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Interview|Yang Yongjie fights for the establishment of the second seat as Tan Xiangwen's imaginary enemy: the times are gone


All direct elections to the Legislative Council are contested. Among them, in the Kowloon Central constituency, the chairman of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong, Li Huiqiong, is regarded as "stable".

All direct elections to the Legislative Council are contested. Among them, in the Kowloon Central constituency, the chairman of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong, Li Huiqiong, is regarded as "stable." Scramble.

Yang Yongjie clearly stated in an interview with "Hong Kong 01" that he regarded Tan Xiangwen as an imaginary enemy and emphasized that he was young and close to the times. "The era of Tan Xiangwen is gone!"

Interview Series for Candidates of the Kowloon Central Constituency of the Legislative Council

(Photo by Li Zetong)

Yang Yongjie, 39, said that he has participated in district service since graduating from the college entrance examination. Because he was studying at Peiqiao Middle School, his classmates asked someone to replace the district councilor's assistant position in middle school, which became his first step in contact with politics.

When he first studied financial engineering in college, Yang Yongjie said that he wanted to cultivate the future pillars of the country and became a teacher in his first job. However, many middle schools abolished the independent Chinese history subject in junior high schools. He discovered that policy changes would affect people in a substantial way, so he decided to participate. The constituency members have devoted themselves to politics, hoping to improve the quality of life of the citizens.

Serving as a district councillor for many years, this is the first time he has run for the Legislative Council election. Yang Yongjie uses "reform district administration and work hard for the people" as his political net.

He said that he had worked in the district council for more than ten years and felt helpless from time to time. "Many times the Legislative Council and the laws do not change, and it is useless for the district members to pierce their throats."

Yang Yongjie threatened to join the Legislative Council to promote legal reforms in order to promote district administration reforms.

A former member of the Lok Fu district for many years, Chen Wei-kun (left), who also belongs to the Kowloon Association of Societies, also helped canvass votes.

(Photo by Li Zetong)

If head-to-head with Li Huiqiong is like a "political idiot"

Compared with the other two candidates, Yang Yongjie believes that Li Huiqiong has the best reputation in Hong Kong. He is both the chairman of the DAB and the chairman of the House Committee of the Legislative Council. He is a very good talent. Although Tan Xiangwen claims to be "the goddess of democracy," With the aura of democracy, coupled with the past democratic establishment of the "June 4th" vote, he said that he was relatively weak among the three, but he still had a chance to win.

Yang Yongjie did not hesitate to say that his imaginary enemy is Tan Xiangwen, and if he dared to face Li Huiqiong head-to-head with a smile, it would be tantamount to a "political idiot."

He claims that he is more close to the land than Tan Xiangwen. He has been in contact with public housing areas and private housing areas for more than 10 years as a district councilor, and he believes that he is closer to the times. Individuals in politics must know where to advance and retreat. "If you are out of touch, you must be out of touch." It emphasizes that in the new era, it is no longer a blue-yellow problem, but the whole world wants to start again, so it is best to be led by a new person.

According to the official profile of the candidate, Yang Yongjie stated that he would "strive to build the second seat of strength."

Yang Yongjie said that he was supported by many people in the district, not only in Kowloon City, but also as far as Kwun Tong and Yau Tsim Mong.

During the visit, Chen Wei-kun, who had been a member of the Lok Fu district for many years and was also a member of the Kowloon Federation of Societies, also helped canvass votes. In the publicity for the election, there was also Legislative Council Member Xie Weijun who expressed his support.

Yang Yongjie emphasized that the housing problem in Central Kowloon is serious. He believes that the government should step up efforts to rebuild, so that sub-divided households have the opportunity to "go upstairs" at their discretion.

(Photo by Li Zetong)

Refers to the Legislative Council needs to find a way to solve the people’s hardship

Yang Yongjie said that he had wanted to run in the election in the past, and because of the overall situation, he gave up in order to avoid affecting the establishment of the election. However, after the election system was improved, there were more opportunities for him to speak for the people. Even if he may not be elected, he hopes to promote himself through the election. Philosophy, policy recommendations, and promote problem solving.

He mentioned that the housing problem in Central Kowloon is serious. There are many sub-divided houses in the area. However, it will take a long time for Lantau and the northern metropolitan area tomorrow. It is necessary to consider more measures for the people who are waiting to go upstairs.

Yang said that there are many acquisitions and redevelopment plans in Kowloon City, but many old buildings in the "13th Street" and Shuangfeng Street have not made much progress due to the scattered ownership. He believes that the government should increase efforts to rebuild. The tenants have the opportunity to "go upstairs" at their discretion.

In addition, Yang Wing Kit proposed to study the reconstruction of village houses in the New Territories. For example, the government purchased a group of village houses in the New Territories at 30% off the market price, built 30-storey public housing or sold subsidized housing.

He also proposed to amend the legislation to lower the threshold for incorporation, so that residents of large housing estates can easily form an incorporation without having to use their hands in a management company controlled by the developer.

In terms of traffic, Yang Yongjie said that the problem of traffic congestion in Kowloon Central is serious. He supports increasing the fines for "beef jerky" before the supply of parking spaces increases to eliminate parking problems.

For example, he pointed out that in some new housing estates in Kai Tak, the monthly rent for parking spaces was $7,000, and he asked the car owners why they would not take the risk to illegally park.

Yang Yongjie hopes that society, like him, will give opportunities to young people arrested in social incidents.

(Photo by Li Zetong)

Call for opportunities for those arrested in social incidents

Yang Yongjie, a former teacher, expressed more concern for young people. He mentioned that a neighbour had shared with him that he believed that people who were arrested due to social incidents should be given "a chance."

He pointed out, "You don’t have a chance to do’s meaningless, it’s tens of thousands of people. If you want 10,000 people to spend it in the prison, even if you spend it in the prison afterwards. , It may not be true.” He believes that students need to be given opportunities to make mistakes, and hopes that society will treat others as well.

Information about candidates for the Legislative Council election can be found on

the 2021 Legislative Council Election website of "Hong Kong 01"


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