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After Child Vaccines The Next Challenge - Recovering | Israel today


Private companies have begun marketing serological tests to children, claiming that they can exempt those who are found to be positive from a vaccine • A senior official in the Ministry of Health: "This is a deception"

The Ministry of Health and the team of epidemiological experts have not yet decided what the recommendations will be regarding the vaccination of recovering children, but despite this private companies are already seeking to persuade parents to spend money on tests for children while presenting an inaccurate figure.

The Ministry of Health and the experts point out that this is not necessary and recommend not paying for the tests.

In Israel, about a quarter of a million children recover between the ages of 5 and 11, and the epidemic treatment team discussed whether they should be vaccinated six months after recovery or whether the time interval is irrelevant.

Most experts recommended vaccination regardless of the date of recovery, and a minority believed that they should be vaccinated six months after recovery.

A smaller minority believed that vaccinators should not be vaccinated.

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Green note until the end of March

The summary of the discussion stated that "there is a fear that there will be a high demand for serological tests, and it is not right to conduct an epidemic based on these tests when there is not enough data on the significance of the serological result in the context of vaccination."

Indeed, companies that market serological tests have taken advantage of the discussion about vaccinating children and offering parents the tests as such that will prevent children from needing the vaccine, even though there seems to be a recommendation to vaccinate them.

Sheba Target offers a test that costs NIS 109 and said, "For the first time, the Be network, in collaboration with Sheba Target, will perform serological tests on children, following the IDF's recommendation regarding childhood vaccines.

The tests will allow children who have been found to have antibodies to Corona to receive a green label until the end of March 2021, and will not need a vaccine at this stage. "

Prof. Eli Somekh, a member of the team for the treatment of epidemics and head of the children's division at Maayan Hayeshua, advises parents not to perform the tests for a fee because they are not needed before vaccination.

Vaccination of children, Photo: Dudu Greenspan

A senior health ministry official acknowledged that "at this stage it is definitely a problem. No decision has yet been made on vaccinating recovering children, and that is a mistake.

"We have no way of preventing the service of a private company, but we are working to institutionalize it so that not every company can do it. Our fear is that many companies will offer serological tests to children. "It was decided that those who have positive serology should not be vaccinated, this is an unnecessary test," says the senior.

Mashiba Target responded: "Ahead of the start of the pediatric immunization campaign, our system is making serological tests available for detecting corona antibodies in children."

Delivery next week

The director general of the Ministry of Health, Prof. Nachman Ash, yesterday approved the team's recommendation for the treatment of epidemics, to vaccinate children aged 11-5 with Pfizer's vaccine.

At the same time, the logistics and distribution companies that are entrusted with handling the delivery of Pfizer's childhood vaccines were notified to prepare for delivery to Israel early next week.

At Maman's cargo terminal, we were informed that they intend to convene this week the unloading team that has been trained to treat vaccines and deliver the same simulations for the treatment of sensitive cargo.

Conflict at a cabinet meeting

A loud shouting debate erupted yesterday at a cabinet meeting centered on Health Minister Horowitz and Education Minister Shasha Bitton.

Discussing the readiness for a future variant, the minister said: "When will we understand that it is simply a cyclical disease? When will we return to routine? There are still masks."

Prime Minister Bennett replied: "Today in Israel there is a routine." Horowitz intervened: "When it becomes a normal disease, we will treat it this way.

We're not there.

"In other countries like Romania, there are fewer vaccinated people, and when a wave comes, mortality is in huge numbers."

Ariel Kahana participated in the preparation of the article

Source: israelhayom

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