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Weather forecast: 20 centimeters of fresh snow - bitter DWD warning of a dangerous combination


Cold polar air and storm lows swirl the weather in Germany strongly. The German Weather Service warns that snow is the order of the day, short and strong.

Cold polar air and storm lows swirl the weather in Germany strongly.

The German Weather Service warns that snow is the order of the day, short and strong.

Munich - The weather in the first week of Advent will be exciting.

The weather changes.

A new storm low over the Atlantic called "Christian" is approaching.

The low from the northwest is small, but powerful!

In this constellation, the air from the relatively warm Atlantic creates intense turbulence, especially when it meets cold polar air.

Weather in Germany: Storm low "Christian" on Tuesday brings heavy snowfall

The German Weather Service (DWD) expects snow also in lower altitudes in the night of Tuesday (November 30th).

There are also heavy gusts of wind - in the higher altitudes even gusts of wind.

In the mountains in the west and in the low mountain ranges, snow drifts are possible, in the foothills of the Alps sometimes strong snow drifts.

In the south it starts with the sometimes heavy snowfalls.

After midnight, according to the DWD forecast, snow above 300 meters can be expected in the central regions from the Eifel and Saarland via Hesse to Lusatia.

DWD warns of up to 20 centimeters of fresh snow

Up to 10 centimeters of fresh snow can come together within 6 to 12 hours in higher elevations in the central, eastern and southern low mountain ranges and in the Alps.

"Exposed amounts of new snow over 15 or even 20 cm are possible," said the DWD in its weather forecast (as of November 29, 11 am).

Up to 100 km / h - DWD expects the first winter storm on Tuesday

The DWD weather experts warn of sometimes severe storms (Bft 10, around 100 km / h) and hurricane gusts (130 km / h) on exposed mountains and in the Bavarian Forest. Otherwise stormy gusts of up to 75 km / h from the southwest, in the low mountain ranges and in the foothills of the Alps, storm gusts of up to 90 km / h. Snowfall and storm are a dangerous combination - it almost sounds like a blizzard. According to the DWD, extreme snowstorms are rare in this country. Be careful on the streets on Tuesday!

Snow and sleet turn into rain in the early hours of Tuesday (November 30th) in the west.

It gets milder in the course of the day and the snowfall line rises to over 1000 meters.

The white splendor simply thaws away in most regions.

Different in the south: Especially in Bavaria, snowfall and winter slippery can often be expected all Tuesday.

There is also a risk of black ice from freezing over moisture.


Blizzard is the name for a strong snow storm in North America, according to the weather and climate dictionary of the German Weather Service (DWD).

Due to its strength, a blizzard temporarily paralyzes public life in large parts of the affected region.

The term is now used in other parts of the world as well.

According to the US weather service NOAA, the

following conditions

must be met for

at least

three hours

for a



- Wind speeds of at least 56.3 km / h

- Visibility caused by heavy snowfall or blowing snow (sweeping snow / drifting snow) is less than 400 meters.

According to the DWD, weather conditions that can cause a blizzard are rarely found in Central Europe.

The reason: the storms mostly move to us across the Atlantic, the water of which is warm.

Winter storms usually bring rain as precipitation.

Nevertheless, strong snowstorms can occur in Germany, admits the DWD.

In the winter of 1978/1979 two heavy snowstorms struck Germany.

The first paralyzed parts of Germany on December 28, 1978, the second followed in mid-February 1979.


Winter weather in Germany: Snowstorms with wind peaks of up to 120 km / h in the mountains are the order of the day.

© Michael Bihlmayer / imago

Weather forecast in Germany - severe weather forecast for Wednesday

By the way, the next storm will come on Wednesday (probably “Daniel”).

It moves eastwards from the North Sea via Denmark and brings gusts of wind especially to the north of Germany.

So it remains rather mild, rainy and stormy.

Continuous rain or thaw in the Black Forest, in the Allgäu and in the Bavarian Forest are to be expected on Wednesday: Up to 70 liters per square meter - severe weather (!) - especially in the black forest dammed areas.

Snow fans have to be brave.

Even if after the thaw on Tuesday the temperatures slide back into the basement.

"Snow is also available on the second Advent until 400 to 500 meters," said meteorologist Dominik Jung von


"Again and again, the weather models expect

permafrost down to the top

in the next 7 to 10 days, but that is always pushed back." This is how it will continue in the coming days, according to Wetterfrosch Jung



Tuesday (November 30th 2021)

1 to 8 degrees, a lot of clouds, stormy, precipitation from the northwest, first as snow, then on the back of the low as rain, in the middle and in the south temporarily a lot of snow

Wednesday (December 1st, 2021)

6 to 10 degrees, thaw in the highlands and very stormy, in the west and northwest 90 to 100 km / h possible!

Thursday (December 2nd, 2021)

1 to 5 degrees, colder again and snow showers at high altitudes, below 300 to 400 m mostly rain or sleet

Friday (December 3, 2021)

1 to 4 degrees, mixed, showers, sleet or snow

Saturday (December 4th 2021)

3 to 6 degrees, below mostly rain showers, from 400 m snow showers

Sunday (December 5, 2021)

1 to 4 degrees, changeable and repeatedly short showers, snow in the mountains, otherwise mostly rain or sleet

Are we facing a cold winter?

In any case, meteorologists are sure that it will be a La Nina (La Niña) winter this year - with a lot of rain and snow.

Read here whether the weather phenomenon has consequences for winter in Germany.


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