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Guest railed against "underground" Söder - When the CSU general defended his boss, Lanz bursted his collar


Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann argues with Markus Blume on “Markus Lanz”. The FDP woman does not have a good hair in the election campaign of the CSU.

Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann argues with Markus Blume on “Markus Lanz”.

The FDP woman does not have a good hair in the election campaign of the CSU.

Hamburg - Markus Lanz's FDP politician Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann and CSU General Secretary Markus Blume are guests on Wednesday evening. At the beginning, the host Markus Lanz wants to know from Strack-Zimmermann whether it is true that the FDP has declared a general speed limit to the red line in the traffic light probes, as Green leader Robert Habeck had indicated the previous evening. Strack-Zimmermann has doubts about this portrayal: “I don't think so and I wasn't there either. And if it had been like that, I would of course not tell you. "

Blume, on the other hand, tries to go into the contents of the exploratory paper.

He hopes that the liberals will not only campaign for fast driving, but also for the debt brake: “It's about the freedom of future generations.

After all, it is unthinkable that we in Europe should steer towards a debt union.

There are of course forces in this alliance who presumably also want to steer there. ”Strack-Zimmermann took the floor:“ I find it exciting that we are now going straight into the content.

Because, Mr. Blume, you would have had the chance to negotiate with us. "

Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann goes tough with the CSU at "Markus Lanz" and defends Armin Laschet

Strack-Zimmermann scoffs at the "verbal love game" between the FDP and Christian Socialists.

Instead of holding initial talks, important CSU politicians would have preferred to celebrate the 80th birthday of their honorary chairman Edmund Stoiber.

She also finds the behavior of the CSU wrong before election day.

“It has to be that the election campaign is hearty.

So a little momentum has to come into the hut.

Because people also want to recognize differences, ”admits Strack-Zimmermann.

But after the internal Union struggle for the candidacy for chancellor had been decided, CSU boss Markus Söder should have pulled himself together, she thinks.

“At the moment when an election has run and a Prime Minister Söder, who has not got over not being the candidate for chancellor, does not stand behind his candidate for chancellor, who was elected by the majority of the CDU / CSU, but on the evening of the election, if you please, verbally kicks him in the buttocks, I think that's wrong.

I go so far as to claim that the CSU is partly to blame for the fact that the CDU / CSU did not get more votes than the SPD. "

"Markus Lanz" - these were his guests on October 20th:

  • Markus Blume

    - CSU General Secretary

  • Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann

    (FDP) - Member of the Bundestag

Once in motion, Strack-Zimmermann continues to rage: “Your boss wanted to be a candidate for chancellor and he never did.

Instead, and I think that's the bare minimum, to curl up and say: Okay, you want the other. ”Then continue teasing instead of closing the ranks is“ really underground ”.

“He even continued with the Junge Union.

I'm telling you everyone knows why they're doing this.

You are already starting now.

You now have the order to go into attack mode immediately, ”the FDP politician turns to Blume.

Söder will “really fire against the traffic lights from Bavaria for the next two years.

Assuming that in two years he will be the hero and so can become the next candidate for chancellor.

And I'll bet you in front of the camera: it won't work. "

CSU General Secretary Blume at "Markus Lanz": Everything is irrelevant

At Strack-Zimmermann's announcement, Blume swallows several times with difficulty, but lets them speak before he answers: “We don't want to compete with the Brothers Grimm here in the fairy tale hour department.

I understand your endeavors, Ms. Strack-Zimmermann, that you would now like to continue telling this legend, this story: The FDP always wanted only with the Union and, because of these stupid circumstances within the Union, has now been pushed into a traffic light by us.

I understand why you are telling this story, because of course you have to explain one thing or the other to your followers, that is perfectly legitimate. "

“But the truth is just a bit different,” says Blume, which prompted Strack-Zimmermann to mock “I'm curious about that”, which the moderator also agrees with. Blume continues: “Mr. Lanz, we had a choice before we had the opportunity to be your guest a couple of times, exchanged here about an election campaign of minor issues. And basically that continued after the election. It was again about trivialities and the question was not: What was there now and what is now possible and what is coming? ”The Greens and FDP had refused to hold parallel Jamaica talks and instead decided on a traffic light coalition. "If we are the Grimm siblings," protests moderator Lanz, "then you are now Christian Anders."

Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann angry at the CSU: "You have kicked Mr. Laschet in the dust"

“Who would have led the round of the CDU / CSU, Mr. Blume?” Asks Strack-Zimmermann about the practical implementation of parallel discussions: “You need someone to lead the discussions.

That’s Mr. Scholz on the one hand, with us Mr. Lindner - who would have been in charge for you?

You have kicked Mr. Laschet in the dust.

I say this because I appreciate Mr Laschet, I know him.

He's a fair partner.

He's had your hot breath on his neck the whole election campaign and that evening he got the rest. ”“ You shouldn't become an expert on the Union now, ”interrupts Blume and says:“ I can tell you for the union speak Markus Söder and Armin Laschet. "

When Blume tried to explain, using the example of the union talks with the Greens, that the CDU and CSU had been “optimally coordinated”, moderator Lanz almost bursts the collar: “That is overworking me now. I saw what happened in public. Armin Laschet steps in front of the cameras and says: Jamaica is still possible, we are ready. And a little later your boss, Markus Söder, steps in front of the cameras and says: Jamaica is buried. If that is 'maximally coordinated', then I don't even want to know how 'not coordinated' is. "

The CSU politician replies: “I think the situation was different.

We didn't talk about 'buried'.

If you quote the statements correctly, then it fits together.

Markus Söder said: Unfortunately we didn't win, we're second and we're ready.

Armin Laschet said: We will try and are ready for the talks to get Jamaica right. ”The Union will deal with the role of the opposition, says Blume and adds to Strack-Zimmermann:“ We will accompany this critically and constructively and it will begin stop now obviously in this show. "

"Markus Lanz" - the conclusion of the show

In “Markus Lanz”, Strack-Zimmermann and Blume argue intensely about the political situation in Germany - and the state of the Union.

The FDP politician repeatedly attacks the CSU General Secretary.

Talkmaster Lanz does not find it difficult to show solidarity with the FDP woman.

However, Blume is in a difficult position and rejects the accusation of blame. Towards the end he says, annoyed: "Ms. Strack-Zimmermann, take care of your own party."

Source: merkur

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