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Mayan Calendar Forecast: 1-13 December 2021 - Walla! Wind and horoscope


We are in the wave of man who walks the path happy about being in his part. For the next 13 days man teaches that 'happiness is essence', as Nietzsche said. For the full forecast

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Mayan Calendar Forecast: 1-13 December 2021

We are in the wave of man who walks the path happy about being in his part.

For the next 13 days the person teaches that 'happiness is essence', as Nietzsche said - he is every moment in the way itself and not the goals, titles or results that one runs to reach.

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Thursday, 02 December 2021, 10:07 Updated: 10:28

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1/12: 1 ton in the human wave

(Photo: Walla !, Talia Tucker)

In today’s world there are multiple stimuli and we have become accustomed to seeking happiness outside of us. It seems to us that it exists 'there' - in purpose, status, title and most of us run under pressure from task to task, doing things that 'need' in the hope that if the goals we set for ourselves are realized, we may experience some happiness. At the same time we experience helplessness that our reality does not have what we would like it to be. Man teaches to give a positive 'meaning' of growth to all occurrences and emphasizes that happiness exists within us and depends solely on our point of view.

The defense mechanisms we have developed to live in the polar reality cause a survival movement of the laws of the head that blocks a connection to the will of the heart the moment the direct connection to the whole 'Torah', to the knowledge of the soul.

Man makes it possible to understand that everything happens between us and ourselves and that there is nothing to take personally anything and no one.

Each one and the 'software' from which he operates and man allows to discard the judgments and expectations that there are innumerable ways as the number of individuals.

In the wave of the storm we have healed an imbalance and now we are ready to magnetize new possibilities on our way.

It is not perceived in our eyes that everything we ask for can indeed reach us.

Along the wave we will breathe a person and find out what makes us happy and balances us.

We will allow a person to lead to the solution of obstacles and the realization of desires.

We will breathe and walk the path of the heart as we are open and excited to renewed possibilities in our lives.


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2/12: Day Gate: Tone 2 in the energy of the sky

(Photo: Official website, Talia Tucker)

The walk of heaven today symbolizes the energy of the Prophet and along the wavelength increases the awareness of the living presence of our vast soul within the physical body. The wave teaches that although we live on real earth, we all have the opportunity to grow to infinity in the sky. It has been a challenging heavenly journey to connect to the strengths we have built and to be filled with compassion for ourselves and our fellow human beings. Growth with its gate challenge can lead to a spiritual leap. He asks us to connect to inner determination and learn to set a clear boundary for all who and what are interfering with our path and robbing us of life energy. The Law of Heaven emphasizes that doing something against our will creates an exhausting internal struggle and can release the 'unpleasant' or other ego fluctuation that is in relation to the other and the world. We learn to put the focus on our needs and understand that we are allowed to do what we want. It is not that the other is less important, but that we are also very important. We can and are committed to paying attention to ourselves and learning to limit what does not allow it.

On Sukkot we will learn to clearly define the limits of our desire and comfort and say a definite ‘no’ to what is not more accurate for us.

We should make a list of what is important to us now and act accordingly.

The days in the human wave are near the center of the board and teach us to respect our personal space, to take time alone with ourselves, to sharpen our alertness to the inner voice and to connect heaven and earth.

Today we will breathe heaven into the cells of the body and imagine a temple that surrounds us.

Inside the hallowed sanctuary of heaven one can see what things we want to draw now into our lives and what things we want to set a clear boundary.

We will stay in the inner hall and experience our immense soul.

3/12: 3 tons in the energy of a magician

(Photo: Official website, Talia Tucker)

The focus on solving a heavenly challenge begins with a magician who teaches that we are the ones who know best what is right for us and it is time to trust our gut feelings. The magician teaches to recognize when we are in ego and release the need to accept the approvals of society, the norm and the people around us. We learn to trust ourselves that no matter what we encounter in life, we can contain it, better or worse, but can. The human wave magnetizes situations according to the desires we have defined and new opportunities are now emerging. The magician increases confidence in ourselves and our intuitions and thus allows us to release, contain and flow with the new situations. It also teaches to release the need to control events from the head. The illusory sense of control limits possibilities that exist for us here under the nose and freezes situations.

Trying to control is a mechanism of a strong head that 'protects' us from a 'dangerous' future and disasters that may come.

But life from the head reduces and fixates us to the same habits, patterns and rules and does not allow us to live what is given in the moment.

We in any case do not control anything and anyone and the magician teaches to stop planning, organizing and calculating, to release constant thoughts of "what will be", to focus on the moment and to believe.

