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Amazon's Best Cyber ​​Monday Deals You Can Still Take Advantage of


Don't miss out on Cyber ​​Monday. These are the best discounts that you will find in Amazon United States and Mexico.

Cyber ​​Monday came to Amazon.

After seven days and hundreds of jaw-dropping deals, the retailer is offering one last chance to save big on some of the most sought-after items.

Today's final deluge of sales ranges from the best technology to household essentials and everything in between.

Buy soon or risk items out of stock.

It's your last chance to take advantage of the best savings and deals of the year.

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Home and health

Himalayan salt lamps (

MX $ 299 / 

USD $ 26.99;

on Amazon)

This wellness product is created from pink salt crystals that are native to areas near the Himalayas.

When it comes to lamps, pink salt is believed to release negative ions into your space, which could get rid of dust particles that can affect your health, thereby purifying your space and helping the air quality in your home.

Nespresso Vertuo Espresso Machines (

 MX $ 3,802 / 

 USD $ 164)

Upgrade your morning cup of coffee with a new Nespresso now with a range of models that are currently specially priced.

iRobot Roomba i6 (

 MX $ 8,499 / 

 USD $ 749)

This Roomba has hardcore suction;

it is ideal for pet owners, thanks to a filter that traps 99% of allergens;

has voice assistant functionality;

and it even empties.

Shower curtain 'The Starry Night' by Van Gogh 


USD $ 17.99

MX $ 369


It is made of polyester and includes 12 plastic hooks.

It's an easy curtain to machine wash cold or in a laundry mesh bag.

Tiesta Tea brand tea infuser 


USD $ 24.95 

MX $ 380


Preparing your tea has never been easier: drink your tea and add hot water.

It is microwave and dishwasher safe.

R2D2 French Press Coffee Maker (

 MX $ 1,200 / 

 USD $ 49.99)

Ideal for those geeks fans of Star Wars, this French press in the shape of R2D2 will allow you to prepare a liter of coffee

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter (

 MX $ 331 / 

 USD $ 16.99)

This beverage cooler is ideal for iced coffees, wine and juice to bring them from room temperature to cold in seconds.

There are no chemicals involved either - all the magic is courtesy of old H2O.

Long Life Beverage Cooler

 MX $ 493 / 

 USD $ 19.98

This beverage cooler is ideal for iced coffees, wine and juice to bring them from room temperature to cold in seconds.

There are no chemicals involved either - all the magic is courtesy of old H2O.

Hum Colgate smart toothbrush kit

 MX $ 834 / 

USD $ 46.11

The smart brush guides you to brush better.

You can customize the vibration level that suits you best if you have sensitive teeth.

It has a timer, it can be connected via Bluetooth and you can do the smart reorder through Amazon Alexa to notify you when you need to change the toothbrush head.

Vitamix Blenders (

 MX $ 7,499 / 

 USD $ 429)

Mix things up with a new Vitamix blender, on sale just in time for all your holiday cooking needs.

These powerful models can do everything from pulverizing fruits and vegetables to smoothies.

Duracell Optimum AA Batteries 28-pack (

 MX $ 491 / 

 USD $ 19.49)

It's time to stock up on batteries for your home or office with this 28 AA battery pack.

You can also find packs of four, six, eight, and 12.

Pack of three boxes of Cappuccino Dolce Gusto (

MX $ 417 /

USD $ 29.99)

It's hot drink season, so why not grab some of your favorites for sale?

Get up to 45% off teas, coffee blends, hot chocolate packets.

Technology and electronics

Nintendo Switch Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Bundle 

MX $ 7,499 / 

USD $ 435

The usual Nintendo Switch Cyber ​​Monday bundle is back, but with even more free stuff.

In addition to getting you 'Mario Kart 8 Deluxe', a great kart racer that almost every Switch owner should have, this bundle also includes three months of Nintendo Switch Online.

That will allow you to play online games from the start, while giving you access to cloud saves and a sizable library of NES and SNES classics, including 'The Legend of Zelda' and 'Super Mario World'.

Oculus Quest 2 (

MX $ 7,922 / 

USD $ 299)

Not only is the Oculus Quest 2 a great VR headset, it's also one of our favorite gaming rigs overall and works as a great way to exercise.

