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Standard Chartered Marathon|The runners' check list before the race is not well trained


The Standard Chartered Marathon, which was suspended for one session due to the epidemic, will resume tomorrow (24th). On the last day before the game, runners must make all preparations. The epidemic is related to the fact that runners may neglect training and go to battle, Chinese University School of Medicine

The Standard Chartered Marathon, which was suspended for one session due to the epidemic, will resume tomorrow (24th).

On the last day before the game, runners must make all preparations.

The epidemic is related to runners who may be negligent in training. Ling Jiajian, an assistant professor in the Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology of the Chinese University School of Medicine, was interviewed by "Hong Kong 01". The risk is higher, and it may also cause fasciitis and even tear and injury of the Achilles tendon.

Four common runners' lower limb injuries should be paid attention to

Inadequate training of runners is prone to injury during competitions. Ling Jiajian said, "I am not used to the strength and length of my muscles. The chances of straining muscles are much higher, and the more tired they are, the lower their protective ability." And the lower limbs are more likely to be injured than upper limbs. Common lower limb injuries of runners include:

1) Runners who have pain in the Achilles tendon (the position of the foot) themselves may have a chance to "pop" to tear during high-intensity running competitions

2) Fascia inflammation

3) Meniscus and knee strain

4) Strains and tears of thigh muscles, especially when shifting speed

Do not try to finish the game if you have foot pain, low back pain, or poor condition

Ling Jiajian recommends that runners wear commonly used equipment and avoid adapting to new equipment. If you feel pain in the waist, knees, etc., or even colds and colds that are not ideal for running, you should do your best in the competition. "Exercising is for health." It must be done in a safe state. I feel uncomfortable and there is no reason to do it hard."

Avoid eating high-fiber foods for breakfast before the game

Zhou Ziyan, an associate lecturer in the Department of Sports Science at the Faculty of Education, Chinese University, and a former Hong Kong elite athlete from Hong Kong, said that tomorrow morning you should eat the usual foods and avoid high-fiber foods to reduce the chances of going to the toilet due to intestinal discomfort during running. Drink fruit juice and coffee, do not eat raw or cold food; pass the water station during the game, even if you are not thirsty, drink water to avoid dehydration.

Zhou Ziyan suggested that runners should pay attention to keeping warm. "Warm up early and take out your body heat such as jackets and trousers. This year, you will not be able to store your luggage on the spot. Bring any old clothes or use large trash glue. All bags can keep warm.” After finishing the race, all dry clothes must be changed.

Lightly massage muscles and supplement drinks after the game

Don’t get too excited after finishing the race. Zhou Ziyan said: “Don’t jump after running, the muscles are so tired, so you can kiss when you jump.” She suggested that runners can relax, massage the muscles gently, and drink some supplements afterwards. Drinks, "(All Malaysian players) I don’t have to eat hard, I have to drink liquids. After four to six hours I feel hungry, but I don’t want to eat because I’m hungry.” If it rains, you can also wear a hat. During the game, "wet heads are more likely to be intimacy." Tomorrow's cooler weather will help improve performance.

Runner Check List:


Trim your toes to avoid bursting during the game


Drink juice and bread for breakfast before going out


Bring more backup masks, if it rains, you can wear a hat


Pay attention to keep warm before starting, wear old clothes that can be thrown away or use large trash plastic bags to keep warm


Even if you are not thirsty in the middle of the game, you must drink adequate water to replenish water after passing the water station.


After finishing the game, lightly press the muscles to relax, replenish drinks and eat

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