It is intuition that makes it possible to reach a person who is happy in part.

Today we will breathe a magician and connect to simplicity, cordiality and honesty with ourselves and the environment.

We will breathe, we will instruct the brain to focus on the here and now, we will connect to the wisdom of the heart and face that the wonder of the moment is in every moment.

4/12: Tone 4 in Eagle Energy

(Photo: Walla !, Talia Tucker)

On the day of mental sowing the eagle teaches that the abundance we seek and can magnetize is related to an overall view of human processes and the unique role we have in creating our reality. To reach a state where we are happy in our part, the eagle teaches to take several steps back and look without judgment on the facts of our broader picture of life. As we broaden perspective, people and situations can be treated objectively and recycled victim and guilt dynamics can be stopped. The eagle helps to understand that most humans are engaged in survival 'movies' according to the patterns embedded in them. There is no point in getting angry, blaming, criticizing or being disappointed but looking from the soul angle at the lesson inherent in each situation.

The vision and hope in Eagle Energy make it possible to identify our choice in the various episodes, even if it is unconscious, to accept the hash and the hash to produce more real hash.

The eagle sees all the details and allows for the formulation of an organized action plan that balances intense doing with rest.

So that we can happily dance our far-reaching dreams, leisure and rest time is important and recharging with renewable energy that leads to inspiration and strength for action.

We discover how in the end and even in the beginning, everything always happens at the right pace and even though it is possible that the way of the heart flowing over who rests does indeed exist.

Today we will breathe an eagle and gradually rise to an objective point of view.

So we will look at the details of our reality, focus on our desires and receive guidance regarding the easiest and most fun way to realize them.

5/12: Gate day: 5 tons of warrior energy

(Photo: Walla !, Talia Tucker)

The will power to magnetize abundance with man rests on the wisdom and daring of the warrior of light we have built. The warrior agrees to go beyond his comfort limits and experiment with new things. It has the courage to contain everything it takes to jump authentically into the adventures of life. It symbolizes a connection to the power, determination and determination that make it possible to walk with our truth to the end, without compromise and without the need for outside credentials. To strengthen the inner independence and strength the warrior teaches to release dependence on people, situations, material, results, titles, myths, norms and in general in everything we hold on to.

Releasing the dependence on the outside allows the connection to the face and the forces to express the truth that is unique to us.

To walk between heaven and earth out of the knowledge of the soul, we must connect to our voice that is independent of anything and anyone.

In formulating the motivation for solving the challenge, we are once again invited to ask what our real dreams are and what we seek to magnetize now into our lives.

The intelligent warrior helps to define desires accurately and clearly and then express them wisely on a daily basis.

Today we will breathe a warrior, we will feel a coil coming out of the third eye to the center of the earth and connecting us to our voice.

We will see the colorful diversity that exists in our lives, the vast and inspiring knowledge we have learned and the sensitivity of reason we have developed along the way we have done so far.

6/12: 6 tons in soil energy

(Photo: Walla !, Talia Tucker)

The earth symbolizes a ground and a well-rooted anchor and connects in a practical way to the physical body and reality. It teaches that there is no point in wasting energy on future thoughts or convincing those around us of the correctness of our path, but simply doing ours practically, to the best of our ability, in the moment. On the day of organization towards the climax of the process, we understand a simple and important thing about the movement in life: that even if we are only in that direction, what is important is that we walk in that direction even if only one small step. On the day of balance the earth connects us to our natural flow rate and allows us to move in harmonious synchronization from one situation to another.

It is worth noting the 'coincidences' that occur along the wave and noticing the fact that everything is happening at just the right time for us.

How one encounter leads to another, a particular person is directed to the specific person we sought to meet, action develops in new directions and all in all everything is fine.

In a wave that teaches to move out of the will of the heart, the earth awakens a long-standing coma and connects to the sound and action that are right for us now.

It fills our minds with ideas that support our personal growth process and that also help the process of collective change taking place on Earth.

Today we will breathe earth and experience a sense of anchor and stability from within.

Imagine roots from our feet to the center of the earth, grounded and comfortably connected our wondrous ideas to everyday reality.

7/12: Tone 7 in mirror energy

(Photo: ShutterStock)

To be worthy of the title of ‘man’, we are asked to look equally at all human beings, without the distorted subjective personal masks of good and evil, the upper and lower, equal and unequal. Each one and its unique way and appearance respects the infinity of ways of creation. There are different types of people in the world, each with its own way. The infinity of reflections teaches us about ourselves and at the height of the process the mirror allows us to understand that in any case we can only see ourselves. The people around us reflect on our personal thoughts and feelings and the issues in which we are required to do more work on ourselves. The mirror allows us to rise to an objective point of view and see through the emotional consequences and translations that blind our eyes.

