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Interview ︱ Pan Zhuohong, the whistleblower on the central line of Shah: I am the conscience faction who scolds Lam Cheng for picking up contradictions and not worthy of being the chief executive


After the restructuring of the Legislative Council elections, all those regarded as "non-establishment factions" entered the regional direct elections. The "Whistleblower" of the China-Saudi Arabia Central Line incident and China Science Supervisor Pan Zhuohong are competing in the fierce battle zone on Hong Kong Island East. 3 people built

After the restructuring of the Legislative Council elections, all those regarded as "non-establishment factions" entered the regional direct elections. The "Whistleblower" of the China-Saudi Arabia Central Line incident and China Science Supervisor Pan Zhuohong are competing in the fierce battle zone on Hong Kong Island East. 3 powerful enemies of the establishment.

In an interview with "Hong Kong 01", Pan Zhuohong said that if he is elected, he will continue to speak his style. In addition to his best at infrastructure, he will pay special attention to repairing the tears after social unrest.

He describes himself as a "democratic" and "conscienceist". He will stand on the side of Hong Kong people on issues such as democracy, justice, and human rights.

He believes that there were many controversies during the legislative turmoil, and the contradictions behind it need to be resolved sooner or later before the society has a chance to start again.

He severely criticized Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, saying at the Legislative Council dinner that "those who supported the establishment of an independent investigation committee should apologize" earlier, showing that he was unwilling to lead the society forward and continue to follow the line of "preferring the left and not the right". It is paving the way for an individual to be re-elected, rather than focusing on the well-being of the people, which makes people doubt whether he is qualified to be the chief executive again.

Interview Series for Candidates of the Hong Kong Island East Constituency of the Legislative Council


Don’t think that participating in the election is equivalent to being “collected”: participation will have the opportunity to fill in the shortcomings

The first half of the interview took place at the street station. At that time, Pan Zhuohong was holding a leaflet and personally dropped off the site to deliver audio materials and greeted the neighbourhood.

He admitted that in terms of resources and campaign team volunteers, there are certainly not as many opponents, but he believes that as long as voters are willing to vote, they will have a chance of winning: "I win or not, the decision is whether everyone will vote. My purpose is very clear. All voters will be invited to "do not lie flat, vote together", whether they are my supporters or not. I want to win, and after raising the turnout rate, I will win grandiosely. I hope anyone who still has a vision for Hong Kong will not be stingy. One vote in hand."

He mentioned that the election project has started for about two to three weeks. At first, the reaction of the neighborhood was relatively cold. "Five out of ten were indifferent, and the other five had doubts in their eyes." However, the neighborhood's reaction has become more enthusiastic recently. More people will respond, are willing to receive flyers, make eye contact, or even some residents take the initiative to talk to him and express their support, thinking this is a good omen.

Non-incorporated candidates are under a lot of pressure this year. In particular, candidates must be nominated by the election committees of the five major sectors, including the "national team" of the fifth sector. If they enter the gate successfully, they may be questioned by other non-organized people. "vase".

Pan Zhuohong retorted: "I know that when some people see me running for the election, they say that I am "incorporated" or "47 people supporting the prosecution (primary election)", but that's not the case. It's like having a half glass of water in front of you, a pessimistic person. I think it is only half, and I think it has a dust that is not clear enough, so I dare not touch it. But always watching its shortcomings will not promote progress. You have to go forward and participate in studying how to make this glass of water. It has to be fuller and clearer, so that change can be promoted to make it better."

"I do not deny that the current system is not perfect, and there is room for improvement in the degree of openness, including my own process of seeking nomination. There are many difficulties in the process of (democracy) returning to the "basic steps" before the return. Article 45 and Article 68 of the Basic Law have been adopted for universal suffrage from the beginning, and they need to be improved in the future. When the Democratic Party asked my political views, I also answered the same." Pan Zhuohong said.

Interview with

Hong Kong Island East Candidates

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Poon Chiu-hung is a "whistleblower" in the rebar cutting scandal on the Shazhong line of the MTR.

(Profile picture)

Cold treatment of politics label: "Support democracy" does not require authentication by others

Recently, there have been different opinions in the political circles regarding the terms "non-organizational", "democratic" and so on. Non-organizational persons who participated in the election are not regarded as "fellows" by some democratic political parties; Zhang Zhigang, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, wrote an article describing "non-organizational". "It implies that they do not support the current system and will be DQ at any time in the future. The establishment candidates even pointed out that non-establishment candidates can be nominated, showing that they "just put too many flags in the establishment."

Pan Zhuohong stated that he is not very interested in political labeling. "Hong Kong is really too general in this regard. Why must it be black and white and say that others are "either A or B"? If I really want to say it, I will accept it. I am a "democrat" because universal values ​​such as democracy, human rights, freedom, and the rule of law are my political beliefs; I am also a "conscienceist". When I see injustices, I am a "disciple brother" who undermines Hong Kong's core values. Will criticize.” He believes that there is no so-called "exclusive agency" in the political spectrum, and whether or not it "supports democracy" does not need to be authenticated by others. It is actually quite naive to stick to a title.

