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Emotional moment on PK with Spahn! RKI boss Wieler paused for a moment, dismayed - and then railed


The fourth corona wave piles up higher and higher. Chancellor Merkel calls for stricter measures. Health Minister Spahn and RKI boss Wieler comment today. Here in the live ticker.

The fourth corona wave piles up higher and higher.

Chancellor Merkel calls for stricter measures.

Health Minister Spahn and RKI boss Wieler comment today.

Here in the live ticker.

Update from November 26th, 11:15 a.m .:

The press conference is over. Jens Spahn and Lothar Wieler were clearer than ever at the beginning. The pandemic would never have hit harder in Germany, it was already "half past one". At the beginning of his statement, RKI boss Wieler even took a few seconds to commemorate the dead and to make it clear again what it takes politically to break the wave.

The demands for contact restrictions were renewed again and again, especially the decision-makers in politics were asked to finally make decisions. Spahn warned: Even if there were no new infections today and tomorrow, the health system in Germany would suffer increasingly due to the past few days. The RKI boss and the health minister were also "very concerned" about the new South Africa variant. The countries around South Africa would now be declared virus variant areas.

Update from November 26th, 11:05 a.m.:

According to Spahn's knowledge, there have been no flights from German corona patients to Portugal.

There is close cooperation in the border areas, a flight to Portugal is rather difficult in the course of a Covid treatment.

There is a good exchange with the other EU countries.

Coronavirus: Spahn appeals to politics - "Compulsory vaccination is not a current issue"

Update from November 26th, 10:52 am:

"All information that is needed to act properly is available," says RKI boss Wieler with reference to the Corona dashboard, which is updated in "real time".

All you have to do is access the data and numbers.

Jens Spahn rejects reports that there are delivery problems for the Biontech and Moderna vaccines.

“The federal government will have delivered 18 million booster cans in the next ten days.” It could be that not everything works perfectly due to the individual delivery mechanisms and logistics.

The system has been changed and everything has to work in well.

Update from November 26th, 10:45 am:

"We have now discussed compulsory vaccination every week up and down," says Spahn to his colleagues from politics.

But that is not the current topic.

"The point now is to break this wave," he renews his appeal for measures and restrictions that would help immediately.

“The harder we apply the brakes now, the better.

Anything we don't decide now will hit us even harder in two to four weeks, ”warns the CDU politician.

There would have to be massive reductions in contacts.

If necessary, also regional lockdowns - whereby Spahn further avoids this specific word.

Even if there were no more new infections today, the hospital burden would continue to rise dramatically due to the infections of the last few days.

Coronavirus: RKI boss Wieler "very concerned" about the new South Africa variant

Update from November 26th, 10:34 am:

Wieler congratulates everyone with a booster vaccination. They are extremely well protected from serious illness and death. Nevertheless, he points out that these people must also help to contain the current situation. This is a solidarity measure. "Despite everything, please limit contacts," he demands. He also called on the unvaccinated again: "Please, get vaccinated!"

Update from November 26th, 10:28 am:

Spahn and Wieler are advised to speak of contact restrictions, but not to use the word lockdown. According to the Minister of Health, it does not depend on the terminology, but on the measures. He speaks of the cancellation of major events and Christmas markets. Regionally, there could also be a “return to normal life”.

Update from November 26th, 10:21 am:

Jens Spahn is asked about the new Corona variant in South Africa.

It is not yet possible to say how the vaccines will react to it.

The tests are already running.

Countries in the affected region are to be declared a risk variant area as a preventive measure.

Vaccinated, convalescent and tested persons have to be in quarantine for 14 days when entering Germany.

People who entered Germany from South Africa today and for whom the new measures do not yet apply are encouraged to put themselves into quarantine and have themselves tested.

Wieler is "very concerned" about the variant.

So far, however, it has not yet been found in Germany and Europe.

Coronavirus: Wieler reminds of virus deaths in an emotional moment

Update from November 26th, 10:15 am:

"We need a massive reduction in contacts," Wieler demands vehemently.

