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My cat urinates all over the house: what to do?


The cat is known to be a very clean animal. It is then worrying that he defecates out of his litter box. Several reasons can explain this change. Why is my cat urinating everywhere? How to prevent him from urinating in the house? And what solutions to help him ...

Accidents can happen, but if your cat repeatedly urinates outside of their litter box, it could be a symptom of a more serious condition.

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Why is my cat urinating everywhere?

If your cat starts to urinate on carpets, armchairs, bed, or your belongings, it could be a

behavioral disorder

that can have several causes.




 : The urinary tract disorder can be a symptom of an underlying health problem in your cat, such as a urinary or kidney infection.

Watch your cat and her urine.

If it has a different color or smell, or if your cat meows while urinating, contact your veterinarian.

After consultation, he will be able to establish a diagnosis and give you the appropriate treatment to relieve your cat.

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An unsuitable litter

 : if you have changed the litter, the model chosen may not be suitable or disturb your cat.

In this case, wash the litter box and change the litter to another model.

Urinary marking:

if your cat begins to urinate in small quantities vertically, this is territorial marking.

This behavior occurs in cats that are not yet sterilized.


 : the cat is an animal particularly sensitive to stress.

If their litter box is in a noisy, busy place, or doesn't feel safe there, they probably don't want to use it.


 : An older cat will tend to urinate outside of its litter box frequently.

Indeed, he may have difficulty restraining or moving to quickly reach his litter box (such as osteoarthritis).

How can I prevent my cat from urinating in the house?

There is

no need to yell or punish

your cat, this behavior will have the opposite effect on it.

Indeed, reprimanding him will increase his discomfort and therefore the cause of this uncleanliness.

There are several solutions to relearn

cleanliness to your cat

and protect your interior from your feline's urinary dirt.

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Citrus peels

Cats hate the strong smell of citrus fruits.

If your pet has developed a habit of urinating in a certain area of ​​the house, place a few orange or lemon peels.

The strong smell of citrus fruits will prevent your cat from returning.



Black pepper is a natural cat repellant.

Spread peppercorns in places where your cat has developed a bad habit of urinating.

A few grains are enough to keep your feline away.

However, the effect is very short lived.

The mustard

Like pepper, mustard naturally repels cats.

Dilute mustard in water and sprinkle the places where your cat has acquired the habit of urinating or that you want to protect.

What solutions

to help my cat return to its litter box?

There are simple and effective solutions to help your cat get back to good habits.

The litter box in the right place

So that your cat can perform its needs in its litter box, it must be placed in a

quiet place and away from high traffic areas.

Your cat should feel safe and on his territory.

To help your cat feel comfortable, you can set up a closed toilet house with a door (a closed litter box).

Indeed, some cats are much more comfortable with the swing door system that must be pushed to enter.

Finally, the litter box should be a good distance from where it eats and sleeps.

A litter box near the food corner would mean running the risk of


your cat's food and water.

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Regularly clean the litter box

The litter box must be the object of

impeccable hygiene


It is recommended to clean it several times a week.

Cats like to defecate in clean places.

Additionally, to reduce urine odors, you can use a natural deodorant like baking soda.

This product is very effective in disinfecting, descaling and absorbing bad odors.

Sterilize your cat

This urinary behavior problem is common in unsterilized cats.

Indeed, these cats perform sexual urinary markings.

In this case, sterilization remains the best solution.

This procedure will cause hormones to decrease, which will stop the urge to urinate.

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Natural pheromones in spray or diffuser

The purpose of pheromones is to help your cat to feel good thanks to their endogenous odors.

This diffusion will soothe your cat, which can help him reconnect with his good urinary habits.

You can diffuse pheromones in several places around the house.

This solution can be found in a spray or in a diffuser at your veterinarian or in specialized stores.

Reward your cat

Finally, if your cat urinates in their litter box, reward them with a little cat treat and a token of affection (pet, hug, brush, etc.).

He will appreciate and want to repeat the experience.

Adopting an animal commits you, it's a decision that you will have to think carefully.

Do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian or the nearest shelter to you before starting.

They will be able to give you advice on which cat breed is best for you.

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