Oculus Quest 2 lets you access tons of immersive games, training experiences, and entertainment apps.

Echo Buds second generation 

MX $ 2,099

with 28% discount

With Alexa built in, thanks to this second-generation, high-tech set of headphones.

The clarity of the voice is also one of the best.

Yootech Wireless Charger Buy it on Amazon: 

MX $ 1,055 and 

USD $ 12.99

While you may not be giving away a phone this season, why not give away wireless charging?

This Yootech circular charging pad not only has a cool design with a pop of color, it is also compatible with the Qi standard for wireless charging and can deliver power up to 10 watts.

Apple AirTag Buy it on Amazon: 

MX $ 749 / 

USD $ 27.55

If the person you're shopping for (or you!) Is constantly losing things and uses an iPhone, an AirTag could be the perfect gift.

Not only do these pair easily with your Apple devices, but they'll let you track things in a jiffy.

The newer iPhones will even make finding things fun with AR instructions.

Sony WF-100XM4 Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones 


MX $ 5,994 / 

USD $ 248)

The Sony WF-1000XM4 was capable of blocking out even the most stubborn noises, with 11 different noise cancellation modes, one of which we found was capable of shutting out the world completely.

They also had the longest run time of all the headphones we tested, which means you'll charge them less.

Kindle Oasis (

MX $ 5,649 / 

USD $ 269)

We came back to it again and again in our tests due to its comfortable hand feel, well-placed page turn buttons, and multiple brightness and color temperature settings that allow us to easily read at different settings.

Check out our evaluation of the best e-readers here.

Samsung The Frame 4K UHD (

MX $ 24,999 / 

USD $ 447)

This TV looks like a work of art when it's not broadcasting, and when it's broadcasting, it does so beautifully.

Think: a quantum processor that uses AI for excellent 4K display and a vibrant QLED display.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro (

MX $ 3,372 / 

USD $ 148)

Named our best wireless headphones for Android users (and the best wireless headphones for calls), these headphones offer a ton of great software features that allow Android users to adjust the audio and customize the controls, and offer noise cancellation. very solid.

TCL 65-inch 4K Roku Smart TV (

MX $ 17,999 / 


Our selection of the best smart TV is officially on sale.

The TCL 6 series features Dolby Vision HDR, with high clarity and contrast for sharp image quality.

QLED technology also offers a broader spectrum of color with higher brightness.

Fitbit Inspire 2 


MX $ 1,608 / 

USD $ 83)

The device (which happens to be our favorite fitness tracker) has a full 10 days of battery life and is designed to track your steps, distance, sleep, hourly activity, and calories burned, as well as monitoring your heart rate.

Plus, it lets you receive call, text, calendar and smartphone app notifications right on your wrist.

GoPro Hero 10 Black 


MX $ 10,780 / 

USD $ 499)

The newest version of the GoPro action camera, a waterproof camera that you will need to accompany you on every trip and during your extreme activities.

Right now it has its lowest price on Amazon.

If you want to know more about her, we invite you to read the interview we did with the company's CEO, Nick Woodman.

Samsung Z Flip 3 


MX $ 23,241 / 

USD $ 849)

Samsung's foldable phone is also part of Amazon's Black Friday specials.

Read more about the device in our review.

Vizio 5.1 Surround Sound System (

MX $ 4,509 / 

USD $ 169)

Vizio has long been known for audio that is high-quality yet affordable, and this 5.1 system is a good example.

This system consists of a 36-inch sound bar, two rear speakers, and a subwoofer.

It's a setup that delivers a very powerful punch, which we can personally attest to by using the one in our living room.

You'll get a complete home theater setup, and if you don't need the rear or a woofer, you can still use the soundbar on its own.

Soundbar Sony Z9F (

MX $ 11,499 / 

USD $ 798)

At the higher end of Sony's offerings is the Z9F soundbar and wireless woofer, which aims to spatially mix audio.

There are three main speakers on the bar itself, left, right, and center, which eject sound in a way that makes it appear to flow around you.

Sony's Z9F supports Dolby Atmos, Hi-Res Audio, and DTS: X, along with a host of smart interfaces like Amazon's Alexa, Google Assistant, and Chromecast.

