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I am young but I don’t know how to communicate with the elders and I am engaged in speech therapy. I hope to help the disadvantaged groups with professionalism.


This year’s 23-year-old Li Junyuan (Nick) grew up in a public housing estate. He has enjoyed himself with his neighbors since he was a child. Because of his "don’t admit defeat" character, with his three-inch tongue, he has developed the "neck-struck" skills since he was a child. ". To oneself

This year’s 23-year-old Li Junyuan (Nick) grew up in a public housing estate. He has enjoyed himself with his neighbors since he was a child. Because of his "don’t admit defeat" character, with his three-inch tongue, he has developed the "neck-struck" skills since he was a child. ".

Nick, who has great confidence in his own "handling", found that he did not know how to communicate with the elderly during a volunteer activity. After reflection, he determined to study rehabilitation-related subjects and hoped to use his profession to help people in need.

He won four consecutive scholarships in the four years of university and has now become one of the 600 speech therapists in Hong Kong. He hopes that what he has learned can help people improve their lives and contribute to society.

Nick was born in a grassroots family, and since he was young, he has determined that his major can help others.

It's better to use words to help others

Nick's father works as a driver, and his mother works part-time in restaurants and supermarkets. Life is embarrassing. Because there is no game console or computer at home, the "Pu" library has become Nick's biggest daily entertainment.

"Basically, starting from the first grade of elementary school, I will go to the library to borrow books every week, and I can read my favorite stories several times." Nick's good Chinese foundation was established from this.

In addition to his love of reading, Nick is also a core member of the debate team in the middle school. He has led his students to participate in many large-scale debate competitions and won the championship.

He described himself as a young man with "mouth tricks", relying on his eloquence, likes to debate with others, and enjoys winning by "stubbornly".

However, the experience of a volunteer service in Form 5 changed his mind.

"One time I participated in a volunteer activity for caring for the elderly, and found that I was totally incompetent to communicate with the elderly." Some elderly people have had a stroke or suffer from cognitive impairment. Although they are very eager to communicate with others, they often suffer from cognitive decline and muscle loss. Unbalanced coordination leads to unclear expression, and gradually loses the confidence to communicate with others, becomes more introverted, and even suffers from depression.

Nick, who has always been sharp-mouthed, suddenly found out that "I can't help others when I have my mouth. So I want to study rehabilitation-related subjects at university and use my professional knowledge to help the elderly and the disadvantaged."

"I used to think about how to win people, but IKEA thinks that I'm comfortable to hear or help people. In fact, I feel sad to win people." He said emotionally.

Become the first generation of college students in the family with personal efforts to assist the disadvantaged groups

With this innocent heart, coupled with diligence and hard work, Nick successfully entered the Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences of the University of Hong Kong with a score of 36 points in 6 subjects in the Diploma of Secondary Examination (DSE) for 5 years.

Not only did Nick become the first generation of college students in his family, he was encouraged and recommended by the school principal and teachers at the time to apply for the "Link University Student Scholarship" and became one of only four winners in 2019 who won the award for four consecutive years. A scholarship of 20,000 yuan.

Nick graduated from the University of Hong Kong and is the first generation of college students in three generations of his family.

Nick has witnessed his parents working day and night since he was a child, so he is very grateful to receive a scholarship to relieve his parents' academic burden.

Nick said that Link's sponsorship provided him with additional resources for his academic development and pursuit of personal ideals, and at the same time encouraged him to care more about society and help others.

"There are so many scholarships to relieve financial pressure. I can use the time I used to help people with tuition or doing part-time jobs to participate in volunteer activities to help more people in need."

Since he was in college, he has participated in various volunteer services related to speech learning, playing games with children with special educational needs to cheer them up; in the third year of college, he changed from volunteer service participants to planners, and organized youth volunteer groups. , To connect aspiring young people to serve the community, and continue to "rely on their mouths" to help the disadvantaged groups with special learning needs integrate into society.

In order to strengthen the connection between the award-winning students, Link has also established an alumni association to provide different workshops and social service opportunities for Link scholarship winners.

Past scholarship winners change the judging and inherit the spirit of "Take and Give"

Nick, the four-time winner of the "Link University Student Scholarship", was invited to be one of the reviewers of the program this year. On the past Saturday, he interviewed more than 60 people from all walks of life for eligible students.

From being selected in the past to becoming a scholarship judge today, Nick believes that the scholarship program has inherited significance for him.

"I was helped by Link when I was not able to. The scholarship not only supported my dreams financially, but also gave me affirmation and encouragement in spirit. It also inspired me if I had the ability in the future, I need to take the initiative to help those in need. People. I hope that by sharing my experience, I encourage others to promote the spirit of Take and Give.”

Nick said that from the past winners to today's selection, the greatest significance is to inherit and carry the spirit of giving back to the society.

The number of scholarship participants hit a record high to encourage more young and aspiring students to pursue their dreams

It has come to the 7th "Link University Student Scholarship". The number of students applying for this year reached a record high, reaching 2,050. Starting this year, the scholarship will accept applications from 8 publicly funded institutions funded by the Education Grants Committee of the University of Hong Kong. It also accepts applications from students from 3 self-financing institutions, including Hong Kong Shue Yan University, Hong Kong Hang Seng University and Hong Kong Metropolitan University; the number of awards has increased from 190 to 220.

The evaluation results will be announced before the end of December this year. In addition to receiving HK$20,000 for each scholarship winner, they will also have the opportunity to participate in the "Alumni Association" activities organized by Link, such as various value-added workshops, charity services, and internships for students. Work and management trainee programs, etc.

Learn more:

In 2021, the number of applicants for the "Link Scholarship for University Students" reached a new high of 2,050.

In the past weekend, Link invited more than 60 people from all walks of life to review and select scholarship winners for the new year.

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