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Metropolitan University holds an international conference on Gerontology, bringing together professionals to exchange and build synergies to promote development


The ageing of the population is getting more and more serious. This not only increases the social medical burden and welfare expenditure, but also the burden of family caregivers. It is urgent to promote the popularization and application of Elder Technology. Hong Kong Metropolitan University (Metropolitan University)

The ageing of the population is getting more and more serious. This not only increases the social medical burden and welfare expenditure, but also the burden of family caregivers. It is urgent to promote the popularization and application of Elder Technology.

The Metropolitan University of Hong Kong (Metro University) has noticed the urgency of local development of Elder Technology. Following the successful holding of Hong Kong’s first "Elder Technology International Conference" last year, which received overwhelming response and praise from all walks of life, it will continue to co-organize with the Hong Kong Nurses Association this year. , Received funding from the Innovation and Technology Commission and the Wu Jiyi Charitable Fund, and the full support of Wofu social enterprises. With the theme of "Application of Elder Technology in the Epidemic: Experience and Enlightenment", we will continue to invite professionals from all over the world to share the development of Elder Technology Experience and results.

Photography: Zheng Zifeng

(From left) Ms. Yin Deen, senior project manager of Wofoo Social Enterprise, Professor Lin Qunsheng, President of Hong Kong Metropolitan University, Mr. Xue Yongheng, Secretary of Innovation and Technology Bureau, Mr. He Qiming, Deputy Secretary of Labour and Welfare Bureau, and Associate Dean of School of Nursing and Health of Hong Kong Metropolitan University (Research and Research Courses) and Associate Professor Dr. Pianpian Cai presided over the opening ceremony of the meeting.

The conference was successfully held in late November. It mainly discussed the three major areas of research and development of innovative elder technology, the use of technology to provide elderly care, and policies to promote the application of elder technology, and specifically responded to the health and care concerns of the elderly brought about by the epidemic.

The conference invited well-known scholars and local experts from all over the world, such as Singapore, Taiwan, Canada and other places, held twelve keynote speeches, lectures by distinguished professors and workshops, proposed new technology support programs, and also let the public understand how technology can improve Support the elderly during the epidemic, and arouse the community's attention to the health of the elderly and the caregiver group.

The aging population is urgent

Due to physical deterioration and various long-term medical histories, many elderly people suffer from inconvenience, reduced swallowing ability, and even dementia, which leads to poor self-care ability and need to be taken care of.

Anna Wang, a senior lecturer in the School of Nursing and Health at Metropolitan University, pointed out that if families and homes introduce elder technology products, it can improve the quality of life of the elderly and solve the problem of shortage of manpower.

The conference invited guest speaker Roboratory Zhang Junhao to explain how robots can chat and interact with the elderly.

At present, Elder Technology has a wide range of products, such as hoists that assist in lifting, smart crutches, automatic bathing systems, anti-fall sensor mats that emit warning sounds, and applications that link patients and caregivers to reminders of medications.

Anna said that in addition to technological products, the food shaping powder popular in recent years for making soft meals for the elderly is also a kind of Elder Technology. It can solve the problem that the elderly can only eat liquid paste meals and improve their eating and living quality, which is very life-oriented. .

Lecturer Guan Jingwen (Queenie) also pointed out that Japan and Taiwan have invested a lot of resources and manpower in the research and development of Elder Technology, but the application of Elder Technology in Hong Kong has not been widely used, and the price of the products is relatively expensive, making it difficult for products to "get in the house."

Some institutions have introduced elder products to reduce the workload of employees, but the application level has not been popularized.

Queenie said that as the population ageing problem becomes more and more serious, the demand for Elder Technology will become more urgent. "The average life expectancy of Hong Kong people has reached more than 80 years. We should speed up preparations. Last year, the government allocated funds to subsidize residential care homes but failed to purchase enough homes. Supporting facilities. The grassroots are also the same, it is difficult to afford the money to buy Eling Technology products."

(From left) Senior Lecturer Zheng Yisha, School of Nursing and Health, Hong Kong Metropolitan University, Lecturer Guan Jingwen, Senior Lecturer Anna Wang, Senior Lecturer Dr. Zhong Yuqian and Senior Lecturer Luo Qianping shared their views on the development of local senior technology.

Epidemic intensifies health concerns and promotes R&D opportunities for Elder Technology, launching new products to relieve difficulties

Affected by the epidemic in the past two years, many elderly people have been forced to stay at home and reduce their outdoor activities, which has worsened the rate of degradation. They also need to train themselves at home.

Elderly people living in residential institutions are unable to meet with their families. These problems show the importance of technological assistance.

Senior lecturer Dr. Jessie (Jessie) and senior lecturer (Susan) said that even though the epidemic has added various obstacles to life, it has also become a major driving force for the development of science and technology. If there are visual tools to assist communication, new video games allow the elderly to exercise, etc. Wait.

The mobile application "Care for You on Time" developed by the Hong Kong Metropolitan University two years ago has the function of reminding the elderly to take medication and follow-up consultations, and to check drug information at any time. The ability to accept new products. The design and application interfaces of many Elder Technology products are very simple, and they found that it is not difficult to use after actual tests. As long as there are detailed explanations and clear instructions, they can do it themselves."

This year's Elder Technology International Conference has VR interactive games and a booth for assessing the risk of falling.

To understand and learn to use technology products, the most important thing is to try.

Senior lecturer Zheng Yisha (Alison) suggested that the public can start with small instruments used in daily life, and first establish an understanding of Elder Technology. When more and more people use products, it can effectively promote the popularization of Elder Technology.

She suggested that the government can allocate more resources to expand the application level of Elder Technology products, and at the same time do more public education.

The 2021 Elder Technology International Conference, which has just been successfully held, is a platform that brings together local and overseas researchers, medical staff and service providers to promote exchanges and cooperation.

The conference not only allows users to understand and try to use the new Elder Technology products, developers can also use this opportunity to better understand user needs and improve products.

In response to the above-mentioned funding problem, there are actually some organizations that provide Elder Technology rental services to reduce the financial burden of caregivers and users, and at the same time can enjoy advanced and convenient Elder Technology products.

Public education can help promote the popularization of elder technology, improve the quality of life of the elderly, and realize the elderly at home.

The Gerner Technology International Conference brought together local and overseas scholars, and a host of professors and lecturers from major schools of nursing and health participated in it.

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