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Coronavirus disease. Latest|The global spread of Omicron virus, the vaccination campaign, the registration deadline for Kaihui today


The world faces the threat of the variant new crown virus Omicron. A total of 3 imported cases have been detected in Hong Kong, and no related cases have flowed into the community. The Hong Kong Government has further strengthened its defense against imports. The Hong Kong Government has listed 13 countries where cases have occurred.

The world faces the threat of the variant new crown virus Omicron. A total of 3 imported cases have been detected in Hong Kong, and no related cases have flowed into the community.

The Hong Kong Government has further strengthened the prevention of foreign imports. The Hong Kong Government has listed 13 countries where cases have occurred as high-risk (Zone A) areas, which are restricted to Hong Kong residents who have been vaccinated; a total of 12 African countries have entered Hong Kong. The most stringent quarantine requirements are implemented. After arriving in Hong Kong, they must be admitted to the Penny's Bay Quarantine Center for quarantine for 7 days. During this period, the virus must be tested every day, and the health of the person must be monitored by medical staff.

There were three new imported cases in Hong Kong yesterday (29th), with a total of 12,431 cases, and less than 10 cases were initially confirmed.

Starting next Wednesday (December 9), citizens must use the Safe Travel mobile app to enter restaurants and listed premises. Chen Zhaoshi pointed out that appropriate alternative arrangements are being formulated.

Sino Group's Huang Tingfang Charity Fund and Chinese Real Estate Group sent a new one-bedroom unit worth 12 million yuan to Kaihui for the vaccine lottery. Registration is closed today (30th).

However, the two groups originally announced the conditions for the delivery of buildings. Today, at least 5 million people in Hong Kong have received one or more doses of the new crown vaccine in Hong Kong. However, only about 4.75 million people have received the first dose of vaccine yesterday, and there is still a shortage of 250,000. The organizer has not announced whether it will extend the deadline for the draw.

▼Go straight to the second one-bedroom unit in the Kwun Tong luxury residence Kaihui as a vaccine lottery ▼


Click to enter the lucky draw website: Ultimate Grand Prize and Senior Citizen Award

▼Details of the mandatory inspection announcement on November 29▼

New Coronary Pneumonia | Chen Zhaoshi: Not fully grasping Omicron's external defense measures should be tight rather than loose

[09:03] The Director of the Food and Health Bureau, Chen Zhaoshi, stated on the TV and TV program this morning (30th) that although there is not much information about Omicron in the world at present, the anti-epidemic measures for foreign imports should be tight rather than loose. It is hoped that the Hong Kong epidemic will be affected by the world.

She continued that when we have more information in the future, it is possible to adjust the 7-day requirement for arrival and stay in Penny's Bay, and the number of days will be adjusted according to the data.

Scotland and Portugal also suspect community outbreaks involving the Omicron variant virus, but the Hong Kong government has not included it as the highest risk country.

Chen Zhaoshi said that the Health Protection Center is contacting the local health department to obtain the latest information, and then adjust its strategy depending on whether the local infection will break out.

She also said that for the time being, there is no need to completely ban people from areas where Omicron cases have occurred. They will pay attention to the countermeasures of other countries before deciding on Hong Kong's response.

Mandatory Testing | 13 Schools Outbreak of Upper Respiratory Tract Infections Happy Valley Blood Kindergarten Listed

[00:01] Hong Kong’s local new crown pneumonia epidemic eased, but threatened by the variant Omicron case, the Food and Health Bureau included 15 designated places in the mandatory testing announcement, including Happy Valley Blood Kindergarten and Stanley St. Peter’s Church Stanley Kindergarten, etc. 13 schools.

In addition, there was a confirmed imported case stranded at the Hong Kong International Airport during the incubation period of the virus. The government included the Orange Zone on the 5th Floor or the Orange Zone on the 6th Floor (Gate 25-71) of Airport Terminal One in the mandatory test announcement.


▼The situation of citizens using safe travel to enter government premises▼


【Yesterday Overview】New Coronary Pneumonia.

11.30|Hong Kong recorded 3 Omicron imported cases, 13 countries listed in high-risk areas

Omicron|Australia, Canada and other 13 high-risk areas are restricted to all Hong Kong residents

One more case of Omicron Chen Zhaoshi: It must be more stringent than the stringent array | New Coronary Pneumonia

Clearance|Xu Shuchang: Omicron's attack power is stronger than Delta, and it does not enter the community temporarily, it will not affect the clearance

New crown pneumonia | He Boliang worries about the flow of Omicron into the community, advocating African arrival in Hong Kong to concentrate on Penny's Bay quarantine

CUHK team reveals that new coronavirus can induce high mortality in acute kidney injury and seeks new directions for treatment

01 News | "Customs clearance" extended to late December, the Hong Kong government strives for more than 1,000 places

New crown vaccine ︱ owe 250,000 injections to meet the standard and draw the second Kaihui unit to freeze water?

Vaccine Passport | The catering industry worries about business falling 30% in the old district Xu Shuchang: the implementation is the general trend

Customs clearance | Lam Cheng: 70% vaccination rate is difficult to protect Hong Kong's epidemic situation if it rebounds, customs clearance may become a spectacle

Teachers and students of Ling will be vaccinated when entering the campus next semester, and those who are exempted will be tested every seven days

Vaccine Passport|Alternative arrangements for travel with peace of mind will be formulated

Vaccine Passport|Zhu Minjian: The government should explain whether pregnancy is exempted from personal likes and dislikes is not a reason

Acute liver failure in the mainland of Pentecost was transferred to the emergency department of the hospital to wait until the deceased family members cried and complained that there was no medical supervision

After the outbreak, at least three accident and emergency departments waited until the death of the family members of the case, hoping to set up real-time life support equipment to prevent a repeat

▼Under the 11.20 epidemic, citizens met with relatives and friends on the other side across the Shenzhen River▼


Customs clearance | Tian Beichen expects that the personnel exemption from the shutdown team before the Lunar New Year, the fuse mechanism has not reached a consensus to clear customs | Mainland experts comment that Hong Kong has customs clearance conditions. The Hong Kong version of the health code will be available for trial next month. 01 News | Satisfactory Customs Clearance|The mainland expert group concluded a four-day inspection and discussed the docking of the "Guangkang Code" and the Yuekang Code

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