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"Observing the Rules" Tired of Real Estate Stocks Exploring the Big Marathon, Successful Expert in Sarawak Calls "Wait and See, Stay First"


Last month, China and Foreign News reported that real estate developers must "obey the rules", saying that the central government has proposed new tasks to local real estate tycoons, saying bluntly that "the rules of the game have changed" and that the central government will no longer tolerate "monopoly behavior." The news triggered

Last month, China and foreign news agencies reported that real estate developers must "obey the rules", saying that the central government has proposed new tasks to local real estate tycoons, bluntly saying that "the rules of the game have changed" and that the central government will no longer tolerate "monopoly behavior." "Stock market crash.

However, a large number of big sandals took advantage of the confidentiality to increase their holdings. Among them, the Kwok family in Xindi was the most aggressive. According to "Hong Kong 01" statistics, since the beginning of September, there have been five of Li Ka-shing, the Kwok family, Lu Zhihe, Huang Zhixiang and Chen Wenbo. Rich people in the city have invested 1.8 billion yuan to increase their stakes.

However, analysis believes that it is not appropriate to "follow the car" for the time being.

More than a month ago, a foreign news agency reported that real estate developers must "obey the rules", which caused a serious blow to real estate stocks. On the first trading day (September 20) after the news came out, the share prices of the top five real estate developers fell by more than 5% to 13% , A total of about 83.7 billion yuan was evaporated in a single day.

The market is also very concerned about the incident, and the Real Estate Developers Association discussed relevant reports in its regular meeting last month.

An earlier report by Foreign News about the need for real estate developers to "obey the rules" caused a huge drop in real estate stocks, and the market worried that the government would "free" land resumption.

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It is rumored that the central government cracks down on real estate developers, but the policy address "has no follow-up"

"Reuters" stated on the same day that the Beijing government proposed new tasks to the Hong Kong real estate tycoons, including using resources and influence to support Beijing’s interests and helping to solve the housing shortage that may destabilize. “The rules of the game have changed.” Will tolerate "monopoly behavior" again.

The market is worried that the mainland's series of real estate control measures, such as price restrictions, purchase restrictions, and even financing restrictions, will be moved to Hong Kong "according to the order". Some major banks believe that the most serious problem is that farmland must be donated to the government for free.

However, as no further news came out, and the "policy address" focused on the construction of the "Northern Metropolis", it also indicated that it would study how to speed up "land search" measures, including lowering the threshold for resale of "zutangdi" in the New Territories. , Lowering the threshold for forced auction of old buildings in the urban area, etc. The control measures have not been seen below.

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Real estate stocks rebound and Cheung Kong's most beautiful

The market seems to have regained confidence in real estate stocks.

As of this Friday (22nd), the share prices of major real estate stocks have rebounded. The share price of Henderson Land, which fell the most on that day, has rebounded to 32.6 yuan, but Cheung Kong has the strongest increase, which has rebounded 14% so far.

(See Figure 1)

More than a month later, as of Friday (22nd), the share prices of major real estate stocks have rebounded.

(Picture 1)

The Kwok family threw more than 1.1 billion yuan to increase their holdings in Xindi

"Others fear I am greedy." This time the "rule-abiding" incident shattered real estate stocks, and a group of "Da Ma Sha" has secretly increased their holdings. Among them, the Kuo family of Xindi is the most aggressive.

The last time Guo Kuang and Xiaoqing increased her holdings was at the end of last year, and she has remained on hold until September 15 this year. She spent more than 48.01 million and increased her holdings of 450,000 shares at an average purchase price of about 106.7 yuan. On the 16th and 17th, they invested more than 150 million yuan to increase their holdings of 875,000 shares and 538,000 shares.

On the day of the crash, Mrs. Guo even "dropped a lot of money". At an average price of RMB 94.7981 per share, she bought 7.24 million shares, involving about 686 million yuan. On the same day, the group chairman Guo Binglian, Guo Bingjiang’s son, and executive director Guo Jihui The former spent about 140 million yuan and increased their holdings by 1.5 million shares, while the latter increased their holdings of 230,000 shares of Xindi, involving nearly 22 million yuan in investment; the three spent more than 850 million yuan for "sweeping goods."

Taking into account the subsequent increase in holdings, the Kwok family has invested nearly 1.13 billion yuan in increasing their holdings in Xindi since September, which is the top real estate "Da Masha"!

Many major shareholders took the opportunity to increase their shareholdings.

(Figure II)

"Big Friend" Letter and Huang Zhixiang made 21 shots in a month

As for other big sands, they have shots.

Sino Land (0083) Chairman and Executive Director Huang Zhixiang stepped into September 2021, and only increased its holdings 5 ​​times during the year. However, since September 14th, there have been 24 "shots" since September 14 and increased its holdings by nearly RMB 32.25 million by more than 300 Ten thousand shares; Chen Wenbo, the eldest son and vice chairman of Hang Lung Group Chairman Chen Qizong, also started secretly in September. Since September 3, he has spent more than 100 million yuan and increased his holdings 16 times for a total of 6.099 million shares.

K. Wah International (0175) Chairman Lu Zhihe started on September 20 and has increased his holdings 19 times so far, spending more than 35.31 million yuan to purchase 9.673 million shares; as for CKH (0001) founder Li Ka-shing and his foundation, Regardless of whether the market conditions are good or bad, the Cheung Kong Group has continued to increase its holdings "not changing under the wind". Since September, it has increased its holdings 29 times, spending more than 540 million yuan to purchase more than 11.86 million shares; it is worth noting that on September 20 In the slump of the day, he bought 1.2 million shares in large hands, which was more than 300,000 shares to more than 600,000 shares in his usual injection.

From the beginning, it can be seen that the five major "big sands" spent a total of nearly 1.8 billion yuan to increase their holdings in their own companies in more than a month; while the ones that did not move include Wharf (0004), Wharf Real Estate (1997), Henderson Land, New Land Realm, Swire Properties (1972), etc.

Analysis indicates that the market still has concerns

Wen Jie, wealth management strategist at Everbright Sun Hung Kai, said in an interview with "Hong Kong 01" that the extent of the decline in real estate stocks is related to the policy address and reports. The recent rebound is just the feeling that the report gives people "more thunder and less rain", but believes that, "Yijia doesn't know that there will be something in the future." Under the disputes of "common prosperity" and "real estate hegemony," "it may be sold or donated to the government in the future."

He took the New World as an example. After falling to about 30 yuan, even if it rebounded, it only rebounded to the level of nearly 35 yuan, and then it softened, reflecting that the market is a little worried. , But Yijia and the market are very popular, and they all buy a lot."

As for the increase in holdings by many major shareholders, he believes that it only reflects the company’s "buying", "valuation is fair enough, and the same land is worth money." However, their series of actions are just a reference for retail investors. The investment period is about 3, 5, to 10 years... Brother Cheng started to increase his holdings a few years ago. If (retail investors) follow suit, he may not make money so far."

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