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Severe weather catastrophe shakes Italy: Video shows enormous flash floods - water literally shoots into the city


Severe storms have already caused massive destruction in Italy. Now the south is threatened with the next weather shock. The news ticker.

Severe storms have already caused massive destruction in Italy.

Now the south is threatened with the next weather shock.

The news ticker.

  • Severe storms are raging in Italy.

  • The civil protection has declared "red alert" for southern Italy.

  • The city of Catania (Sicily) is sinking in masses of water

    (update from October 26th, 3:03 p.m.).

Update from October 26, 6.45 p.m

.: The rains and flash floods in the Sicilian capital Catania do not end on Tuesday either.

The mayor of the city, Salvo Pogliese, explains on his Facebook page that these are storms "which have never been with such force and intensity".

For days, videos of flooded streets and cars getting stuck in the mud have been piling up on Twitter.

For security reasons, all shops should remain closed until midnight - with the exception of pharmacies and supermarkets.

He also asks the residents of the capital not to leave their houses and apartments.

According to dpa information, the local civil defense also predicted further storms on Wednesday.

So the situation does not appear to be easing anytime soon.

Mediterranean hurricane in Italy: More storms announced for Wednesday

Update from October 26th, 3:03 p.m

.: Rain and wind whip over Sicily.

A storm has struck the capital Catania for hours.

The old city of Catania is flooded, reports the Italian news agency


Masses of water turn streets into rivers and the Piazza Duomo into a lake.

The historic fish market of the "Pescheria" is also under water.

It is said that a young woman drowned in the floods.

According to initial findings, the woman is said to have been run over while trying to get out of her car because water had penetrated the vehicle.

In some parts of the old town of Catania, including the town hall, the power went out.

Flash floods are making their way through the city.

Videos on Twitter show incredible scenes.

Questa è Catania adesso!

Piove ininterrottamente da domenica notte.

Non so come ne usciremo se non smette!

#maltempo #sicilia #nubifragio

- 💙True Love-Dany💙 (@TrueLoveDany) October 26, 2021

Storm in Italy: Red alert for various regions!

Dead after "depth charges" - Mediterranean hurricane threatens

Update from October 26th, 9.45 a.m

.: A Mediterranean hurricane causes weather chaos in Italy. After heavy rains there is already a state of emergency in some regions of southern Italy. In eastern Sicily, communities are flooded. Streets flooded by the masses of water. Several drivers got stuck in the mud and had to be rescued during the night. The body of a missing 67-year-old man was found Monday night. His wife (57) is still missing. As reported by the Italian news agency

, the couple wanted to get out of their Ford Fiesta and were swept away by the force of the water

(see also the first report)


The situation in southern Italy remains critical.

The storm situation has even intensified.

Weather models do not bode well.

Weather experts expect a real Mediterranean hurricane in the next few hours.

A tropical cyclone has formed over the Mediterranean near Malta.

Because of these properties, the Mediterranean cyclone is also called "Medicane".

This is a fusion of the American words Med-iterranean and Hurricane to form Medicane.

Severe storms with heavy rains are expected to hit Calabria and the rest of the south.

From wind speeds of 100 km / h or more, a cyclone would be classified as a Mediterranean hurricane, explains Antonio Sanò, Director of of

the Italian news agency

"Red alert" - the Italian civil protection for northern and eastern Sicily and parts of Calabria announced for Tuesday (October 26th).

For the rest of Sicily and for sectors of Calabria, the orange alert applies.

Red alert in Italy: First dead after "depth charges" - now threatened by a Mediterranean hurricane

First report from October 25, 2021

Catania - Heavy storms and floods have hit southern Italy again.

There was massive destruction.

In the meantime, a fatality has also been confirmed - more people are missing.

But a meteorologist now sees the next big weather threat rolling towards the region.

After heavy rains, creeks and rivers swelled up in Sicily and caused flooding.

A couple from the Catania region was swept away by the floods of a torrent.

In the meantime, the body of the 66-year-old man has been found, as reported by the Italian

La Stampa


According to the authorities, there is little hope of the woman who is still missing that she will be found alive.

Heavy storms in Italy: Hundreds of fire services

According to the sheet, there have been hundreds of fire services in Sicily in the past few hours.

The reasons for this are heavy rainfalls on the one hand and strong winds on the other.

Both of these led to severe damage in the region in southern Italy.

According to the report, "depth charges" struck in many places and were already blocking streets in small towns and were also responsible for missing people.

In the west of the island, four men, including two Germans, were trapped in the swelling water of a river.

According to the report, they could be saved at the last minute.



© Screenshot: Glomex / Weather Story

Many communities in eastern Sicily have decided to close schools.

This decision is also supported by statements from the disaster control.

This called "red alert" in Sicily.

Storm in Italy: air traffic disrupted - hurricane threatens

Air traffic is now also impaired.

Dozens of flights have already been canceled or changed, according to the report.

This affects both connections to Palermo and Catania.

But the region is threatened with the next weather shock.

Up to and including Saturday, peak levels of around 300 to 500 liters of rain per square meter are expected in southern Italy and the Ionian Sea, said


meteorologist Björn Alexander.

“This threatens severe flooding in places.

Landslides cannot be ruled out either, ”says the expert.

In addition, extremely strong winds are expected - sometimes hurricane gusts with speeds of over 120 or sometimes even 140 kilometers per hour.

At sea in particular, the ships were threatened with waves meters high.

According to the meteorologist's explanation, a so-called medicane could develop on Thursday and Friday, i.e. a Mediterranean hurricane.

“A Medicane arises when an actually quite normal low over warm water continues to intensify and thus acquires more and more tropical properties,” explains the meteorologist.


List of rubric lists: © Screenshot Twitter

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