merkur

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