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Interview | Li Zhenqiang of the Liberal Party said that it is the first to introduce 23 legislation to promote the introduction of appropriate foreign workers to speed up housing construction


There is still half a month before the Legislative Council elections. After the electoral reform, the electoral committee sector has attracted members from various traditional establishment political parties. Among them, the Liberal Party only sent Vice Chairman Li Zhenqiang to fight. Li Zhenqiang accepted the "Hong Kong

There is still half a month before the Legislative Council elections. After the electoral reform, the electoral committee sector has attracted members from various traditional establishment political parties. Among them, the Liberal Party only sent Vice Chairman Li Zhenqiang to fight.

In an interview with "Hong Kong 01", Li Zhenqiang said that if he is elected, he first hopes to promote the legislation of Article 23 of the Basic Law.

In response to the increasingly severe housing problem, Li Zhenqiang suggested that the government speed up the land development process and introduce appropriate foreign workers to build public housing to reduce construction costs.

Li Zhenqiang: Article 23 should be extensively consulted to consider joining the crime of conspiracy

In 2003, he turned his back against Article 23 of the legislation, which became a turning point for the Liberal Party and later known as the "bad boys" of the establishment.

Li Zhenqiang, who joined the Liberal Party in 2009, said that everyone had misunderstood the party’s position on Article 23. He emphasized that the Liberal Party is not opposed to Article 23 legislation, but that extensive consultation is required before legislation, so he agreed to shelve it.

After 18 years, Li Zhenqiang said that if he was elected, he most wanted to promote Article 23 legislation, he would have to go through extensive consultation beforehand, but he did not expect to proceed in a "white paper" manner as it did in 2003.

He suggested that in addition to the crimes of treason, sedition, and theft of state secrets that are not covered by the National Security Law, the draft may also consider adding espionage and anti-information manipulation laws.

As for whether Article 23 of the Legislative Council will damage Hong Kong’s business environment and even its status as an international financial center, Li Zhenqiang said that the business community needs a stable business environment. The business community focuses on returns and whether the local market is reliable when investing. Don’t you dare to change, even if the cost is low, it’s good. Afghanistan’s wildness is enough and no one has the courage to invest?” He pointed out that Hong Kong’s status as an international financial center was not built overnight. It mainly relies on the linked exchange rate, free access to information, The simple low tax rate and the maintenance of the rule of law, etc., also believe that Article 23 legislation will not arouse public backlash, because with the implementation of the "Minato National Security Law" last year, the society has accepted Article 23 legislation to a certain extent.

Li Zhenqiang: In the past, the Liberal Party was "personalized", and the future tends to be a team system

The next Legislative Council will embody the "Patriot Principle." Will the position of the Liberal Party, which has been regarded as the "bad boy" of the establishment in recent years, change?

Li Zhenqiang described the Liberal Party as "individual" in the past, but in the future it will tend to be a team system. Everything will be discussed and studied within the party, and decisions will be made on the principle of the minority subordinating to the majority.

Li Zhenqiang, an engineer himself, has served as a member of the Eastern District for two terms. Facing candidates from all over the world, he believes that his advantage lies in his policy promotion experience. In the past, he worked with the Liberal Party as a policy research assistant. Strive for measures such as "employment protection", electronic consumer vouchers, "100% secured loans", and "interest and non-repayment plan" to solve the industry's urgent needs. Members, others should not have my resume."

Advocate to speed up the land development process to allow the construction of Dingxia

Some people in society have always attributed the housing problem to real estate developers. Li Zhenqiang believes that the housing problem is ultimately due to insufficient land supply and slow progress in land development. It will take 10 to 15 years to change from "birth land to mature land", urged The government speeds up the land development process and studies to allow small houses to be built. "Can the first three floors be small houses and the remaining 27 floors are used for public housing?" He believes that there is no vacancy tax on first-hand buildings or prohibition of nano buildings. To help solve the housing problem, it is recommended to introduce an appropriate amount of foreign workers to reduce construction costs. "(Foreign workers) specialize in public housing and leave when they are done. Once the workers’ jobs are broken, their visas will be revoked immediately.”

"Mirror does not go back to university" advocates strengthening full-time education

Li Zhenqiang hopes that after entering the parliament, he can promote Hong Kong's integration into the overall national development, promote the internationalization of the RMB, and support Hong Kong as an international innovation and technology center. He also suggested that Hong Kong strengthen full-time education. ."

Regarding today’s youth issues, Li Zhenqiang believes that many young people have misunderstandings about the country. They should start from pre-school education to strengthen their understanding of the country, so that young people can learn more about the country’s system and history. Chinese fables? To explain why I want to listen to the story of how many wolves are coming, don’t listen to the lords of the beacon? It’s all about talking big." He emphasized that apart from matters that touch the bottom line of national security, there is room for discussion on everything. You should listen more to the opinions of young people.

For the list of candidates from all sectors in the Legislative Council election,

please click here to refer to the "Hong Kong 01" election website.

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