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The whole world is against us? Think Again | Israel today


The world wants a strong Israel and admires it for its achievements • This is true, by the way, not only for the West and today also for the Arab world, but also for the Far East and authoritarian regimes, such as China and Russia

There is no point in denying.

What appeared to be a chain of spotty and disconnected events, is becoming a tsunami wave sweeping Israel.

No, this is not another condemnation message or a call from an artist whose future is behind him, or from a professional association of some frustrated professors, devoid of status and weight, to boycott us.

A handful of pro-Palestinian activists can be found in every capital in the world, and also in Tel Aviv ... and for those there will always be the opportunity between a struggle against globalization and progress to rewrite human history, and also to engage in Israel.

But it is worth not only looking at the trees, but seeing the forest.

For example, a few weeks ago, the "rescue" of the Israeli ambassador to London, Tzipi Hotovli, was reported in detail from a demonstration by pro-Palestinian activists, mostly Arabs and Palestinians, at the end of a lecture she gave at the London School of Economics. That the silent majority of his students are simply studying and moving away from politics, in order to advance their agenda, which is no less anti-British than anti-Israeli.

On the other hand, the decision of the British government to declare Hamas a terrorist organization, and to see anyone who expresses support for it or raises its flag, as breaking the law, received almost no attention.

The decision was approved by the British Parliament, we were not talking about the whim of Boris Johnson, the prime minister, known for his sympathy for Israel, but a decision backed by the elected representatives of the British public.

This week, Australia was joined by Australia, which has decided to define Hezbollah, in all its arms, as a terrorist organization and to ban the transfer of aid and donations to it.

The sympathy for Israel and its support among the mainstream in the Western world, in contrast to the sleepy fringes on the left and right, is nothing new.

But these are increasing, and more and more countries are not reluctant to express their opinions clearly, and especially openly.

Some Arab media outlets did bother to mention that Britain's decision came close to the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, so the British "betrayed" them for the first time.

But the truth is that the Arabs are no longer against us either.

True, educated Arabs who immigrated to the West still carry, in fact alone, the banner of hostility to Israel - for this animosity is the low common denominator that unites them, and gives them meaning and identity in their view.

In contrast, the Arab world opens its gates to Israel, and most Arab countries maintain relations and ties with us, some of them close and prosperous.

Ephraim Kishon wrote after the Six Day War in the famous Philistine "Sorry we won" that Israel's victory caused it to lose the sympathy of the world, for it loves us weak and beaten.

But it turns out that Kishon's insight is no longer valid.

After all, the world wants a strong Israel and admires it for its achievements;

This is true, by the way, not only of the Western world and today also of the Arab world, but also of the Far East and those parts of the world that are ruled by authoritarian regimes, such as China and Russia.

So in short, the zealots will die, and Israel must continue on its path, winning and trusting itself, and ignore those margins that will always be against us, not because of the settlements or the situation in Gaza, but simply because we exist here on the map. 

Were we wrong?


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Source: israelhayom

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