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Uber Eats is out of service


The number of citizens staying at home under the epidemic has changed, and the eating pattern has changed as a result. It has unexpectedly boosted the local food delivery industry. However, in the past few years, one of the food delivery platforms Uber Eats announced a few days ago that this year’s New Year’s Eve

The number of citizens staying at home under the epidemic has changed, and the eating pattern has changed as a result, which has unexpectedly boosted the local food delivery industry. However, in the past few years, one of the food delivery platforms Uber Eats announced a few days ago that it will stop on New Year’s Eve this year. Operating in Hong Kong, the local food delivery platform has since changed from household delivery, foodpanda to "two major platforms". Faced with a sudden change, two employees who had worked in household delivery (Deliveroo) and foodpanda had polar views. The local food delivery industry "Some people are happy and some are worried."

Uber Eats landed in Hong Kong in 2016. The local food delivery platform was taken over by foodpanda and Deliveroo. According to the big data analysis platform Measurable AI analysis of the three major food delivery platforms, Uber Eats has a market share of 5 in Hong Kong. %, While household delivery is 44%, and foodpanda is 51%.

On the 30th of last month, Uber Eats issued a statement stating that after five years of serving the people of Hong Kong, it will stop Uber Eats operations in Hong Kong on New Year’s Eve.

Hong Kong's food delivery platform is highly competitive, and now Uber Eats has withdrawn from the market, and many local delivery staff have different opinions.

Comparing the salaries of the two major food delivery platforms

"Double-opening" delivery staff: After Uber Eats is out of service, delivery staff can take more orders

Most of the delivery staff in Hong Kong will serve as employees of more than one delivery company at the same time, commonly known in the industry as "double open" or "three open". KK has participated in the foodpanda strike earlier, and is now in both foodpanda and household deliveries. Served as part-time infantry or cyclist delivery person.

Faced with the announcement of the closure of Uber Eats, KK said frankly that he is not worried about the "two Taiwan dominance" situation. He believes that more restaurants will be registered in foodpanda and household delivery, and orders for the two takeaway platforms will increase accordingly, in disguise. So that a group of takeaways can receive more orders.

As for the delivery staff under Uber Eats, KK said that it is not worried that they will affect their livelihoods due to the company's suspension, because Uber Eats originally had a low market share, and most of them were "double-opening" or even "three-opening" at the same time. "It is believed that Uber Eats employees can also earn income from the other two food delivery platforms.

Having said that, KK is still frustrated with foodpanda's decision. He described foodpanda's method of calculating salary is very confusing. It uses "straight-line distance" to calculate the delivery fee. Sometimes when the food is delivered, there is a wall or slope in front of it. Workers often need to detour or spend more effort, but the meal delivery fee does not take these obstacles into account. This caused a lot of complaints among employees. Last month, a large-scale strike was launched, forcing the company to improve the delivery staff’s treatment.


According to KK, in general, infantrymen will receive orders within 1.5 kilometers and receive an average of 20 to 30 yuan per order; cyclists will make orders within 2.2 kilometers and receive an average of 40 to 45 yuan per order; and motorcycles The hand can accept orders of 2.2 to 3 kilometers, 40 to 60 yuan each, which can be described as "work more, get more."

KK participated in a large-scale strike last month, but he felt that the management did not intend to solve the existing problems, so he also registered as an employee of the households and officially joined the "double open army" a few days ago.

Comparing the two delivery platforms, KK believes that the customer service for household deliveries is clearer. For example, the delivery staff can check the exact amount of food, reducing the chance of error, and effectively protecting the interests of the company, restaurant, and employees.

Door-to-door delivery staff: more and more people do it, and it’s even more surprising

Eric is another delivery worker who participated in the Deliveroo strike. As a driver, he described that when the second wave of the epidemic broke out in Hong Kong, most of the delivery workers would earn an average of 40,000 to 50,000 yuan per month. , Under the new system, Deliveroo’s salary is based on distance, and his income is much lower than before.

For example, he pointed out that the short distance can earn about 40 to 50 yuan per order; the long distance can earn about 80 to 90 yuan.

Eric said that most of the orders received are within two kilometers, and the average delivery person can get about 52 yuan for delivery.


The foodpanda strike has caused a lot of trouble. Uber Eats is about to cease operations. The entire food delivery industry is in turmoil. Eric also expressed concern about the future situation of "two Taiwan dominates." As more and more people in the market do it, it will be even more alarming.” Regarding the strike of foodpanda delivery staff earlier, Eric said that the situation is similar to the results of the strike action carried out by households that year. The difference is that foodpanda’s management is willing to disclose it. The talks seem to be successful when the incident is explained, but if you pay close attention, you will find that the content of the provisions is still vague.

Comparing the three food delivery platforms, Eric believes that Deliveroo’s treatment is better. The reason is that most companies first calculate the restaurant’s food preparation time when dispatching orders, so that the delivery staff do not have to wait outside the restaurant. ".

Waves of strike action on delivery platforms

The food delivery industry in Hong Kong has experienced two large-scale strikes. The first was in May 2020. Delivery personnel launched a strike action due to Deliveroo’s restructuring. At that time, about 300 people gathered outside Deliveroo’s office building in Central and demanded to communicate with the management. Meet.

The other foodpanda with the highest market share also triggered a wave of strikes last month. The reasons were related to system problems, minimum service fees and benefits. The labor and management sides experienced two negotiations for a total of about 14 hours. In the end, both parties described that they had reached a consensus and ended the strike. action.

Foodpanda labor force ends, platform workers' problems are unresolved challenge


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