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Great Battle Israel today


The struggles for the position of chief military rabbi are being dragged into conflicts and personal defamation.

Anyone who has met the chief military rabbi, Brigadier General Eyal Krim in recent weeks, would not have recognized anything different in his conduct.

But beneath the surface, the corps he heads is tumultuous and noisy.

In a few days, the base of the Chief Military Rabbinate will be inaugurated, with intrigues and conspiracies in the background.

Sources in the military rabbinate have recently begun efforts to open the race for the position of next military rabbi (rabbi), whether in articles in sectoral newspapers or behind-the-scenes agitation - even though Rabbi Krim did not announce any intention to retire, and in fact only a short time ago 2022. The struggle for one of the most prestigious positions that a national multi-religious can aspire to, this time accompanied by a toss of mud and briefings that also touch on the personal aspect and intrusive questions about the level of adherence to the degree of religiosity of the candidates.

The position of the Rabbi is not limited in time. Thus, Rabbis Shlomo Goren and Gad Navon served 23 years, and Rabbis Mordechai Firon, Israel Weiss and Rafi Peretz - six years. This raises the threshold stress over whether will continue.

the IDF said that "military assignment procedure is performed as a professional ... affairs and related decisions are made on their merits, in view of the role and needs of the army."

If it decides Rabbi cold, like his predecessors, to settle In six years in office - the schedule for those who see themselves as his successors is relatively short, because a decision on such an appointment can be made soon.

The probing phase

It seems that the most significant candidate whose name is on the table is Colonel Rabbi Sharon Tsabari, currently head of the rabbinate department in the military rabbinate - the second most important position. ), Rabbi Bahad 1, Rabbi of the Gaza Division and Rabbi of the Southern Command. Sources in his area do not deny that he is interested in the position, and his name is clearly on the agenda when it comes to the appointment: Rabbi Krim. It is completely legitimate to meet with relevant parties in this matter even before the announcement of retirement by Rabbi Krim. "

But within the system there are people who are conducting large-scale moves to thwart his appointment. "Everyone knows that Rabbi Tsabari is busy over his head appointing the next rabbi. This is an ambitious guy who understands that if he does not conquer the target he will go home, but he is not suitable. His level of Torah knowledge tends to be zero, "says one of the prominent opponents." There is a need for a Torah person who understands Halacha, while Rabbi Tsabari is busy with branding and advertising. I am afraid that he will be appointed rabbi.

Sources say that those who oppose the possible appointment are actively working to thwart Tsabari's candidacy, and among other things have turned to senior public figures, including the chief rabbis. Opponents argue that Rabbi Tsabari's degree of religiosity and his commitment to the observance of Halacha should be questioned - no less.

On the other hand, sources in the corps say that the opponents crossed every red line in an attempt to discredit Sabri, claiming that there was no injustice on his part. "It is possible to deal or not to deal with, but to tell lies? We crossed the border. Rabbi Tsabari is the only one who did not turn to reporters, he just wants them to stop attacking him.

Beyond a few specific factors that attack Rabbi Tsabari, there is a relatively broad consensus that he is a suitable figure for the job. Opponents, on the other hand, argue that there are other elements who support their position but are afraid to speak out because of its power in the military system.

One of Rabbi Tsabari's supporters outside the IDF is his associate, media consultant Oved Perl, who previously served as head of Rabbi Krim's bureau. Crimea, but it is a question of whether it is a necessary condition.If the Chief Military Rabbi should answer halakhic questions or conduct a corps,Realize his role properly.

"There were military rabbis in the past who were not distinct halakhic scholars, such as the late Rabbi Rafi Peretz, the late Rabbi Avichai Ronetsky and Rabbi Israel Weiss.

Rabbi Ronetsky and Rabbi Rafi acted on issues of public consciousness because they came from there, they are less halakhic people, which is fine.

Rabbi Krim has also previously consulted with other rabbis on various issues.

Rabbi Tsabari proved that he deserves to be the Rabbi.

Brigadier General Krim // Photo: Oren Ben Hakon,

Not just religious services

The frontal confrontation within the Chief Military Rabbinate began to spill out, and additional names were published as candidates for the position, which as stated has not been officially opened at the moment. In the national-religious media, the names of Col. (Res.) Rabbi Hagai Velusky, former head of the Rabbinate Department, and the predecessor of Rabbi Tsabari, and Col. (Res.) Rabbi Eliezer Schnewald, head of the Hesder Yeshiva "Meir Harel" in Modi'in and Ofakim, were published as candidates Potential for the job. The born rabbi was a candidate for the position twice in the past, but preferred to stay at the hesder yeshiva he founded. He declined to be interviewed for this article. Rabbi Velusky said that "I do not intend to compete. I contributed a lot during the years I served in the IDF, and I could continue if I wanted to. "I have decided to retire at the peak, and I have no intention of running for the position of rabbi. I thank the people who see me as a potential candidate, but I believe I can contribute elsewhere."

Another interesting person who is considered a candidate for the position, if he does open, is Rabbi Ohad Taharlev, head of the Lindenbaum seminary and one of the figures most identified with women's service in the IDF. Five years ago, his son, Elhai, a Golani fighter, was killed in a car bomb attack at the entrance to Ofra.

His candidacy is interesting because it brings another angle, which does not exist in the IDF today. Who to contact in the military rabbinate. However, he is considered a candidate with relatively low chances.

Is there anyone who is already trying to push for the retirement of Rabbi Krim, or is this a legitimate move of preparation for the future?

Depends on who you ask.

But what can be said with a full mouth - even though it is a strictly military body, politics, intrigue and conspiracies are more present in it.

Eventually a new military rabbi will be elected - in two weeks, two months or two years, and until then the parties will continue to quarrel. 

Source: israelhayom

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