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Listen to me, I'm VIP: Gal Gvaram and "The Farrier of the World" | Israel today


Gvaram's latest interview perpetuates the method of survival of Israeli celebrities: In 2021, the essence of the reality celeb's essence is the uncompromising publicity and accumulation of followers on social networks, combined with a shallow and offensive utterance • In the "Whips" nation, "Big Brother" Good at creating headlines out of nothing, allowing for their recurring casting for more and more "reality" shows • The incarnation of VIP shows that repeatedly (and again) compress into our lives the "celebrities" who are not necessarily very important

On the Wikipedia page of Gal Gvaram (20), her role on Earth, the same bullet that "farted the corona" to get rid of someone who really should die, she says, is defined as an "Internet celebrity."

It's enough to turn all her opinions in an interview she did for a weekend magazine - into the talk of the day.

Once the interview was saturated with Gvaram's childish and abusive thoughts, the world was divided into two: those who asked "Who is Gal Gvaram and why is the nonsense she says supposed to interest someone?", And those who know who Gal Gvaram is and do not understand why the nonsense she says should interest someone.

This is the essence of the essence of the reality celeb in 2021 - to be famous and make sure that your name continues to receive headlines and gain more followers on social networks at all costs.

In other words: be a VIP.

Whip killed the reality star

Once upon a time there was no distinction between the terms "VIP" and "AHM". The second was a Hebrew translation of the first and every celebrity was also important. That Yehuda Levy would have been ashamed if he had been considered as such, thanks to the commercial channels.

Slowly but surely, just as reality took over our prime time, so too did the "whips" take over our reality. Already in the first season of "Big Brother VIP", reality was criticized for awarding the title to huge stars like Pnina Tourna, but celebrities like Korin Elal, Shimi Tavori and Amir Fay Gutman, retained a certain charm in the "Whips" house. 12 years have passed, and in the fourth season of "Big Brother VIP" with stars like Roi Lulu and Eyal Berkover, they have already given up on pairing the title of "VIP" for the series, as those "VIPs" have become a means to bring fans or a goal to get more ratings by default of Reality, Per Excellence. With the vast majority of tenants being advertised for participating in other reality shows, it is no wonder that the channel's publicists have stressed to the media calling the last season a "summer season" rather than a "VIP". It did not help them, and according to everyone and also in Wikipedia, the last season is the "VIP" season.

Promo for "Survival" // Photo: Courtesy of Network 13

The absurdity intensifies when you manage to cast a famous singer, veteran and important as Zehava Ben, under the same umbrella of cultural heroes like Yehuda Yitzhakov, Mor Lerman or Elimelech Keshti.

It is impossible not to move uncomfortably in an armchair, when a singer of such high importance to Israeli culture is crammed into the same line of "stars" whose entire contribution to society is an appearance on another reality show, just because her luck did not improve.

Ben had to find herself scrambling for voices in infamous reality, and the casting dissonance created led to her distinct and pre-determined victory even before the season began.

Some will say - she deserves, at least that.

But no matter how much she deserves to win, she will forever be described as the winner of "Big Brother" alongside being a singer and of equal importance, and it does not deserve her at all.

Zehava Ben, Photo: Ronen Ackerman, GettyImages

Ironically, it was Zehava Ben's unusual casting that took the rest of the air out of the already inflated balloon called "Very Important People", because if she is in line with Noa Yonni, a graduate of the reality show "New Love", then the publicists are right, no matter if it's VIP season Or in a normal season, because the title has lost all meaning anyway.

And so, from season to season, from "VIP Survival", through "VIP Winning Couple" to "VIP Winning Kitchen", from a cycle of actors who have already participated in "Survival" to the scandal of paying Leah Griner for participation in reality who knows how much, the title is completely eroded .

The coupling of the title "VIP" to "someone who once participated in a reality show and has now volunteered to participate in another" becomes so strong that it is ridiculous to think that an ordinary Knesset member and Gadi Penibilov have a common and accepted degree in society.

