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Minister Gantz Announces: Six Bodies Belonging to the "Popular Front" - Terrorist Organizations | Israel today


These organizations operated under the guise of "civil society organizations", but in practice belong to the organization's leadership, whose goal is to destroy Israel while taking terrorist actions. • Defense Minister: "Calls on world nations and organizations to help fight" They were also involved in the murder of the late girl Rene Shenrav

Following a joint operation by the General Security Service and the National Headquarters for Economic Warfare against Terrorism, the Minister of Defense Bnei Gantz yesterday (Thursday) signed an order declaring six organizations of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Judea and Samaria as terrorist organizations.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Defense stated that the names of the organizations are: the Women's Committee, the Alchemir Legal Institute, the Bissan Research Institute, the Alhak organization, the World Movement for Child Protection - Palestine Branch (DCI-P) and the Activities Committee Agricultural (UAWC).

It was further stated that these organizations are part of a network of organizations operating under cover in the international arena on behalf of the Popular Front, in order to support its activities and advance its goals.

Defense Minister Gantz referred to the declaration and said that "security organizations will continue to act and intensify the damage to terrorism and the terrorist infrastructure everywhere, and by all means.

Activists of the "Popular Front" in Hebron, Photo: AFP

These organizations operated under the guise of "civil society organizations", but in practice belong to and form an arm of the organization's leadership, the purpose of which is to destroy Israel while taking terrorist acts.

The declared organizations are controlled by senior members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and employ many Haza activists in field and management positions, including operatives who were involved in terrorist activities.

These bodies serve as a cover for promoting and financing the activities of the Popular Front Organization.

In accordance with the guidelines of the organization's headquarters, which will be assigned to the organization for security reasons related to the fear of enforcement measures being taken by security bodies in Israel and around the world.

In terms of funding, these organizations, which are controlled by the IDF, serve as a major source of funding for the organization's activities as a whole and play a significant role in building the power and empowerment of the terrorist organization. These funds were used by the Haza for payments to the families of security prisoners and "martyrs", salaries for activists, recruitment of activists, promotion of terrorist activity and intensification, promotion of the Popular Front activity in Jerusalem and dissemination of messages and ideology of the organization.

The NGO Monitor referred to the declarations of the Hazaa organizations as terrorist organizations and stated that “The list includes six organizations that we have been researching since 2016, and it reinforces our research claims that European money did flow to human rights organizations linked to the Popular Front for Palestine Liberation.

Between 2021-2014, a dozen governments transferred more than 200 million euros to these organizations.

"Dozens of senior members of the same organizations are linked to the terrorist organization in various ways, some of whom were even involved in the murder of the late girl Rene Shenrav. However, the donor governments have ignored the findings for years."

The late Rene Shenrav,

At the same time, the NGO Monitor Institute provided additional details on the major organizations in the announcement:


- Sponsored by Ireland, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and Germany, leads campaigns to release terrorists with blood on their hands.

It is known about seven senior members of the organization associated with the terrorist organization Haza.


organization, funded by the European Union, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Nations, is leading the campaign to accuse Israel of abusing Palestinian detainees, while ignoring their involvement in terrorism.

CitiBank and ArabBank, and the GlobalGiving platform have discontinued their services to the organization, claiming that "these banks no longer provide banking services to non-governmental organizations linked to terrorism."

In addition, the organization drafted and assisted in the promotion of three bills by the US Congress Company Betty McCollum, calling for the denial of security assistance to Israel.

Al-Haq organization

- funded by the European Union, Norway, Ireland, France, Italy and Spain.

Signed the official complaint against Israel in the International Criminal Court and coordinated many campaigns to attract investment from Israeli companies.

As early as 2008, the High Court ruled that the organization's director general was actively associated with the IAEA. 

Unification of the Agricultural Labor Committees

- funded by France, the Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Germany and the UN and responsible for the implementation of the Palestinian takeover of Area C. Two senior members of the organization were arrested on suspicion of murdering Rene Schnerv. 

In response to the announcement, the Shenrav family published a reference to the outlawing of several organizations associated with the Popular Front, the murderous terrorist organization responsible for the assassination of the late Rina Shenrev and the injury of Rabbi Eitan and Dvir Shenrev: " Belonging to the Popular Front terrorist organization, as terrorist organizations. For many years, these organizations have misrepresented themselves as 'human rights organizations', and have received foreign funding from many countries. In practice, it turns out, these organizations served only as cover organizations for a murderous terrorist organization. For example, the Admir organization. For many years the terrorist Khalida Jarrar, head of the Popular Front, served as Adamir's vice president. The terrorist who was the living spirit in the attack in which our house Rene was killed, was employed there and many other terrorists who belonged to the Popular Front. Today, Adamir's president and two other Adamir's lawyers represent Rina's killers. We hope that following the decision to declare these organizations terrorist organizations,"You will be deprived of Adamir's lawyers who represent Rene's killers, to continue appearing before the military courts and in general."

Source: israelhayom

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