To observe the height of the heart, we learn with the mirror to release exhausting dynamics, negative intentions, to neutralize automatic judgments and to accept the 'person as a person'.

It also makes it possible to stop wasting energy on the virtual future with the illusory fluctuations and see that we are already on the path of empowerment and development.

In the midst of the process of connecting to the will of the human heart, we begin to see through the illusions we tell ourselves and vision allows abundance to be magnetized.

At the height of the wave we will breathe a mirror, imagine a golden pyramid that surrounds us and look through the mirrors of reality.

8/12: 8 tons in the energy of a storm

(Photo: ShutterStock)

The storm today wakes us up to notice where we still do not trust ourselves and our soul. On a day of preparation and checking the inner house, she invites us to ask: "What areas of my body are asking for my attention?", "What parts of my life are unbalanced?", "What negative thoughts come up in me out of control?", "In what areas is I still lacking? Confidence? "," In what aspects do I need outside help? " The storm symbolizes healing and allows us to heal physical, emotional and mental blockages that keep us from experiencing great happiness in the here and now. To connect to the inner strength and determination of Heaven, we go through an in-depth process in which the storm increases our confidence and confidence in being able to jump with our heartfelt desires into the fascinating sea of ​​life. Today we will breathe a healing purple light of a storm, we will feel how it penetrates every cell in our body, cures negativity and doubts and fills with heat. We will experience the quality of frequency through the heart,We will be charged with the energy of the storm and we will create thought patterns of there and with them we will magnetize a reality that is desirable for us.

9/12: 9 tons in solar energy

(Photo: Walla !, Talia Tucker)

In order for us to be able to walk the path of the hearty person, the sun teaches that it is all a matter of perspective and fills us with light and new information that illuminates inaccuracies in our thinking. On the day of the "token fall", solar clarity allows us to take a closer look at complex and "problematic" aspects of our reality that require common sense and practical solutions. We learn to refine and precisely define our desires and focus on solutions rather than problems. The clear definition and search for options accelerates the realization of human abundance. Observing through common sense the facts of life, makes what is found have a positive meaning and with the sun it can be experienced as a colorful and perfect field of flowers. On the day of decoding, the brightness, heat and fire in the solar energy allow for a turning point in the plot. It teaches about the existing perfection and allows for a touch of the experience of happiness in this very moment. Towards the new year we are filled with abundant warmth and generosity and the belief that what is truly ours no one can take from us.Today we will breathe the sunlight into the cells of the body and focus on the diverse beauty that exists in us and our environment. We will breathe, we will seek to connect to a pulsating creative pulse and flow out of a burning, focused and magnetizing fire.

10/12: 10 tons in dragon energy

(Photo: Walla !, Talia Tucker)

The dragon today asks us to act with motherhood, forgiveness and kindness to ourselves, just as we treat a soft and gentle baby.

Instead of being angry at the 'mistakes' we make or at situations we have encountered and thinking negative thoughts, we learn to accept ourselves unconditionally, despite and because of everything we have.

We all have wonderful and amazing sides as well as weak sides.

On Accuracy Day we learn to accept ourselves just as we love a good friend on all sides, release doubts and negative voices and be filled with supportive and accommodating voices.

Instead of the criticism that it is the automatic recycling of painful information, it is time to realize that "this is what is there" right now and what is there is wonderful.

On Wave Thin Design Day, the feminine and maternal energy invites us to remember the wonderful things that exist in us and our lives and to nourish the body, emotion, mind and spirit.

Today we will breathe a dragon and be filled with love and tenderness.

We will breathe and say: "I accept myself, the style, the rhythm, the preferences, the look and the sound and we will experience warmth and satisfaction.

11/12: Tone 11 in wind energy

(Photo: Walla !, Talia Tucker)

The spirit symbolizes the principle of communication and its appearance on the day of liberation shows that communication difficulties stop us from walking the path of the heart.

In order to express the knowledge of the soul with the heavenly state we must learn to express ourselves in a proportionate, fluid and accurate manner.

Instead of arguing and getting entangled, the spirit allows for a clear and calm expression in which we communicate in 'all languages'.

The sharpness, directness and rhythm that exist in the wind energy help us to become the cup of open man who is happy in part and increase the flow of abundance and opportunities for happiness and a relaxed flow in the reality of our lives.