Unless you are Oren Hazan, of course.

Hazan is a clear case of blurring all the rules and conventions.

Even before he served in the 20th Knesset, Hazan participated in the first season of the reality show "Let's Eat With Me."

After the time he spent at the Mishkan, Hazan managed to visit "Big Brother" twice, winning last season, and between political tweets he also managed to be photographed for the infamous docu-reality "Daddy's Life".

And most surprising of all?

Oren Hazan did not even invent it.

His father, former MK Yechiel Hazan, participated with his wife Aviva in the reality show "Let's Eat With Me", and recently the two also took part in "VIP Winning Couple". If you ask today "Who is Yechiel Hazan?", You will probably get many more answers " VIP "than" former MK ".

Days will tell how they will remember Hazan the son.

One more reality and enough

The vast majority of celebrities who became famous for participating in reality shows, were forced to continue to establish their existence as "whips" by participating in other reality shows.

Those who survived as anonymous at the beginning of the reality wave in the country, such as Naama Kasri, Idan Rafael Habib and Leah Gil, returned to the same reality as "whips".

Leahy Griner's career looks like a never-ending reality show.

For the millennial generation, Itzik Zohar is more famous as a "whip" reality than as a football star, if at all.

After participating in two consecutive reality shows ("Wedding at First Sight" and "Big Brother"), both of which came to fruition, Moore Lerman stated that she would never participate in any reality show again, and decided to leverage herself, a lawyer by profession, in more appropriate fields, including counseling Legal and spokespersons.

The decision to stay in the spotlight flattered her, and from there she was slandered back to being a private and valued personality, judging by her roles in the Ramat Gan municipality and a government office.

Maayan Adam did the opposite. Prior to its publication, it had a profound effect on Israeli society, according to then-Minister of Culture Miri Regev. Adam is the one who photographed Regev demonstratively coming out of the Ophir Awards ceremony, and together, in fact, they launched the legitimacy for elected officials to produce artificial public relations, as if they were ... herself.

Adam left Regev's office, in order to establish her status as an independent of Slavs, and found herself as a "VIP" on the island of "Survival." The island served as a great springboard for her, and she quickly became a "network influencer", "Instagram anchor", and a panel member of morning programs - titles that countless young people in Israel pursue, but nothing she has done or said since her stay on the island has affected Israeli society or Remember someone like the same things she did with Regev. And no, her farewell and return and farewell and return and farewell from Asif Elkayam, who since his participation in the reality show "Big Brother" has fought in the media to portray him as a "writer" and not as a "reality refugee", has not really affected anything and anyone but the gossip columns. .

On the other hand, a person today earns several times more than he earned in the government office.

Her influence faded, but she achieved her goal.

From a very important woman, she became a VIP.

Intelligent guessing - if at some point a ray goes down, we'll get to see it again on some reality show.

Bye bye, authenticity

The biggest absurdity when it comes to "whips" in reality, is that they eliminate every drop of authenticity that was once associated with the format, when anonymous people were allowed to participate in it.

Once upon a time, the "VIP" was meant to distinguish between "regular" seasons of reality and those for which celebrities were cast with great effort.

Today, if the title "VIP" is associated with the program, you can be sure that it will not be a reality that justifies watching it, because the contestants did not come to play, but came to work (a.k.a. price").

Take "Survival" as an example.

Remember the good old days, when the thing that annoyed us the most in reality to which countless headlines and headlines were dedicated in every newspaper, was the over-intervention of the production?

Well, today we are in the era of "VIP Survival", a reality that manages to blow us away with rage already in the opening episode of the season, with racist and sexist, embarrassing and harmful sayings (or with an embarrassing retirement of a contestant before we could say a machete).

This is no coincidence, because if once the production had to bother to make the slime out of the survivors I hired came to play the game, today the survivors start playing from the first second on the island - but a completely different game.