Video games for Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox

Ring Fit Adventure (

 USD $ 79.95 / 

 MX $ 1,799)

Nintendo's popular exercise game just hit its lowest price yet, so it's a good time to see what all the fuss is about.

Ring Fit Adventure is essentially an immersive role-playing game that you play with your whole body, as you'll use the included Ring-Con and Leg Strap to defeat enemies by performing various exercises.

If you are looking for a fun way to break a sweat, this is it.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit (

 USD $ 81.82 / 

 MX $ 1,969)

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is an augmented reality game that essentially turns your living room into a playable Mario Kart field.

You'll drive a remote-controlled car around your house, which comes to life on your Switch screen as an interactive track complete with enemies, dangers, and all the fun chaos that comes with a great Mario Kart race.

It's a very fun mix of digital and physical gaming, and it's available at its lowest price right now.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (

 USD $ 62 / 

 MX $ 999)

If somehow you haven't played Breath of the Wild yet, now you have one less excuse.

Largely considered the best Switch game out there, Breath of the Wild reinvents the Zelda formula by launching Link into a magnificent and expansive open world that you can explore however you see fit.

It's a no-brainer at this price.

Super Mario Maker 2 (

 USD $ 39.99 / 

 MX $ 999)

Why settle for playing a Mario game when you can make your own?

Super Mario Maker 2 makes it easy to create the Mario worlds of your dreams, as well as play an almost endless stream of creative, charming, and fun levels created by other players.

There's even a story mode for those who want a more classic Mario experience that also teaches you some building basics.

It's one of our favorite Switch games, and it's worth it at this price.

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition (

 USD $ 48 / 

 MX $ 1,235)

Looking for a game that you can immerse yourself in for serious hours?

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition finally brings Nintendo's beloved RPG game to Switch with improved visuals, new music, and a variety of quality of life improvements.

If you want to wield a giant sword, engage in fun real-time combat, and explore some truly beautiful environments, this is the one for you.

Splatoon 2 (

 USD $ 41.99 / 

 MX $ 1,392)

Splatoon 2 is a great introduction to the shooter genre that has teams of squid-like kids fighting to cover the sand (and each other) in colorful ink.

But don't be fooled, just because Splatoon 2 is kid-friendly doesn't mean it's not highly competitive, as you'll need good reflexes and strategy to get to the top.

With Splatoon 3 set to arrive next year, now is a great time to get hooked on this addictive shooter and get your inkjet skills in shape.

Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales (

 USD $ 58.17 / 

 MX $ 1,339)

It's one of the best PS5 and PS4 games to date, with a heartfelt story, an exciting game that swings between the web, and gorgeous DualSense graphics and tricks that really show what the latest PlayStation can do.

It is a must at this price.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (

 MX $ 1,906 / 

 USD $ 80)

Considered by many to be the best PS5 game yet, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is a beautiful 3D platformer that takes advantage of the PS5's advanced SSD to allow you to warp between worlds in an instant.

It is both a great technical masterpiece and an excellent action game.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (

 MX $ 947 / 

 USD $ 24.99)

The new action adventure game that is as charismatic and cinematic as recent movies.

It was one of our most anticipated games of E3 2021, and it's already heavily discounted just a few weeks after its release.

You can check out our review of the game here.

Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut (

 MX $ 1,151 / 

 USD $ 62.74)

Ghost of Tsushima is one of the best PlayStation games in years, with satisfying stealth and sword combat, a compelling story, and a beautiful island of Tsushima that you can freely explore.

This PS5-optimized Director's Cut includes a new expansion story to play with, as well as exclusive items and features, making this already excellent game even sweeter.

Battlefield 2042 (

 MX $ 1,553 / 

 USD $ 69.88)

The game places you in a world transformed by disorder created by various extreme weather events and resource conflicts that changed the balance of world power.

The United States and Russia are on the brink of war, while a mix of homeless war veterans form independent groups known as Special Forces.

Here 128 people can play simultaneously to start the war.

NBA 2K22 (

 MX $ 690 / 

 USD $ 34.76)

If you haven't bought the latest 2K basketball game, it's at the lowest price we've seen yet.

NBA 2K22 puts more offensive and defensive moves at your fingertips, introduces a new city that you can explore however you see fit while participating in games and challenges, and lets you build your fantasy squad in MyTeam mode.

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