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Weekly Horoscope: November 28 to December 4, 2021 - Walla! Wind and horoscope


After the week in which our energy changed when the sun and Mercury moved to Sagittarius, this week the level of these two continues to rise - and even brings with it intense and frenetic moments

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Weekly Horoscope: November 28 to December 4, 2021

After the week in which our energy changed when the sun and Mercury moved to Sagittarius, this week the level of these two continues to rise - and even brings with it intense and frenetic moments


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Yair Tribalsky

Sunday, 28 November 2021, 00:04 Updated: 00:14

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Significant processes in the sky this week:

1. Convergence between the Sun and Mercury, the star of communication, in Sagittarius.

2. An angle of tension between Mercury, the media star, and the frenetic Uranus.

3. Angle of tension between the Sun and the frenetic Uranus.

The positive angle of the week -

this is the proximity between the sun and Mercury, our media star, in Sagittarius.

This closeness allows us to quickly express what we feel or need, so communication should be easier, more direct and more reliable.

This is a good time to talk, share and share what is really going through our hearts with those around us or who we want to bring closer to us, speak honestly and courageously, and allow words to work with us - and for us.

What you see is what you say, and what you say - that's what it is: these are the key phrases of this closeness.

Who will mainly be affected by it?

Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus.

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This is a good time to talk, share and share what's really going through our hearts (Photo: ShutterStock, bbernard)

What else awaits us this week?

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This week's communication -

very tense in principle: Mercury, our communication star, creates an angle of tension with the frenetic Uranus star, an element that does not really contribute to our communication, to say the least. The effect of this short angle - something like two and a half days or so - is not easy: it brings with it mostly tensions in human communication for no apparent reason, short in communication, unnecessary arguments and sudden angers resulting from frustration due to lack of real communication despite our attempt to bridge gaps and translate the What we go through with the people closest to us.

Perhaps this is why it is important this week to avoid disagreements as much as possible, which lead to aggressive arguments and even high tones, because this week it can easily cause us to sever ties that are important to us - and these will be difficult to bring back when that angle fades later. This is a great time for quick flashes, quick insights, solutions to out-of-the-box thinking problems and creative and brilliant ideas.

Who will be most affected by this angle? Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio.

The hard angle of the week -

this is the angle of tension between the sun, our energetic focus, and the frenetic planet Uranus. This angle can provoke sudden storms and dramas, power struggles over principles and at its peak also a desire to leave contact or dialogue and break up, or at least take a break to allow these tensions to dissipate. The angle of tension between the sun and Uranus is not an angle that is easy to disassemble and neutralize: it must dissipate. Since the sun also represents our physical body, this is a great week to renew your gym registration or sign up at all, and allow your body to do several types of activities - walking, swimming, running, cycling, etc. - to relieve those stresses.

A second option is to simply talk, share, share and clean up sediments that we have accumulated in our stomachs for a long time - even if they are not pleasant to hear: this accumulation can lead to an outburst and drama later on if it is not drained and released, which is a shame.

On the other hand, such an angle could bring with it a bonus in the form of a powerful breakthrough we had not dared to do before - such as moving to another job, resigning, starting a diet, some workshop or a trip we had long wanted - and allowing the sun to enter a new direction.

Who in particular might be affected by the angle?

Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Taurus zodiac signs.

This is a great week to renew your gym registration (Photo: ShutterStock)

Weekly forecast:


(Photo: ShutterStock)

Mars, your lucky ruler, is still in our powerful Scorpio and our Aries is constantly on guard, in a combative mood.

It is worthwhile to lower the tensions if possible, because soon March will move to Sagittarius and it will be possible to release everything.


(Photo: ShutterStock)

Venus, the control of your luck, continues to move quietly in the introverted and tough Capricorn - and it seems that the world is not really making life easy for you now but requires you to specialize, work hard and bring receipts and results.

You mostly need quiet but towards the end of the week tensions start.


(Photo: ShutterStock)

Mercury, your lucky ruler, stays in the open and optimistic Sagittarius and enters an angle of tension with the frenetic Uranus.

It is very important to be careful now on the roads and on the roads - and with your words, which means both to drive carefully and to avoid quarrels and conflicts that may develop and cause you to sever ties.

Show restraint - and patience.


(Photo: ShutterStock)

The emotional Venus continues to move in Capricorn opposite and bring to your relationships a little more warmth, rejuvenation, relaxation and a sense of togetherness.

This is a good time to open your heart and despite the difficulty and heaviness - go with things to the end, crabs.

A great week for some wonderful moments of togetherness.


(Photo: ShutterStock)

This week may be particularly tense for you, Lions: An angle of tension created by the sun with the frenetic Uranus star causes nervousness and restlessness on a daily basis, and a nervous lion is an unpleasant lion, for the environment and itself ... Let the body talk and let it move, do sports, dribble, walk , Make love and clean the system ... it will make it easier and calmer.


(Photo: ShutterStock)

The Sun and Mercury in Sagittarius now emphasize more than anything else the home and family as your natural scene of action for this period, and family relationships as a place where you should make the real upgrade: talk about everything, without cynicism and criticism.


(Photo: ShutterStock)

Venus, your lucky control, continues to move heavily but confidently, bringing with it the need to plant your feet in more stable ground, even if it is less emotional and happy, balance sheets.

This is a time to leave your dreams for a moment and stick to the facts, both alone and in a relationship.

A good time to establish relationships that it is time to establish.


(Photo: ShutterStock)

The Sun and Mercury have already retired from your zodiac sign and left all Scorpio at the mercy of Mars at the end.

March brings with it a sea of ​​energy, action, joy and assertiveness, sometimes even aggressive, that deals with liberation and execution and establishing facts on the ground - and not just talk.

Time to run ahead of action plans before Mars himself gets tired and moves on.


(Photo: ShutterStock)

Surprise parties for archers seem to be more fun than ever, when the weather is still not cold and no longer hot and this is a wonderful time for nature parties, parties and any home event when everyone is jumping in the air!

But this week you should beware of disconnections, misunderstandings and shortcomings in the media.

Other than that - just celebrate.


(Photo: ShutterStock)

The emotional Venus is still in your luck and helps these serious heavy clothes to open the armor a little, touch where the heart is, and make sure not only is it there - it is also open to love ... a great time to let this word seep in beneath cynicism and skepticism, and make you understand and believe That you do indeed deserve it, whether in the present relationship, and whether it has exhausted itself - then in the next relationship.


(Photo: ShutterStock)

Uranus, your lucky ruler, is quite dominant in the sky this week, an element that makes you more nervous and restless than ever.

The angles of tension he creates with the sun and Mercury do not make life easy for you, and it is important that you beware this week of manipulations, intrigues, power games and ego - and an emotional swing that does not increase your sense of stability.

Focus on the facts, do not break ties and wait for next week.


(Photo: ShutterStock)

Your ability to take matters into your own hands, roll up your sleeves and demonstrate control and ambitious realization is especially strong now that both Mercury and the Sun are equal in your career home.

This is a good time to take down fears and barriers, jump to the center of the stage - any stage where you have something to offer - and start establishing facts on the ground.


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