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01 News | "Customs clearance" extended to late December, the Hong Kong government strives for more than 1,000 places


[Customs clearance / New crown pneumonia / Omicron / Variant virus / Health code / Travel with peace of mind] It was rumored that the quarantine-free "small customs clearance" that will be implemented in early December has undergone minor changes, and the small customs clearance may be postponed until late December.

[Customs clearance / New crown pneumonia / Omicron / Variant virus / Health code / Travel with peace of mind] It was rumored that the quarantine-free "small customs clearance" that will be implemented in early December has undergone minor changes, and the small customs clearance may be delayed until late December.

However, Beijing and the Hong Kong government have unanimously agreed on the issue of the Hong Kong Health Code. At present, the Hong Kong government is working hard to negotiate the remaining projects. First of all, the daily quota is more than 1,000. It is hoped that the original Hong Kong government's proposal of 5,000 to 6,000 can be maintained. indivual.

The implementation date should be implemented before Christmas or New Year's Eve, and we are committed to giving the people of Hong Kong the best gift.

As for the circuit breaker mechanism, both the mainland authorities and the Hong Kong government are currently saying that if a local diagnosis is used, customs clearance will be suspended. The conditions are too "spicy." As for the asking price, there is still no consensus, and the relevant mechanism still needs to be determined.

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The specific date must be reviewed by Beijing

A group of mainland experts visited Hong Kong last week and showed that they are satisfied with the various epidemic prevention arrangements of the Hong Kong government.

Chief Secretary for Administration Li Jiachao led a number of officials to Shenzhen last Thursday (25th) to hold a second matchmaking meeting with experts from the Mainland Health Commission. After returning to Hong Kong, he publicly stated that the Mainland experts confirmed that Hong Kong has the conditions for customs clearance. "Small Customs Clearance" only has the remaining specific technical arrangements, including the announcement of the real-name "Hong Kong Health Code" by the Innovation and Technology Bureau, and the docking of the Hong Kong Health Code with "Travel with Peace" and other details.

It is understood that the authorities are drafting a specific customs clearance plan, and the implementation date must be submitted to Beijing for deliberation. Therefore, the possibility of customs clearance in early December is pessimistic.

Why the "slightly" postponement is estimated to involve different reasons

According to reporters from "Hong Kong 01" interviewed by people from different sectors, the delay to late December may involve a number of different reasons.

The first is the upcoming Legislative Council election. Ballot boxes will be set up at three ports of entry and exit for Hong Kong residents from the Mainland to go to the port polling station for "closed-loop voting". After voting, they will return to the Mainland without quarantine.

The Legislative Council election day is December 19. If the "small customs clearance" is implemented at the beginning of next month, tens of thousands of Hong Kong people may appear at the port on the 19th while "going south" at the port, and they will encounter more than a thousand "going north". For Hong Kong people with a small number of customs clearance, once there is a cross risk, the consequences will be uncontrollable.


The government stipulates that starting from the 9th of next month, all restaurants and listed premises must be scanned for safe travel for records, and the "Hong Kong Health Code" will also be linked to safe travel information.

At present, the most difficult problem is the circuit breaker mechanism and the initial daily quota for small customs clearance. The Hong Kong government strives not to break the circuit once the source is unknown, and the daily quota exceeds 1,000.

Another source revealed that the mainland authorities have not made any characterizations on the new variant virus Omicron, and believe that the existing epidemic disease is still sufficient to deal with various variant viruses, so the Omicron virus is not the main cause.

As for other doubts, it is because the HKCO code needs to "save enough" 14-day whereabouts records before it can take effect. However, the HKCO code has not been launched, so customs clearance cannot be implemented in the first half of next month. However, the source does not agree with this view, because Once the Kangkang Code and Anxin Travel are connected, this problem will be solved.

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Tian Beichen: Guangdong Province is tightening the fuse mechanism

The former New Territories West Member of the Legislative Council, Tian Beichen, who has been closely tracking customs clearance news, said that as far as he knows, Guangdong Province has a tight fuse mechanism and hopes that the customs clearance arrangements will be the same as in Macau, that is, if there is a case of unknown origin, customs clearance without inspection will be suspended.

However, the Hong Kong government hopes to strive for more space. The central government also thinks that it is too easy to fuse if it is limited to one case. However, since customs clearance most affects Guangdong, there is still no consensus.

The variant virus Omicron is spreading around the world. Tian Beichen believes that its impact on customs clearance is increasing because crew members are currently exempted from quarantine arrangements, and Europe has begun to explode the Omicron epidemic, which poses a dilemma for Hong Kong. Degree, (if) all end up (eventually) will not fly to Hong Kong, there will be no goods to Hong Kong; if the exemption continues, the above point is assured? The mainland is currently tight!" He described the customs clearance time as becoming more and more unpredictable, "December (Clearance) There are five or five waves, and I am more confident before the Chinese New Year."

Shi Ronghuai: "Neck is long when I look at it" for clearance

Shi Ronghuai, the permanent honorary chairman of the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association, said that Hong Kong companies that have business in the Mainland will soon manage their business for two years. Their expectations for customs clearance are described as "long necks when you look at them" and "looking through the autumn water". The faster the customs clearance time. The better, because it is always better to inspect the operation of the machine on the spot, and to do business face-to-face with customers, there is less separation, and it is necessary to go to the bank to handle business regularly. Therefore, some businessmen prefer to go to the mainland to accept a long isolation period.

Regarding the Omicron virus, he believes that the Hong Kong government has introduced more stringent anti-epidemic measures, and hopes to control the epidemic in Hong Kong and the Mainland. I believe the governments of the two places also hope to clear customs as soon as possible.

Tian Beichen has already participated in the direct elections in the Northwest New Territories. His opponents in the same district include Zhou Haoding and Huang Junlang.

For the list of candidates from all sectors in the Legislative Council election,

click here to refer to the "Hong Kong 01" election website.

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Customs clearance | Tian Beichen expects that the personnel exemption from the shutdown team before the Lunar New Year, the fuse mechanism has not reached a consensus to clear customs | Mainland experts comment that Hong Kong has customs clearance conditions. The Hong Kong version of the health code will be available for trial next month. 01 News | Satisfactory Customs Clearance|The mainland expert group has concluded a four-day inspection and discussed the "Guangzhou Kangkang Code" and the Yuekang Code to pass the customs clearance. News: Thursday’s matchmaking meeting mainly discusses technical issues and is expected to be finalized after the meeting

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