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Say goodbye to lying flat, you can't just count on the school


The Secretary for Education Yang Runxiong published a blog on Sunday (28th), focusing on the Curriculum Development Council's short-term announcement of the "Values ​​Education Curriculum Framework" (trial version) for schools to adopt. He mentioned that society is full of bad ideas

The Secretary for Education Yang Runxiong published a blog on Sunday (28th), focusing on the Curriculum Development Council's short-term announcement of the "Values ​​Education Curriculum Framework" (trial version) for schools to adopt.

He mentioned that the society is full of bad ideas, one of which is "flatness doctrine." He believes that all walks of life must prescribe the medicine, strengthen value education together, and support students to establish positive thinking.

The problem is that the elimination of flatness can not only rely on instilling some value, nor can it be accomplished by the campus, but requires upward mobility and development of the society, so that students can regain the motivation to pursue their ideals and practice their aspirations.

How many young people in Hong Kong agree and practice lying flat requires a formal investigation to know, but it is certain that Yang Runxiong is worried about this.

He described lay-flatism as a "negative life mentality", "it is easy to depress, and it will suffocate the progress of society in the long run."

In addition, he also believes that indulging in online games, disinformation, and inciting hatred information has caused young people to go wrong and lose confidence in the future.

He believes that strengthening values ​​education can "support students to establish positive thinking." This requires parents and teachers to teach by precepts and deeds, and must include patriotic education.

The blog does not introduce any values ​​that can respond to Laiping. According to past teaching materials, these concepts include commitment, service, responsibility, self-cultivation, etc.

Officials need to know why they lie flat

Yang Runxiong’s worries are understandable, but he and the accountable officials should also know that many people in the Mainland, even if they practice or agree with lying flat, are still working, earning income, and not being lazy.

While lying-flat doctrine has resonated in the mainland, it has not been rejected in the local online circles. It reflects how young people are dissatisfied with the current life. Income cannot keep up with property prices.

When the income of those who lie flat is just right, they may not have a stable home, and their willingness to give birth is also reduced.

These experiences show that the social and economic system has changed. The working environment and social security of the previous generation are relatively stable, and they can move upwards. Income and job promotion can cope with increasing consumption.

However, nowadays there are many variables in work and life. People face involuntary unemployment at any time. They blindly follow the old ideas and just seek fish from the tree, which brings tremendous pressure to themselves.

When the return is not predictable, they are unwilling to endure hardships endlessly, but prefer to reduce consumption and life desires in exchange for a more autonomous life.

Lie down pictures made by netizens.

(Online picture)

A comprehensive social policy can build values

Since lay-flatism reflects the lack of deep-seated labor, buildings, and social security systems, it will not be effective to rely solely on the government to propagate positive ideas.

When the topic became popular in the mainland, many mainland media and commentators published articles advocating the guidance of values. The most famous one is "Struggle is a kind of happiness" in the "Nanfang Daily", but then it attracted more netizens to refute and it was easier. Once again criticized the distorted "996" working hour system.

It can be said that in Hong Kong, Yang Runxiong believes that the education of values ​​in the family and the classroom can eliminate lying down, which is also superficial and futile.

It can be expected that when students discover that the values ​​and virtues they learned during their childhood have changed in actual society, they will only be disappointed in the education system, or even adopt a cynical and easy way of life, failing to unite society.

The most persuasive value education is for the government to lead by example and drive all sectors to practice these values.

Specific recommendations include the government building affordable housing, regulating working hours, and reducing the initial cost of innovation and entrepreneurship; the business community should pay attention to the work-life balance of employees, and through reasonable remuneration and job security, youths have a sense of satisfaction and a sense of belonging.

Students and young people recognize that life feels stable, so they will let go of their worries, focus on work and plan their careers and lives, and look to the future to drive society forward. The director does not have to worry about lying down.

The Chief Executive and the Hong Kong Government must do a good job of "One Country, Two Systems" education and education should be of both quality to prevent students from being reduced to numbers

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