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News of the day: new corona infections, separated families


The Prime Minister's Conference is being forgotten. A fatal shot on the film set caused a stir. And finally there are suggestions how children could have more of both parents after a separation. That is the situation on Friday evening.


Back to the future

To begin with, a confession: I completely forgot that a prime ministerial conference is currently taking place.

For the first time since the outbreak of the pandemic, the country leaders met again yesterday and today.

At Petersberg Castle in North Rhine-Westphalia, the participants made it clear that there must be uniform rules across Germany in the fight against Corona.

They therefore spoke out in favor of not allowing the so-called "endemic situation of national scope" to expire at the end of November, but rather to allow the Bundestag to update it at the end of November.

"The countries must not be defenseless," wrote Markus Söder today on Twitter, combined with a photo of the participants that challenged me to the guessing game "Find the only woman in the picture" (resolution: 1st row, third from the right, Malu Dreyer ).

A closer look led to the astonishment described at the beginning: Oops, is MPK right now?

There were times when the letters MPK appeared to me in a dream one night.

We journalists tried to get interim results during the meeting, there were live tickers, late shifts until midnight and no other topic in our editorial conference in the SPIEGEL capital office on the following day.

You'd think it's nice that those times are over. After all, the corona pandemic is over too. Unfortunately that's not true. The

seven-day incidence

in Germany has skyrocketed today. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) gave the value of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants and week in the morning at


. The health authorities in Germany reported

19,572 new corona infections to

the RKI within one day

. That is almost twice as many infections as a week ago.

"The situation is getting worse in the hospitals," write my colleagues Marthe Ruddat, Jule Lutteroth and Irene Berres in their FAQ today on the question of why the number of new infections is rising so quickly and what it means.

Experts warn of an impending collapse of the health system if the number of Covid patients increases sharply again.

At the same time, "many nurses have been so stressed by the past few months that they capitulate and quit."

The fourth wave, it seems to be rolling.

  • Read more here: Why the number of new infections is increasing so quickly


Wild Western

Actor Alec Baldwin apparently accidentally shot camerawoman Halyna Hutchins while filming a western in the US state of New Mexico.

The 42-year-old died in hospital from her injuries.

The director Joel Souza was also shot and is in mortal danger.

Allegedly, the gun should have been loaded with blank cartridges.

The investigation is ongoing.

Apparently there is currently no evidence of an intentional act.

While the production company spoke of an "accident" in a first press release, the sheriff in charge of Santa Fe did not want to use this term for the time being, reports the magazine "Variety".

Even if the accident was a mistake, you find yourself wondering why tragic incidents like this don't attract much more attention. Every child knows that there are stunt men and stunt women and fake blood and fake glass on film sets, but anyone who has watched the eight seasons of the extremely brutal series “Game of Thrones”, for example, is almost amazed that all of the actors finish filming unscathed were allowed to experience.

In 2014, the Associated Press news agency compiled statistics according to which at least 43 people had died while filming films in the United States alone since 1990.

Most of the serious accidents involved film carpentry and stunt people.

Stunts involving helicopters are particularly dangerous.

The shot from Alec Baldwin's prop weapon is definitely not the first event on a film set that resulted in a death.

There was a similar incident in 1993: Back then, actor Brandon Lee, the 28-year-old son of martial arts star Bruce Lee, died on the set of the film "The Crow" from a shot in the stomach.

The autopsy revealed that Lee had been hit by a bullet of live ammunition that got stuck in the barrel of the gun and was detonated when a blank cartridge detonated.

My colleague Hannah Pilarczyk from the SPIEGEL cultural department spoke to the special effects professional and weapons technician Pitt Rotter, who says that in Germany too, it is possible to kill and injure people on sets using weapons from props: “There is no such thing as complete security.” In general US sets are much more unsafe.

  • Read more here: These tragic accidents happened on film sets

  • Special effects professional Rotter on shooting accidents on the set: "The actor is responsible"


Separated together

The SPD has provided four family ministers over the past eight years.

None of them provided more justice in separations with a modern family law.

An expert opinion has now been made public that makes the need for reform very clear - and suggests what a modern legal framework for separated families could look like.

My colleague Heike Klovert describes it: »When parents split up, one of the two is mainly responsible for looking after the children afterwards, usually the mother.

The other parent, usually the father, pays maintenance and socializes. ”This is the traditional model that almost all separated families in this country live.

The Scientific Advisory Board for Family Issues, one of the oldest political advisory bodies in Germany, has dealt with how a more modern approach could work. There are currently 21 academics in it who advise the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs independently and on a voluntary basis. In their report entitled “Raising Together Separately”, the authors name many construction sites and proposed solutions. Among other things, a step model for maintenance. In future, each parent should only pay the child support, which is calculated on the basis of the respective agreed share of childcare and the net income.

It is interesting how the report got public. Namely not through the family ministry. In 2015, the company commissioned a large study on “Child Welfare and Maintenance”. Despite repeated announcements, it has not yet appeared.

