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These are the chakras we have in the body - and the way to balance them - Walla! Wind and horoscope


Our body has seven energy centers that run from the tailbone and lower abdomen to the brain. These are the main role of the chakras in our body - and the various ways to release barriers

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These are the chakras that exist in our body - and the way to balance them

Our body has seven energy centers that run from the tailbone and lower abdomen to the brain.

These are the main role of the chakras in our body - and the different ways to release barriers and balance them


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Daphne Bismuth

Monday, 29 November 2021, 11:25 Updated: 12:05

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(Photo: ShutterStock)

Chakras are the 7 main energy centers in the body. They are located along the spine of the body and work in sync and energetic balance. Each chakra integrates energetically with the other chakras and its spiritual importance increases according to its physical location in the body. Each chakra has the colors that characterize it and the light frequencies that match it.

Spiritual work with chakras An

energy block or imbalance in the chakras will affect the functioning of the body on an emotional, spiritual and physical level. It is therefore important to diagnose and balance energetic activity in the chakra in order to solve body-mind problems. The diagnosis of chakra status is made using spiritual tools such as healing, channeling and crystals. Creating an energetic balance in the chakra will also affect the other chakras and the aura.

Physical, emotional and / or spiritual blockage is treated with energy therapy combined with healing, guided imagery, crystals, shiatsu, etc. - which will lead to identification, solving a blockage in the chakra and charging it with energy. Chakra balance is actually an energetic balance in the body, with the process taking place energetically in each chakra and chakra, in order to identify blocked chakras and release a blockage and bring about the completion of an energetic lack.

Healing Chakra

Balancing Process

Energetic healing chakra

balancing process

begins with the base chakra along the chakra avenue, including the crown chakra. The balancing process is orderly and checks the energy level in all the chakras, completes the lack of energy in the chakra, changes the energy movement in the chakra and adds an energetic color to it. The reason to start with the low, basic chakra, and balance it upwards until the crown chakra lies in the connection between the chakras - which affects the personal energy and the one that flows in each chakra and between each other. The balancing process starts from the chakraThe basic accra and reaches up to the crown chakra, thus balancing each and every one - and the connection between them.

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The chakra array

(Photo: Walla !, Daphne Bismuth)

Insight and inner awareness help us progress spiritually and release energetic blockages that affect us on a daily basis.

The following is a list of the 7 main chakras in the body:

First chakra: The base-earth chakra (red color) The

first chakra located at the base of the tailbone and connected to the entire spine and associated with the adrenal gland.

The base chakra has an energetic connection to the ovaries, testicles, anus, rectum and circulatory system.

Spiritually psychologically-the chakra is responsible for how a person behaves in stressful situations, survival.

Meditation on the basic chakra will establish a connection to our essence and increase self-image, the ability to express oneself and treat behaviors.

Second Chakra: Sex-Belly-Water Chakra (Orange Color)

Located in the lower abdomen above the genitals and below the navel and is associated with the scrotal gland and the center of body movement. Along with the base chakra the chakra is responsible for the survival and realization of fertility along with expression for femininity and masculinity. The base chakra is responsible for cleaning the urinary excretory urine, sex, reproduction, circulation. Meditation on the sex chakra will strengthen self-expression without fear and enhance giving and creativity.

Third Chakra: The solar-fire plexus chakra (yellow in color)

is located in the diaphragm area and is associated with the pancreas. Its yellow color represents rationality, inner insight, honesty, inner strength as well as personality and ego. The first and second chakras push the chakra to execution power and improve the ability to combine the (first) material the (second) movement and the ability to do. Meditation on the solar plexus chakra will express inner truth, formulate ways to perform, progress in processes, strengthen self-confidence and self-control and remove fears from accepting who I am.

Fourth Chakra ChakraHeart Accra - Air (color green)

Located in the center of the chest and associated with the thymus gland that is responsible for the immune system. A balanced fourth chakra symbolizes that a person is happy in part, happy and satisfied which prevents a patient. Meditation on the heart chakra will strengthen the energy of love, moderate the feeling of giving, will help in spiritual growth.

Fifth Chakra The throat chakra (blue color)

is located in the throat and is associated with the thyroid gland. The chakra is responsible for the ability to express oneself in front of the environment, self-definition, finding the way and the ways of behavior, is also responsible for the ways of nourishment and breathing and connection to faith. Meditation on the throat chakra will strengthen verbal expression, the ability to listen to ourselves and the demands of the environment, will strengthen the faith of the person with the tradition.

Sixth Chakra Third Eye Chakra (Purple)

Located above the eyebrows and associated with the pineal gland.

The chakra is responsible for balancing logic and reason and belief, spirituality and emotion, channeling telepathy and receiving messages from parallel worlds.

Meditation on the third eye chakra will treat spiritual vision and receiving messages, will contribute to a feeling of transcendence and calm.

Seventh Chakra Crown Chakra (Purple / White Color) The

crown chakra, the seventh chakra is focused in the middle of the vertex and is associated with the pituitary gland.

Meditation on the crown chakra allows for contact with the inner self and with guides and will contribute to connection to destiny and spiritual enlightenment.

(Photo: ShutterStock)

Spiritual treatment of chakras through channeling, healing, crystals and guided imagery

In the healing processes that I have perfected over the years, I combine and turn channeling, guided imagery and healing into a powerful spiritual tool through which I reflect to the patient's consciousness my vision / experience in channeling. First I place on the chakra focal points crystal stones whose energy is integrated into healing energy and together affect the body mind-spirit in different situations for example change in moods, removal of negative energies, effect on sick states, raising the feeling of security, stability, mental strength and more. The following chakra treatment is designed to calm the patient's mind and soul, release fears and clear negative thoughts that are driving the patient.

In the base chakra I placed the tourmaline that helped her connect to herself and control her fears. In the belly chakra I placed the obsidian snoop that helped contain the change and events that were and see reality as it is. In the solar plexus chakra I placed the Rodocorsite which treated the traumas created as a result of the security situation. In The Heart Chakra I placed the rose quartz he composed for self-love. In the throat chakra I placed the Blue Lace Agate which soothed stress and fear. In the crown chakra I placed the quartz that cleared negative thoughts.

It is important to note that work on chakras begins with self-awareness and an understanding that difficulty or problem in body-mind-spirit is created long before and embedded in aura and chakras. Therapy to release the blockage / imbalance combines holistic spiritual tools such as touch therapies, shiatsu, reflexology, acupuncture, healing and crystals that lead to the balance of chakra activity.

The energetic balancing processes of the chakras I deal with: the

process of synchronizing life

The "Synchronization of Life" series of treatments is based on a structured and proven model that is a tool for counseling, guidance and balance on various issues in daily life.

Life Restoration (Restoration of Incarnations)

Life Restoration is a unique series of treatments that help address the difficulties we experience in the present in various areas: relationships, careers, anxieties and fears, addictions and more. The goals of the process are to connect to previous incarnations in order to release karmic energy that blocks and creates difficulties and sediments in life, energy transformation release and correction of experience from a previous incarnation.

The Chakra Code The

process of the Chakras Code is an orderly energetic balancing process that focuses on balancing the chakras in the body. The base chakra with another chakra.

All of the above refers only to spiritual and energetic aspects that provide an additional tier of my views on the sick and is not a substitute for professional care.

Want to balance energy?

Feeling blocked?

I highly recommend trying a process of balancing chills.

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