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Shocking: Parents in Afghanistan sell babies to potential grooms to make a living Israel today


Human rights activists estimate that the rate of child marriage in the country will double • "Every day we hear about 10 girls marrying older men"

Afghanistan residents mark about 100 days since the Taliban took control of the country in August this year.

It turns out that the immense poverty that is raging in the country in the wake of the fighting is causing families to sell not only young girls as a way to cover debts, but even 20-day-old babies.

This is in exchange for a promise to a dowry that will allow the family to survive on.

Information provided by the International Charity Foundation Thomson Routers from Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, shows that according to human rights sources in the country, the rate of marriage of minors will double rapidly throughout the country, due to the severe hunger experienced by many families.

To illustrate what it is, before the Taliban took over 28% of the daughters-in-law before reaching the age of 18 and four percent of the father-in-law before they turned 15. However, the girls' marriages are declining rapidly across the country, with 13 daughters marrying men twice their age. Or to support the family.

Fighting between the military and the Taliban in northern Afghanistan // Archive photo: Reuters

In this regard, the Daily Mail cites a conversation held at the Thomson Foundation with an Afghan named Puzzle, who worked in a brick kiln and went down into poverty.

Puzzle said: "I had to marry my two daughters aged 15 and 13 with men twice their age to support the family. If the situation continues, I will have no choice but to marry my seven-year-old daughter as well."

Prominent Afghan women's and human rights activist Wazma Frug says of the story that "this is not one case. Unfortunately, I hear every day about 10-year-old girls marrying older men. It is not marriage, but child rape."

"Illegal Childhood Taking"

The biggest paradox in the current situation is the fact that much of Afghanistan's money as a country has been frozen overseas by countries and banks around the world since the Taliban came to power. A man who was completely discouraged from being able to help his family abandoned his wife and five children at a mosque in the country. Three of the five children were already father-in-law on the same day. The tenant's nine-year-old as payment for the debt.

Frog, who founded an organization for the study of women in the country, states that "this is illegal childhood taking. It is also contrary to our religion."

However, this religious position is not acceptable to Taliban leaders, who live only by Sharia law, which does not set a minimum age for women to marry.

Children in Kabul, Photo: Reuters

This is why Frog herself and women's rights activist Jamila Afghani believe that "we will soon see a reality in which half of the girls will be married under the age of 18 and will not be able to study at all. They determine.

It is important to note that human rights activists have approached the Taliban leadership, which under pressure has agreed to ensure that there will be some education for women - a position the organization has opposed in the past - but there is no shift on the ground.

Human rights activists inside and outside the country are calling on the West not to help the Taliban without promising to protect human rights in its country.

But it will be difficult to demand this if there is a real famine in the country by the winter of 2022, because of the international boycott of it.

Taliban forces in the streets, Photo: Reuters

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