▼Candidate for the Hong Kong Island East Constituency of the Legislative Council▼

To repair the tears first: the solution of 7.21, 8.31 is the prerequisite for the social re-start

Pan Zhuohong judges the current social and political atmosphere, and the main theme is still tearing: "Everyone still stands first. Lan Ying will insult me ​​and say to "pull" me, but obviously I haven't violated any law; Huang Ying just said that I was running for the election. It means embracing elections. Both positions are irrational, and thinking is dominated by positions.” Pan pointed out that after Hong Kong’s politics return to surface calm, it should think about how to mend the sources of chaos that had been planted in the past.

For this reason, Pan recently put forward 8 political platforms on social networks to repair social tears, including: (1) Conducting district council by-elections as soon as possible; (2) Including cases where the Coroner's Court failed to determine the cause of death, and serious doubts in the society In the event of an incident, an investigation committee was established to seek truth and justice; (3) Improve the prosecution and bail procedures to slow down the situation of untrial detention; (4) For young people with minor cases, use the "no record mode" to flexibly deal with them and give them rehabilitation and rehabilitation Opportunities; (5) For young people who commit minor crimes and have remorse, expand the two arrangements of "signing conservative behavior" or/and "Superintendent's warning"; (6) For adults who have committed minor crimes and have remorse People, expand the "superintendent's warning"; (7) The Chief Executive has the power to pardon or reduce the penalty given in Article 48(12) of the Basic Law.

Through the "Long Term Imprisonment Penalty Review Committee" system, a review mechanism has been set up to allow those who fully demonstrate their remorse to receive concessions.

He said that the above suggestions were not made out of thin air, and that the right to amnesty and the long-term imprisonment review committee are all things within the current legal framework. When the right time is right, doing these things is beneficial to society and helps repair tears.

He specifically mentioned that there were many controversial incidents during the legislative turmoil, especially 7.21 and 8.31. There must be a clear statement before the society is able to start again.

Denounce Lam Cheng's "apology theory" to instigate contradictions and misunderstand the core thinking of the country

However, the reality does not seem to develop as Pan Zhuohong wanted. The Hong Kong government has so far refused to conduct an independent investigation into any incident during the anti-revision period. During Lam Cheng attending the closed-door banquet of the Legislative Council at the end of last month, he reiterated the turmoil of the legislative amendment. The people of the Independent Investigation Committee should "apologize to the police force" today.

Pan Zhuohong believes that Lin Zheng’s relevant remarks indicate that he intends to be re-elected, and after political judgment, he believes that to obtain the blessing of the central government and the support of the election committee, it is necessary to "the more left the better", so he made a "political declaration": "She It was deliberately finding someone to do an archery attack, deliberately saying it to everyone, after political judgment, in order to declare that she was "left enough" and to get re-election capital, I would say this is very selfish and stupid. As the chief executive, she said It means to face all the citizens of Hong Kong. How can I say this? I really only know how to flatter."

Pan mentioned that in the "Resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on the Party’s Major Achievements and Historical Experiences in a Century of Struggle" recently adopted by the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the word "people" is mentioned the most, "putting the interests of the people first. "Ren" is also the core idea of ​​the country. Those who only know how to flatter will only bring disaster to the country and Hong Kong in the end.

He severely criticized the above remarks by Carrie Lam, showing that she did not put "people's interests" first, but paid more attention to her personal future. She did not hesitate to provoke contradictions and hinder society from starting anew, and to twist the knot of society tighter and tighter: "It will really make people I wonder if she is still eligible for re-election and continue to be our chief executive?"

Selling properties for Jiesha's midline scandal against powerful enemies

In the original Legislative Council election last year, Pan Zhuo-hung used the slogan "Take a brother" as a slogan, which meant to attack some people who betrayed the interests of Hong Kong. This year he did not emphasize this point anymore. He said that this is because the current "Kid brother" has become more and more popular. Many, no need to deliberately emphasize.

He believes that under the new political situation, there is a great disparity between the strengths and weaknesses of the political camps, and checks and balances are lost; the SAR government no longer respects the Legislative Council under the leadership of the executive;

"The system continues to sink, and I will scream out to prevent these people from destroying Hong Kong."

Pan also stated that in the future, regardless of whether he is elected or not, he will "see the government's wallet" in the area of ​​infrastructure for the people's livelihood where he is best.

He pointed out that the government used to use semi-official organizations, such as the MTR and the Airport Authority, to name infrastructure projects as financing, but in fact they evaded the supervision of the Legislative Council. As a result, there may be unclear accounts, conflicts of interest, and even opportunities. There is a situation of "sale of land at a low price," which will affect the revenue and expenditure of the warehouse.

He said that he was under pressure during the exposure of the Shazhong line scandal and used one person to fight against "giants" such as the MTR and Leighton. He had already spent more than 8 million yuan in his own pocket and spent more than $8 million on the court to read legal documents. , As part of the project was "delayed" afterwards and faced financial difficulties, it had to sell four properties on its own and pay the workers and the contractor.

"I gave up so many things for justice, to expose engineering problems and protect the safety of the people. I am bold enough to say that my conscience is higher than many people."

Candidates for direct elections to the Legislative Council on Island East include Liang Xi, Liu Tiancheng, and Wu Qiubei.

For the list of candidates from all sectors in the Legislative Council election,

please click here to refer to the "Hong Kong 01" election website.

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