In this game, the more you slander, racist and talk nonsense, the more you will be remembered.

The stay on the island is not meant to defeat everyone in tricks and cunning ways, but to establish your notoriety by any means possible to you.

And the million?

The million is just a bonus, you are paid not bad for your performance anyway.

Ohad Buzaglo, Photo: Micha Loveton, GettyImages

In fact, chances are that even without a big prize, all of them would come to take part in reality, just as we all get up in the morning for work.

Especially if it’s 20-year-olds with disproportionate self-importance, all they know about work is appearing on TV, and what sets them apart is the amount of followers they have on Instagram.

Buena, Holocaust is strong

The amount of followers Gvaram has on Instagram - or in other words - being an "Internet celebrity", is what made her filmed complaint against Shai Avital upon her return from the police station, hurt and shocked, viral, until it reached all the news editions and broadcast tracks at any hour of the day. It would not be an exaggeration to say, and Gvaram herself hints at this in the last interview with her, that all those shocking testimonies against the modeling agent combined, did not affect the case as much as her video did. "Apparently if you do not have 500 hundred thousand followers, the police will really not put on you," the interview quoted, a worthy and shocking statement that should have shaken the country. But how can one take something that Gvaram said seriously, if in the very same interview she also said that "every time I am in a place with a lot of people, a Holocaust association arises for me. I say to myself, 'Buena, more were killed in the Holocaust.' It's full.I're always thinking about it when I see performances in Hayarkon Park with 50,000 people.It seems like a lot to me, so do you understand how much it is six million? "

If this conclusion about the Holocaust is said in the same breath with the insight about the police, then we are dealing with someone who says everything at heart without thinking too much about it.

She is as right in her claims about the police as she is in her insights into the Holocaust.

Six million dead is indeed more than 50,000 celebrants.

500,000 followers, by the way, is less than six million and more than 50,000.

You get it?

Reality skips

Gal Gvaram is a great example of VIP in the third decade of the 21st century. She became famous at a young age thanks to her participation and winning the reality show "Boys and Girls" of the children's channel and from there she continued to host various children and youth programs. To establish her status as a VIP for the whole family, she joined "Big Brother", but even before that she managed to retire in the middle of one of the most infamous docu-reality shows in the history of Israeli television - "Perfect 10" by HOT Entertainment, Roberto Ben-Shoshan and Shai Avital , Which was written about her by, among others, the television critic of "Israel Today" Nir Wolf: "I am quite convinced that following the viewing ... I suffered irreversible brain damage."

In an explanation she gave to viewers of the show, then when she was only 18, she claimed that she did not receive the respect she deserved - and therefore she retires. "I'm leaving 'Perfect 10' and I will no longer be part of the project," she told the camera, explaining: "I had a very, very hard time because I'm coming anyway ... with some resume. Do not know and do not know and that I will have to be with them anyway and with all my love for 'Perfect' and I really have a lot of love, I decided it did not suit me. Another one of them and with all due respect I am not another one of them. "

Not because it's an embarrassing docu, lacking a plot or script, not because it's a show on the most superficial channel on TV, not because all the young women on the show were measured solely by a shallow beauty index, and not even because she and others who participated in the show were sexually harassed, allegedly by Shai Avital. No, these are not the reasons that kept Gvaram away from "Perfect 10", but because the celebrity was sure that she was much more famous than the treatment she received.

She was probably right, because a year later she found herself a full-fledged celebrity in "Big Brother" and a year later she explained to all of us in Verbal diarrhea, literally, that the corona is "a fart of the earth he makes to dilute himself," and that "the people Those who died from the coronation had to die. "

If she had said that nonsense in "Perfect 10" no one would have remembered it for her.

Lucky they were able to cast her in "Big Brother" so that all of us, sick and recovering, those who have lost family members and those who have lost friends, will know exactly what the 20-year-old celebrity thinks about the corona plague.


Source: israelhayom

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