The humor in the wind energy makes it possible to release anger in front of friends and relatives and neutralize real obstacles along the way.

The wind also indicates that we are not breathing enough and that we need to breathe more on a daily basis.

Breathing allows for inner relaxation and a balance between giving and receiving.

Today we will breathe the cheerfulness and positive inspiration that exist in the spirit and broadcast there is an abundance to the world that returns to us as reality.

We will fill the chest with air and with every breath of intent we will inhale a soul and be filled with ideas, a sense of lightness and a humorous approach to the episodes of life.

12/12: 12 tons in the energy of night

(Photo: Walla !, Talia Tucker)

Tonight allows us to feel at ease with ourselves in this body which is the home of the soul and with what is present now in our lives. Towards the end of the wave you can experience a warm feeling of a pampering home and a cradle womb. In the relaxed inner place, we become the wise man who wanders cheerfully and happily on his way in life. Walking in the sky has awakened us to be clear, determined and assertive and with tonight we know what our desires are, what we are willing to put into our lives and what things are worth releasing. The solution of the night indicates that we were able to cure some of the monsters and elves that ran us automatically and unconsciously. It stabilizes us, finally releases a dramatic fog and fills us with faith and the power to create for ourselves a happy life. The night symbolizes an intuitive flow that is possible only after a healing of pain that prevents a conscious connection to the power of the heavenly walk we have built. If we are not in the body then the soul has no place to be in it.

The willingness to go through the process in the human wave, especially if we have faced darkness, allows for a fundamental change in our perspective on the subject of an ancient soul, connected to bodily knowledge and filled our lives with welcome changes.

We have increased the energy in the brain, opened our hearts and along with listening to the voice of the body we are connected to the knowledge of the soul.

On the day of the solution we will breathe a night and feel at home.

We will allow warm energy to spread to each and every cell and experience peace.

We will breathe and flow with the inner knowing that leads to the fulfillment of our dreams and the magnet of great abundance.

13/12: Tone 13 in sperm energy

(Photo: Walla !, Talia Tucker)

The wisdom of the wave teaches that when we focus inward on our personal path, without the limiting oscillations to the world, the goals and the outside, we connect to the wisdom of the heart. In Kabbalah this is called reducing energy out. The seed indicates that along the wave we have broken automatic rules and fixations and opened up to new opportunities we had not imagined, not even as an option. Throughout the wave man fills us with courage, logic and alertness and develops into an open seed for far-reaching possibilities. Man pushes to create in reality our desires and becomes a blooming seed that flourishes and grows with more and more possibilities. The wave codes allow for the release of an old defense mechanism that recycles subjective information and covers up pain resulting in a substantial change internally and then also externally.

On the thirteenth day he makes it possible to acknowledge the changes that have taken place in us and the achievements that we have achieved along with the wonderful qualities that exist within us.

We have learned that focusing on "there" and not on "nothing" and lack allows us to radiate in our thoughts abundance to a universe that magnetizes more and more "there".

At the end of the wave we enjoy a sense of inner growth and confidently aim to fulfill more dreams.

Anything we want can happen and the universe has colorful surprises waiting exclusively for us.

We release any scenario regarding the way things may be created in reality itself, stop waiting for specific expressions and instead of expecting, simply allow the universe to summon our requests to us.

At the end of the wave we will breathe semen and happily respond to the wonderful opportunities that await us.

The human wave ends and we get excited and welcome the next wave with the snake.

May we have a happy wave of people in part, where everything we ask for will come to us easily.

Cover of the twenty time keys of the Maya waves (Photo: Walla !, Talia Tucker)

A holiday of light with the wave of man who walks the path happy about being in his part

Excited to share that she is coming out with a new, elegant and professional website that allows the solid foundation for digital surfing on top of the exciting wisdom of the waves, including my first digital product designed for self-care.

Years of board research and personal work in the treatment room have led me to create a product with mental value that meets the need for therapeutic help.

The personal codes inherent in our date of birth are a gateway to a leap in awareness and conscious awareness is what generates the miracles and wonders in our lives.

The therapeutic guide exists in several levels of depth that allow you to dive into more and more layers of self-research, including personal design symbols in a special text I wrote that accompanies self-practice guidelines, the personal wave that leads to a significant breakthrough in our lives and in addition. authentic.

Feel free to lovingly know yourself through the codes contained for you in the personal guide to healing according to the wonderful Mayan wisdom and enter my renewed site, the Mayazone Kingdom.

Happy holiday!

Sincerely and lovingly,

Talia Tucker

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