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"Markus Lanz": SPD man Stegner with an announcement in the direction of Söder - "He will still have to see a lot"


“Markus Lanz” looks at the coalition agreement between the SPD, the Greens and the FDP. On the subject of renewable energies, a social democrat spoke clearly in the direction of Munich.

“Markus Lanz” looks at the coalition agreement between the SPD, the Greens and the FDP.

On the subject of renewable energies, a social democrat spoke clearly in the direction of Munich.

Hamburg - “Markus Lanz” is a 45-minute short version on Wednesday evening because König Fußball is on the ZDF broadcast beforehand.

From midnight, the politicians Ralf Stegner (SPD) and Jürgen Trittin (Greens), two representatives of the traffic light coalition announced on the same day, will meet.

As excited as the talk show host Markus Lanz is at the beginning of the show, Jürgen Trittin sits calmly in his armchair and says about his relationship with Christian Lindner (FDP): “I don't know whether you have to like each other in coalitions.

You have to respect yourself.

And that's the point where I believe that this respect has grown on both sides. "

Traffic light coalition stands: Who will be Minister of Health?

“Markus Lanz” round discusses Spahn's successor

The fact that the keyword Corona falls after a short time invites host Lanz to the question of which SPD force will now take over the Ministry of Health. Ralf Stegner laughs and replies: “I don't know. Our candidate for Chancellor keeps the cards tight. ”Markus Lanz obviously doesn't understand this. His wish: “You can get used to it, you could send a signal. You could say: watch out, I'll sit down with the managing minister of health and make a sensible handover. ”“ But that's a contradiction now, ”interjects Trittin,“ to familiarize yourself and to sit down with Jens Spahn ”.

“You're having fun, aren't you?” Asks talk host Lanz, confused.

“No, no”, Trittin replies, “he made real mistakes”.

“He's looking very unhappy at the moment,” says Stegner.

Host Lanz sticks to his idea of ​​tackling the old and the future ministers of health together during the Corona crisis, but Stegner shakes his head: "Yes, but there is no legitimation for that, honestly.

That's a little old-fashioned maybe.

I have just said myself that we have to hurry to form a government, yes.

But you still have to have legitimation. "

Traffic light Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock?

SPD man Stegner considers her "underestimated"

Host Lanz tries again with the personnel issue and throws the names of the SPD politicians Karl Lauterbach and Petra Köpping into the group as candidates for the Ministry of Health. Stegner trusts both of them to be in office: “The fact that we have several people who can do that is a good story.” Trittin also does not participate in speculation that the ideal candidate is “the one Olaf Scholz will propose”. The two politician guests also comment sparingly on Annalena Baerbock (Greens) as Foreign Minister. "In any case, I think that she will do well," says Stegner. “By the way,” he adds, “to be publicly underestimated is not the worst assumption”.

Talking host Lanz would like to know after Trittin how Baerbock, as Foreign Minister, would handle the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border.

His opinion: "A country that tries to smuggle other people in this way and thus make them hostages, you simply have to cut off the source of income." Because the export of potash represents the economic livelihood of Belarus, Trittin says: " There has to be a clear line at last, they can no longer sell potash in the EU.

That would be a hard and sensible answer. "

The SPD, Greens and FDP form the new government: How to deal with global and European challenges?

"That is a tough announcement," says the moderator Lanz and asks the two politicians about their position on China - should Huawei be involved in the expansion of the 5G infrastructure? Trittin knows the Ampel coalition paper very well because he says: “I think Ralf Stegner and I stand by the way it is now regulated in the coalition agreement. Namely, that unreliable suppliers are not allowed to be involved in the infrastructure. So I think the question is answered quite well. ”“ Wow ”, Lanz says, amazed,“ It won't be easier for us in the world then ”. The journalist Eva Quadbeck sees it similarly: "We are not only defying China with this, but we are also creating a problem here with it."

"Yes, but we also saw in the corona pandemic, for example, that it is necessary to produce certain things again in Germany and Europe and not to rely on ways where things come exclusively from China," says Stegner to consider.

When it comes to foreign policy, he thinks: “We have to rely on good neighbors.

But of course Europe can only be imagined as a union of values ​​and not one that is just a banking union.

What you have to represent in relation to Poland and Hungary must of course also be represented in other contexts when it comes to saying that it does not correspond to our values. "

“Markus Lanz” - these were his guests on November 24th

  • Jürgen Trittin

    (Greens) - politician

  • Ralf Stegner

    (SPD) - politician

  • Eva Quadbeck

    - journalist

Moderator Lanz brings up the next topic: “Will Germany soon be a country in which really thick power lines go from beautiful Schleswig-Holstein to Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, where the energy-intensive industries are at home?” “Yes,” says Trittin in a nutshell, Stegner agrees: “This is the opportunity for added value and Söder will have to accept that.

He will still have to see a lot, that too. "

"Markus Lanz": Is vaccination the only way out of the pandemic?

Stegner believes: "We will land there quickly"

The fact that host Lanz then speaks of “really fat power lines” pisses Trittin for a brief moment: “What is a fat power line for you?” “For example, what we see in the background,” laughs Lanz and shows on a monitor. “No, that's not a fat power line, that's old technology, what you see there,” corrects Trittin and explains the new power grid: “These lines are usually laid underground, they are direct current lines, unlike these lines. Unlike these lines, they are not operated with alternating current, for example they do not have any electrosmog. And you can pass a lot more current through this technology than through that. That's why I said old technology. We don't want that anymore. We want modern HVDC technology. "

Towards the end of “Markus Lanz”, the group returns thematically to the pandemic. “Where's the big plan? What's the idea So vaccination is required: Is that the issue? ”Asks the moderator. “I think we'll end up there quickly if we don't come to a change quickly, there won't be any other way,” says Stegner. “General, general compulsory vaccination?” Assures Lanz. “That will happen then, in my opinion. There are others who see it differently. I'm not a lawyer, "replied Stegner, referring to the upcoming Chancellor:" Olaf Scholz said at the press conference today: 'In case of doubt, what is necessary must be done.' That is definitely an opening in the direction of saying that we do not want a general vaccination requirement, but we may not be able to avoid it. "

"Markus Lanz" - the conclusion of the show

“Markus Lanz” asks for a quick ride through the freshly presented traffic light coalition agreement on Wednesday evening.

Together with journalist Eva Quadbeck, talk show host Markus Lanz asked politicians Jürgen Trittin (Greens) and Ralf Stegner (SPD) about Germany's new government.

In view of the multitude of topics, the depth falls by the wayside, with the corona pandemic receiving the greatest attention at the beginning and end of the program.

(Hermann Racke)

Source: merkur

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