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Image from US National Park makes waves: Can you find the second animal? It's a huge challenge


Many living things in nature are true masters of camouflage. Do you see the second animal in this picture from a US national park?

Many living things in nature are true masters of camouflage.

Do you see the second animal in this picture from a US national park?

Santa Fe - The "Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge" in the US state of New Mexico is a kind of nature and national park.

It is operated by the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS).

There they made it their business to preserve nature and its biodiversity in the USA.

The “Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge” regularly posts pictures of the animals that live there on its Facebook page.

From a wide variety of bird species, to squirrels, deer, and bucks to lizards and beetles, everything can be seen there.

The biggest stir so far has probably been a photo that is completely inconspicuous at first glance.

USA: Photo from US National Park goes viral - do you see the second animal?

The picture was already taken on October 4, 2019 by a wildlife camera in the national park.

It shows a fully grown moose, some of which has already disappeared from the picture.

In the background you can see a dry valley and a stony hill.

The animal is surrounded by trees.

As already described, completely inconspicuous.

The photo shows a typical scene as you would imagine it to be from upstate New Mexico.

Or did we miss something?

"Take a moment today to look for the hidden mountain lion that follows this moose," the national park wrote about its Facebook post.

A mountain lion or a puma?


My first look was towards the stony hill in the background.

But with the best will in the world, no mountain lion can be seen there.

Maybe in the trees on the left?

No sign of a puma there either.

The rest of the picture also looks normal so far.

Hm - have you already spotted the second animal?

I admit a look at the comments column helped me.

Spoiler alert - if you want to search any further, don't read or scroll any further for now.

For your peace of mind: if you can't find the mountain lion straight away, you are not alone.

"OMG, I haven't seen him even though I've been looking for so long.

Only when someone circled him.


I always tell people that you can only see mountain lions if they let you, ”was just one of the more than 1,700 comments.

Do you see the mountain lion?

Here is the solution:

The mountain lion is on the lookout.

On the right side of the picture, lying in the grass under the dry-looking tree, he is watching the moose.

A true master of disguise.

Even if you look closely, it is still tiring for the eye to fixate on the puma.


The mountain lion hides in the grass and watches the moose.

© Screenshot / Facebook / Rio Mora National Wildlife Refuge

The national park's Facebook post does not reveal whether the mountain lion attacked the moose or whether it was just being observed.

A few days later, the entire photo series was shared.

The last picture, taken about 40 seconds after our search picture by the wildlife camera, shows the puma.

It moves in the same direction as the moose before.


Meanwhile, a real drama took place in Santa Fe, just a few kilometers from the wildlife park: There, the Hollywood star shot and killed a camerawoman in a tragic accident - little by little, more and more details about the incident came to light.

Source: merkur

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