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HKU SPACE students in the same group are making great sex with their homework, boys are unwilling to be pushed and dragged


A four-minute video circulated on the Internet. It was suspected to be filmed in the classroom of the Hong Kong University of Professional and Continuing Education (HKU SPACE) Kowloon East Campus in Kowloon Bay. Two male nursing students quarreled due to academic problems.

A four-minute video circulated on the Internet. It was suspected to be shot in the classroom of the Hong Kong University of Professional and Continuing Education (HKU SPACE) Kowloon East Campus in Kowloon Bay. Two male nursing students quarreled due to academic problems and then used force.

A male student yelled at the white-clothed team member: "Don't do it! Meeting again!" criticized the lecture written by the team member for not preparing according to the agenda, "therapeutic touch (touch therapy) go to the side." Oh?" He patted his opponent on the shoulder to show the meaning of touch therapy, but was pushed away with both hands by the team members twice.

The police later received a report from the team member and was looking for the male student who had beaten him. The case was classified as an assault causing bodily harm.


The video is about 3 minutes and 52 seconds long. A male student wearing a dark gray jacket is seen standing, questioning another student who is slightly fat, sitting in a seat and wearing a white shirt.

The two were members of the same special report group. Among them, the white shirt group member was responsible for writing the speech. He suspected that he had not attended the meeting earlier, and the speech had not been prepared according to the agenda content. There were omissions, so the gray-clothed man who was in charge of the inspection team members' work Dissatisfied, so during the class break, he denounced the other party for being irresponsible.

In the end, the two arguing became red-faced and turned into a fighting incident.

The clip shows that the gray-clothed man scolded the team members: "You don't do it! Meeting again!" The team members argued that they were absent due to the follow-up consultation, and the gray-clothed man said angrily: "It's my X business! Saturday Tell me your own words! Your follow-up visit is related to me?" He criticized the team member for being irresponsible and asked him to apologize, "You didn't even do a good job as a human being. You told me to be a nurse (nurse)?" Refuting whether the follow-up consultation is not allowed, it also means that I have already submitted the speech and completed the assigned tasks, "Since you have done a double check, you can go back and go!".

The man in gray pointed out that the problem was that the team member did not follow up the meeting process, which led to a lot of errors and omissions: "You have to understand, you are the only person who does not participate in the meeting!", "You have no chance to follow the meeting ) Yeah? It’s not just a single script (speaking)! Communication skill (communication skills)! Therapeutic touch (touch therapy) to slap the edge?" The other party argued that he had written the relevant content into the speech, but The gray male finger is not enough, also known as: "therapeutic touch (touch therapy) is to pat the shoulder!" He patted the team members on the shoulder twice at the same time to show the touch therapy.

After being slapped on the shoulder, the group member became suspicious and angry, and yelled: "You don't want X to pick me up, listen to what I say!" Then he pushed the man in gray with both hands twice.

The gray-clothed man fought back angrily, kicked to the team member's lower body, then knocked him to the ground with a right uppercut, and then kicked the team member in a series.

When the other students in the classroom saw this, they screamed, "Calm down, calm down!" and "Hold it!" Finally, they separated the two.

The injured team member later showed his facial injuries and photos in the ambulance on the social network Instagram. Later, he also posted an explanation of the incident, pointing directly to the fact that he had sent the written speech to the group: "qu (the other party) ) I’m not doing a scream and beating, don’t you know who is a freerider?” He also said that the incident has been handed over to the police for follow-up, but the man in gray has disappeared. Scratching it until the drain came out, and finally found that there was grass in the drain."

The incident aroused heated discussions among netizens and their opinions were polarized. Many of them supported the man in gray. They also commented on the injured group member’s Instagram: "The police must sue you for a fight, and both of them will go away." Everyone sees you and pushes people first." "Imagine you don't get along with the patient calmly."

However, some netizens also pointed out: "There is a problem with Free ride, but the methods of dealing with the trouble are so unsophisticated." Some even pointed out that two students who had complained to HKU SPACE in the incident.

Police received a report from 19-year-old man saying he was kicked

The police said that at 2:15 pm today (24th), a 19-year-old man surnamed Zhang was reported to have been involved with another male student at a school on Wang Kai Road in Kowloon Bay at about 10 am. During the dispute, the male classmate had pushed and kicked him.

The male victim suffered injuries to his face, back, feet, and abdominal pain.

The case is now classified as Assault Caused Physical Injury (AOABH), and the police are looking for a fugitive male student.

"Hong Kong 01" is inquiring about the incident with HKU SPACE.

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