The fact that a version dated March 2021 can now be viewed on the Internet, Heike writes, "is due to the research of a father who discovered a reference to the report in a newsletter from the ministry".

In July he submitted an inquiry via the »FragDenStaat« platform, via which anyone can request information from the authorities on the basis of the Freedom of Information Act and other laws - and received the report.

The association Forum Soziale Inklusion then published it on its homepage.

"Politicians should finally implement the points that are in it," says its chairman, Gerd Riedmeier.

  • Read the full story here: How Children Could Have More From Both Parents After A Separation

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What else is important today

  • Springer boss Döpfner is said to have apologized to the workforce:

    According to a report, the Springer boss, who was under pressure because of the Reichelt case and a GDR settlement, turned to the workforce again.

    "We let ourselves be deceived," he said according to the "media insider".

  • Traffic light parties give negotiators precise specifications:

    the reports of the negotiators for a traffic light coalition may be a maximum of six pages long.

    But the participants received much more detailed guidelines from the leadership of the SPD, FDP and the Greens.

  • Gil Ofarim has filed

    two charges


    The singer Gil Ofarim is taking legal action against an employee of a Leipzig hotel with two criminal charges.

    The public prosecutor's office has also received other reports from uninvolved third parties for sedition.

  • Wagenknecht fans are calling for the party to resign:

    should Sahra Wagenknecht leave the left and found her own party?

    A protest union from Munich is calling on them to do so - and, according to SPIEGEL information, guarantees support.

  • Family rescued by sand bank:

    A family was caught by the flood off St. Peter-Ording and had to be rescued.

    In other places, too, emergency services had to move out to the North Sea.

What we recommend today at SPIEGEL +

  • The Springer affair:

    The Reichelt case and a company in the scandal swamp: Recent revelations show that the digital company got culturally stuck in the 1960s - with a man with a dubious worldview at the helm.

    The SPIEGEL cover story.

  • A man probes:

    young, hardworking, well connected.

    Jens Spahn seems to have been made for the new beginning of the CDU.

    In the fight for the top office of his party, he could still fail - also because of the suspicion that he had intrigued against Armin Laschet.

  • The man who provokes the next Balkan conflict:

    Serb leader Milorad Dodik detonates dangerously.

    A visit to the man who wants to separate his part of the country from Bosnia-Herzegovina.

    Will they take up arms again soon?

    And why is the EU inactive?

  • "Maybe I hurt her there":

    FC Bayern will soon have to do without Lucas Hernández.

    The French international was sentenced to six months in prison.

    It's about loss of control, blows and a disregarded judgment.

  • Anger over rising fuel prices?

    It's your own fault.

    Petrol and diesel are becoming more expensive, and motorists are complaining.

    But at the same time, SUVs and other fuel guzzlers are booming more than ever.

    A SPIEGEL comparison shows that many drivers rip themselves off.

Which is less important today

Enlarge image

Headquarters of the »Magnolia« school district

Photo: Google Street View

  • Seven students in Texas are suing a school district for having their hair short in class. They see themselves discriminated against because of their gender, as the rule only applies to boys. The district handbook states that boys' hair must not reach over the ear or hang in the eyes. It is also not allowed to tie the hair up. As nasty and incomprehensible as the regulation sounds, the students there do not have to endure the problems of their peers in Freiburg. After circus performances in the Waldorf School in Freiburg's St. Georgen district, there was a corona outbreak. Distance learning now applies to a large part of the student body. 44 cases had been registered by Thursday, and there have been no severe courses so far.

Typo of the day

, corrected in the meantime: "The 66-year-old defendant enters the act at the start of the trial (archive picture)"

Cartoon of the day:

Nord Stream 2

And on the weekend?

The esteemed SPIEGEL colleague Andreas Borcholte, who describes himself as an “overworked pop critic”, called out to the artists of this world today: “It's nice that you were all so incredibly creative in lockdown, but heaven, ONE album a year is enough! "

This applies in particular to the US singer Lana Del Rey, who only released the excellent "Chemtrails Over The Country Club" in March.

And now presented the record "Blue Banisters".

Some of it is "very beautiful and lyrical," writes Andreas, but the album reminds of a "junk-filled junk" and is consequently "unnecessary."

Enlarge image

Writer Juli Zeh


Soeren Stache / picture alliance / dpa / dpa-Zentralbild

So maybe you'd better read a book tonight.

On the occasion of the Frankfurt Book Fair, the trade journal »Buchreport« compiled lists of the best-selling books of the current year.

When it comes to novels, Juli Zeh tops the hit list with "Über Menschen".

When it comes to non-fiction books, Hape Kerkeling says “Paws off the table!

My cats, other cats and I «at the top.

My final admission: I haven't read either of them.

But the non-fiction book in second place on the annual bestseller list: "Everyone" by Ferdinand von Schirach.

It is only 32 pages thick.

You can do it in one evening!

No matter how overworked you are after this week.

(Read a review of the book here.)

A lovely evening.

Next week, my colleague Wolfgang Höbel,

your Anna Clauss, will

welcome you there

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