He also clearly points out the Corona warning app.

This would warn possible contacts after an infection and indicate hazards.

“So far, the app has been downloaded 37 million times.” We had to fight this pandemic “as if our lives depended on it”.

Update from November 26th, 10:10 am:

At the beginning of his statement, Wieler creates an emotional moment. The RKI boss names the number of now over 100,000 corona deaths in Germany, then pauses for a moment in memory. Then he rages on. “What else has to happen to that?” He asks, touched. He now expects restrictive measures from the federal and state governments and a cooperation with which one could break this fourth wave. "Please get vaccinated and refreshed. Follow the AHA rules everywhere and wear a mask even if you are vaccinated, ”he appeals. The number of intensive care patients would rise sharply in all federal states. "Currently the proportion of Covid-19 patients in intensive care patients is 18.9 percent". There are still free beds, but these would have to be boughtthat planned operations would have to be postponed. "This situation is a burden for everyone."

Jens Spahn warns of a dramatic situation: "More serious than ever before"

Update from November 26th, 10:07 a.m.:

There is at least good news that the vaccination campaign would pick up again.

For the first time, more than 100,000 first vaccinations were reported, plus over two million booster vaccinations this week.

Update from November 26th, 10:04 am:

"The situation is dramatically serious, more serious than at any point in the pandemic," Jens Spahn begins his statement.

It is no longer "5 past 12", but half past one. Too little would happen despite multiple warnings from Spahn and Wieler.

“The number of contacts has to go down, significantly down.

We need more contact restrictions, consistent 2G plus and the cancellation of major events, ”he continues.

Update from November 26th, 10:00 a.m .:

The press conference with Jens Spahn and Lothar Wieler will start in a few minutes.

It could also be about the new Corona variant from South Africa, which was classified as very dangerous.

After another corona peak: RKI bosses Wieler and Spahn announce a press conference

Original message from November 26th:

Berlin - The corona situation in Germany is worsening: The nationwide 7-day incidence continued to rise on Thursday (November 25th), and new highs were also recorded on Friday. 76,414 new infections were registered within one day. However, the sad number of the day is different: since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 100,000 people have died of or with the coronavirus in Germany: On Thursday, the number after 351 deaths within 24 hours was 100,119, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

“Behind this number are 100,000 people who have lost their lives.

And many more children, parents, siblings, partners, friends, colleagues who mourn them, ”wrote the RKI on Twitter.

On Friday (November 26th), RKI President Lothar Wieler and Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) will classify the current Corona situation in the house of the Federal Press Conference from 10 a.m.

Corona press conference: RKI boss Wieler and Minister of Health Spahn speak

Due to the dramatic situation, more and more federal states are adopting strict corona measures and are preparing for the absolute emergency: triage. In Bavaria, too, preparations are currently underway for the transfer of corona patients from overloaded hospitals. According to previous information, 50 corona intensive care patients are expected to be brought from the Free State to other federal states for treatment in the coming days.

In view of the further worsening of the corona situation, Chancellor Angela Merkel is pushing for additional measures.

At a press conference after a meeting with the Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Merkel said on Thursday that she had spoken to Olaf Scholz about it during the day.

The aim was to jointly initiate the necessary steps in the current transition phase.

Corona tightening required: What do Spahn and Wieler say at the press conference?

While the federal and state governments are currently doing everything they can to break the fourth wave, RKI boss Wieler warns of the next.

On Thursday he told the German Press Agency that Germany might have to adjust to a fifth wave.

As a way out of the fourth wave, experts like Wieler and SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach primarily set contact restrictions, in the fifth wave mainly on vaccination.

This is one of the reasons why there is currently intensive and impulsive discussion in Germany about a possible vaccination requirement.

More and more country leaders are no longer excluding them.

Will Spahn and Wieler comment on the German vaccination schedule and other restrictions in Germany at their press conference on Friday (November 26th)?

You will find out at 10 a.m. in this live ticker.

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